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Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition ...read more.


The versatility, utter and complete command of the instruments played, and the chemistry between these men made for an awesome explosion of sound, feeling, understanding and sheer genius. The fact of the matter is, Led Zeppelin did what nobody else ever did: they sold millions of records without releasing any singles, none at all. Their music stood as a whole over each album, each album was coherent, it had a universal thought behind it, and anything and everything was geared up to that single thought.

And besides that, the sheer genius of a guitarist like Jimmy Page cannot ever be underestimated. Todays "top guitarists" took the tricks of Page, Clapton and all the blues, jazz and country guys that came before and just sped them up, added an effect pedal and called it style and innovation.

No thank you. Page, that's where the real innovation is at. Listen to the genius of a song like Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love (albeit that was "borrowed" from Willie ...more

It's hard to put Led Zeppelin into words. Musical genius- pure, unmatched musical eloquence. The raw power and expertise brought out by those four musicians is the most pivotal period ever achieved in music. Their greatness is because of the musicians ability individually and how well they mix with each other: John Bonham's drumming- pure, unmatched drumming prowess with such great speed and power-; Jimmy Page... The Wizard. His guitar expertise was the soul of Led Zeppelin. Revolutionary, and way ahead of his time he was. Robert PlanT... The Golden God. One of if not the greatest Rock singer ever to walk this earth. A fantastic vocal range with such great energy. Perfect for all songs, and no matter what song he is singing, and no matter what octave he is singing in, he always has this full dynamic voice. And who can forget John Paul Jones, the most underrated of the members of Led Zeppelin. Great bassist and all around great musician. But he transcends far beyond his title of ...more

The question posed in the creation of rock and roll was answered in the music of Led Zeppelin. On and off stage, they were/are the ideal model of any true band. Basically, the four of them and their music define perfection, or at least as close as any mortal can come to perfection. The only possible way someone might have a band equal to Zeppelin is if you took Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart, and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, have them all drop acid, compose some music together, and then take that music and make it five times faster and louder. Either that, or have a band called Jesus and the Apostles, which stars Jesus as the front man/lead singer, giving their music the divine touch. Because other then those two ways, I can't see how to improve on their music.

Although Pink Floyd is my personal favorite, I think Led Zeppelin os the definition of what a great band is. I think everyone who wants to start a band should look up to them. Robert Plant is the greatest male vocalist there is, I know Freddie Mercury is probably most people's opinion, but he still didn't have the one factor that Plant had. If Rock 'N Roll was a single person, I guess it would be him. Every song was different and talked about things in a different way, and every time he performed them differently, to get inside anyone who was watching... "And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forest will echo will laughter... Remember laughter? ". And then there's Jimmy Page, the riff machine, who turned an uncredited project into the biggest band of all time, the first time I heard 'Since I've Been Loving You' all I tought was "I need to grab my guitar right now and learn this intro", he could be soulful, he could be bold, could be hard rock and even acoustic. ...more - mpc12

Led Zeppelin shaped rock music into what it is today and a lot of people never tends to notice how great of an influence they are. Let me try to explain it as simple as possible.

There were many things that Led Zeppelin had done first that is still relevant in modern rock.

Lyrics about warmongering vikings and fol mythology that was popularized by bands like Dio, Iron Maiden and became a permanent part of the heavy metal genre? It came from Zeppelin.

The down-stroke guitar sound that was popularized by punk bands like the Ramones, Sex Pistols and defined punk rock forever? It came from Zeppelin.

Great riffs that are forever etched in the heart of every rock fan, iconic riffs like Black Sabbath's Paranoid, Whitesnake's Still Of The Night and Motley Crue's Kickstart My Heart? It came from Zeppelin. (The other bands just tinkered it a bit.)

Some of the greatest songs in music history including Kashmir, Black Dog and the most radio-played song of all ...more

Led Zeppelin were four prodigiously talented musicians who created a stellar body of work that has aged better than any of their contemporaries. Their dominance of rock music for a decade, and continuing extraordinary influence is every bit the equal of the Beatles. I give Led Zeppelin the slight nod over the Beatles for greatest band of all time, because they accomplished all this strictly on the strength of their albums and live performances, in spite of a hostile media and for the most part, clueless tunnel vision music critics. Because they never courted the press, Led Zeppelin remain to this day, the most popular entertainment phenomenon, to be so little known or understood outside of their enormous following. As the years roll on, all that will matter is the music they created, and that is why the towering stature of this band will continue to grow.

Led Zeppelin deserve number 1 spot on this list. Rest of the bands in this list are only doing what Led Zeppelin invented. They are the band that actually invented and made heavy metal genre popular.

Besides, they had 4 great musicians in Page, Bonham, Jones and Plan, who will easily feature on any of the best guitarist, drummer, bassist and singer ever lists respectively. I also consider Page to be the most influential composer of all time. And their combination formed a lethal band in the 70s.

While some of the bands were over-hyped right from start (The Beatles for instance, I am not a big fan of theirs), and others had a wonderful start to their careers and faded out later on (Metallica for instance), there was hardly any botch on Led Zeppelin's musical career in around 10 years when hey were active.

While there have been some really good rock bands around, nothing compares to Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin are miles ahead.

The only band to ever exceed the Beatles' attendance records at shows? That's right ladies and gentlemen... Led Zeppelin. The reason they have the most over-played song of all time (Although still an amazing song and welcome every time in my opinion)? Because they are the greatest band of all time! You're talking about a supergroup that only called it quits after Bonham's death because, according to the band, it would be too hard and take too long to train a drummer in on all the improvisation that was added to the songs since the band recorded them. When they played shows, they were actually shows! The music was good, the shows was entertaining, and their attendance records speak to that. They are the definition of a hard rock band, and have been dubbed the founders of heavy metal. All 3 of the surviving members are still making hit songs almost 50 YEARS after Led Zeppelin first began! Anyone in their right mind who looks at this list objectively, regardless of their own personal ...more

The greatest band of all time PERIOD. I listen to most of the bands on this list, at least the ones that deserve to be on it, and there is no doubt in my mind who deserves the top spot. With a range of albums so diverse and so damn good, it is very clear to devoted listeners of the band that nobody else can match them. There have been a lot of good bands but Zeppelin is above them all in musical respect. Led Zeppelin cannot be defined by one genre. They defied structured genres by layering and mixing multiple diverse tunes together. Zeppelin created their own unique style with heavy-hitting and creative lyrics; out-of-this-world guitar riffs; incredible solos on all instruments; and a mysterious air to the band that has yet to be matched. Robert Plant's soulful voice carried the band through every song no matter the genre and Jimmy Page hand-crafted the band to how it is perceived now on a global stage. Zeppelin didn't last long but they will live on forever as the greatest band to ...more

People are always going to think of Led Zeppelin that was a band that ripped off other people's music but I prefer to think of them as a band that took lesser known or obscure works and rewrote them into something much greater. Zeppelin like many other bands could all be at the top of the list and could all be number 1 but some of these bands have released maybe one classic album and maybe one or two not so classic albums and toured behind them and are they really great rock 'n roll bands? Bands that slaved on the touring circuit year after year with or without a new record deserve to be up high on the list. Zeppelin released a legacy of classic albums and timeless music, they proved themselves a great touring and concert attraction and they wrote songs that experimented with alternate tunings and chording. Concerts are where a band really proves themselves to be a great rock band and not just a studio creation making great records. I made the comment about The Beatles not belonging ...more - frankmartin

There was a time I felt exactly the same. I spent my teen years idolizing Led Zeppelin, there is no denying that each member was a very talented musician. However, as times have changed, I have become aware that much of their music was DIRECTLY taken from, as you say, obscure works. Many of these "obscure" artists (who are no longer unknown to me) are not given the proper credit and that's a shame, but let's face it, musicians ripping off other musicians is as old as rock itself, and at many levels, much older. Once I became aware of it, my perception of Led Zeppelin changed. Your contention that Led simply made other artists music better sounds a lot like my kids telling me the same every time I hear a sample of a great rock song in their Rap music. There's something very cheap about it, riding on the coattails of truly great artists. They didn't have to work at it, they simply heard it, put it in their song, and started counting the money. Finally, I saw Led Zeppelin live once, and ...more - Ned964

Led Zeppelin consists of Robert Plant (15th on the all time greatest singers), John Bonham (2nd on the all time greatest drummers), Jimmy page (3rd on the all time greatest guitarists) and an under-rated John Paul Jones who came 21st on the all time greatest bass guitarists. I believe these remarkable four individuals who came together to form, in my eyes, the best rock band of all time, deserve the number one spot, with The Rolling Stones close behind. And their songs like 'since I've been loving you' goes to show how much heart and soul they put into every song. I love reading over these lists and seeing different peoples views but the one thing that gets me every time when I read a comment about Led Zeppelin is how many people constantly praise Robert Plant and Jimmy Page but don't see how important or don't praise John Paul Jones and not even to mention John Bonham. I believe that it wasn't Jimmy Page in fact who was the heart and soul of Led Zeppelin but John Bonham.

Led Zeppelin was it all. Heavy and light at the same time, some of their songs were really delicate and soft and some were really heavy and hard. Experimental, acoustic, electric, a mix of both, synthesizers, guitars, dulcimers, guitars, epic vocals, a rock-solid drummer, an awesome bassist-keyboardist hybrid, mandolin, banjo, guitars, production, intense live performances, and again guitars. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. The same lineup for all their existence and they couldn't go on after their drummer passed away. Drugs, sex, and rock & roll. Not a single bad song. If there was only one band in the world, it should definitely be Led Zeppelin.

Metallica isn't rock.. Just metal that just turned very weak..

U2, queen, THE BEATLES?! Come on if that's rock and roll led zeppelin's name have been insulted.. The who black sabbath deep purple AC/DC those are rock and roll bands.. This list is an insult to Rock, hard rock and Psychedelic music that ruled the time when being a rock and roll band meant more then just pick up groupies and be on the T.V... This generation needs serious education of music and whats the difference between genres! Zeppelin had it all they played folk, rock, blues, even have jazz and reggae songs and they did it all in the same line up on which they started.. And then comes this list with Metallica or linkin park or queen.. Or the Beatles? Those are pop bands soft and mainstream and Metallica is a modern metal band.. Not to be compared to with zeppelin or any other super act! Get the led out THEY ARE NUMBER 1 always will be

I'm a 13 year old kid and I don't understand why all kids our age are listening to the most recent pop when there's so much more to be discovered.

This would be my list:
1. Led Zeppelin
2. The Beatles
3. Metallica
4. AC/DC
5. Pink Floyd
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. The Who
8. Nirvana
9. Coldplay
10. Radiohead
11. Pearl Jam
12. U2
13. Guns N' Roses
14. Van Halen
15. Foo Fighters
16. Queen
17. Rush
18. Oasis
19. Rolling Stones
20. Primus

Led Zeppelin's music is so moving. It has gotten me through really difficult times as well. I love just driving far with my dad, blasting Led Zeppelin all the way. All the different styles and genres of music that the take and turn into their own is incredible and risky, but they make it work. Blues, folk rock, rockabilly you name it, it's here. And all the band members are amazing at what they do, especially Bonham God rest his soul. Robert Plant's is unmatched unless you are comparing now to what he used to sound back in the day. Bonham was a powerhouse and in my books the best drummer. Jimmy Page's amazing guitar playing skill has inspired me to take up the guitar myself. And John Paul Jones is a fantastic bass player, one of the best. I'll love Led Zeppelin 'till the day I die. I cannot ever see myself growing out of it, they are just too effing fantastic!

Zeppelin definitely deserves the number one spot. Nothing compares to the influence on music that they had. Jimmy Page, though not the most technically proficient guitarist, was and still is the best guitarist to have ever lived. His precision with each note was so great that if he "messed up", it was fully intentional and he did it for effect. He wrote great rock riffs throughout his career and it seems like everything he did worked extremely well. As for drummers, it goes without saying that John Bonham was one of the greatest drummers of all time with a fantastic sense of rhythm who just died too soon. John Paul Jones is an amazing multi-instrumentalist who's mastered bass, keyboards, and guitar at the very least and is extremely underappreciated, even for being a well known musician. Aaand Robert Plant. Plant is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. He could belt out the hardest of rock yells and then go to the softest, most soulful blues singing. Everything in the band came ...more - Aweso

Page, Plant, Bonham, Jones, those names are the quinessential rock and roll. no band could make music as good as they did. "hummer of the gods", "the biggest band in the seventies", simply one of the greatest musicians of modern times working together in perfect harmony : Page's virtuosity in guitar soloing and riff creation (he's probably the best guitar riff maker ever), Jones great sense of rhythm and incredible talent playing bass, keybords or mandolin, Bonham's wild but beautiful drumming (he's perhaps the best drummer ever), Plant's wide vocal range and amazing live performances. Just listen to "good times bad times", "ramble on", "the song remains the same", "the rover" and especially my personal favorite "achilles last stand", then you will find out what I was talking about. You might say they "stole" many things from other artists (lyrics of whole lotta love and dazed and confused,... ) but that doesn't mean they weren't creative at all because nobody can denie how many ...more

The greatest band then and now. Beatles take a hike. In My time of dying proves why they were and are number 1. This song proves the incredible creativity of Led Zep.

Pounding Bass and Drums, Sliding Guitars, Screaming vocals. Can McCartney or Lennon sing this. No way.

This song is classic Zeppelin. This song defies classification into one particular genre. I really don't know which direction the song is going sometimes. Its looks incredibly chaotic and at the same time beautifully structured.

They are the best because they were skilled enough to play any complex tunes composed. The individual members of Beatles were never as good.

The band consists of best in the world for each of the instruments.

I listened to this song day before yesterday after 6 long years and have been listening to the same even now after 3 days. That, only led zeppelin can do to you. Period. Not the Beatles nor the Stones.

Some would say get a life, my reply would be ...more

Wow this isn't even close. the only debate here is who's 2nd because Led's place is cemented forever. I mean, the have at least 65 excellent songs and 7 excellent albums, they made 8, and they are made of the three most talented musicians at their respective instruments (Plant, Page, and Bonham) and the musical genius of John Paul Jones. Whenever somebody at school asks me what the greatest song ever, I always ask, "Do you want me to include the ones by Led Zeppelin. " If they say yes, my top ten has 8 Led songs, 1 pink floyd song and 1 by the who. Finally, this band touched on so many styles of music. From, D'yer Ma'ker to Kashmir to Achilles Last Stand, Led is in a class of one all the way.

Quite honestly, with the consistent musical genius, the mystique surrounding the band, and the overall attitude toward just making good music and the fact that they are still ridiculously revolutionary, leaves no doubt. Zep is clearly the best band of all time musically. The Beatles as far as song-writing ability would be the only challenger as far as best band of all time, but they are more revolutionary and lyric-based. Zeppelin was all about the music. (And whoever put Metallica as number one? Are you required to smoke crack to put in your opinion here? )

The flow of john paul jones really leads this band in to a position where jimmy page, john bonham, and robert plant can exceed exceptional. Led Zeppelin is truly the greatest not only by the individual talent of the 4 members, but by the combination. The big 4 really create a blend of rock and roll that is unmatched to this point in rock history. It is also the uniqueness of this band which created amazing music. The voice of robert plant is a beautiful one of a kind voice in which has never been duplicated by any other musician. And the improvising by jimmy page and john bonham really create quite the combination for success. Led Zeppelin is an amazing band who broke barriers in rock history, and I believe this number 1 spot on the leader board is well deserved.

Rock's greatest and most influential band is Led Zeppelin. P.S. It's obvious that a well known notorious Queen fan has slanted and distorted most of the poll results. Queen were a great band, but they are not remotely in the same league as Led Zeppelin or the Beatles, in terms of popularity (record sales) or influence and stature. Just as an example, Led Zeppelin IV, just one Zep album, has nearly outsold the entire Queen catalouge of albums. I know that sheer numbers don't directly mean greatness, but in this case they do provide perspective and reveal influence and impact. When it comes to great bands, in every conceivable way, it's Zeppelin and the Beatles, and then everybody else. - bobby

Led Zeppelin is without the doubt the best band ever.. Their guitar riffs are unique and exquisite. The vocals of Robert plant and guitaring of jimmy page is the best musical combination ever, but its not what makes them great, its their power to touch your soul, their music just drifts your mind to like a different time, it generates ecstasy. And frankly, this is what music is all about, led zepp deliver music at its best.

jimmy page- greatest guitarist behind hendrix... john bonham- greatest drummer ever period... robert plant- kick ass singer... john paul jones- one of the best... these 4 are better known as led zeppelin. they are BEAST its insane. its insulting that they rnt #1(Journey, really? ) or at least 2. these people made stairway to heaven, one of the greatest masterpieces of outr time. they also made other awesome songs like black dog communication breakdown dazed and confuzed whole lotta love heartbreaker moby dick immagrant song rock n roll goin 2 california the ocean kashmire achilles last stand and too many more to count. no one can humanly say that this band isn't the best. - LightningFast4

Are you kidding me, #5, that is disgraceful. Led Zeppelin is so much better than any other band it isn't even funny. How Heart AND Mettalica (Neither should be top 50) are ahead of a band consisting of BOnzo, Plant, Page, and Jones is completely beyond me. I can think of 70 great Led Zeppelin songs off the top of my head. Their songs are so intricate and complex it puts them in a class by themselves. We all know that Led is the best but not all of us want to admit it. Anyone who thinks that Led is not a top 2 band has no sense in music whatsoever and shouldn't have the right to talk about music. Period.

Yes Led Zeppelin were great, but let's face it the Beatles should be top of the tree