My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance was an American rock band from Jersey City, New Jersey, active from 2001 to 2013. For much of their career, the band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way, and drummer Bob Bryar.


My Chemical Romance? Not in the top ten? What is this.
They may not have been going as long as Metallica yeah, but they're songs have true meanings, they may not be about love which people expect songs to be about nowadays, they may not always be on the music channels, they may change a lot, you may think they're new stuff is crap that's all I here nowadays when I ask people 'Do you like my chemical romance? '
But if you listen to there lyrics they do have a amazing meaning, it is true they have saved lives.
They're perfect live, I am a true Killjoy I was brought up with this band since the age of three and they have helped me through so much.
Gerard has the most angelic voice and he sings the lyrics with true passion
Frank and Ray are legendary on the guitars.
Mikey is a beast on bass.
And no I am not just saying this because I'm a massive fan.
This band are the closest with there fans.

Frank, is a legend.

He played a whole set hooked up to a ...more

Original, incredible, and inspiring. My Chemical Romance proves that rock and roll is NOT dead, that it's okay to be screwed up, and to never give up on your dreams. They are veterans of modern day rock, and have majorly impacted the direction this genre has gone in for the positive. From the raw brilliance and heart wrenching lyrics of I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love, to the youth full, epic world they created with Danger Days, My Chemical Romance has mastered many sub genres of rock and roll, their sound varying drastically. But, when it comes down to it, even their new lyrics of Danger Days reflects the four lost, outcasted Jersey boys we first fell in love with in 2001.

What I love about My Chemical Romance is that their music connects to people, it helps them, and gives them hope. They put their hearts into their songs, because they mean so much to them as they mean to us! But what makes them so special, what makes them the best, is their integrity, the way they're committed to saving lives, because that's what they've all wanted to do, they don't care about the awards or the charts, they care about their fans, and they wants to make a difference! They're not just a rock band, they're saviors!

Why is this only #42! This is my favorite rock band and like people have said, they have indeed saved lives. Their songs make people feel like they aren't alone in this huge world and that others are hurting too and that they understand you. They are unique too, Teenagers, Welcome to the Black Parade, Party Poison, Mama (my faves, in that order) have a very different sound and they are really interesting to hear. If you haven't listened to their songs and want to try them out listen to these ones - doctor11

Their songs are perfect in every way, in my opinion. Vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, just every aspect of it. The lyrics are incredible, every song is presented well. Their music videos are great. The members are not only good musicians, but good as people. They are inspirations and people that fans look up to. Even though they broke up in 2013, their influence and fan base remains and they continue to give hope to many people.

My Chemical Romance is one of the best bands out there today. Not just because of their music but they're one of the only bands that have values. They teach those values to everyone willing to listen. They make the world a better place for everyone and they give us all a shining light to follow. My Chemical Romance, in my opinion, is the best band in the world.

My Chemical Romance are like marmite I've seen for most people. Some people hate them, some people love them. For me, I absolutely love My Chemical Romance and there will probably be a place for them in my heart forever. I wouldn't say that they 'saved me' when I was struggling with my mental health, but they're music was like a sanctuary and definitely cheered me up a lot. I know they won't get into the top ten because everybody likes different things. But for me, they are up in the top tens for modern rock bands.

I have to admit My Chemical Romance can't beat Queen but in my opinion they certainly deserve a placement in the top 30. Gerard's vocals are brilliant and he puts a lot of emotion into the songs he sings. Ray Toro is a fantastic guitarist and is a genius when producing music. Frank is an amazing energetic performer and Mikey is a great bassist. They do show great talent and not just that but they are inspiring people to look up to.

They are just amazing. How can they get number 21 people. They have meaning unlike other bands. I absolutely love them and their original music. They deserve a better rating. I bet the REVENGERS, BLACK PARADERS, KILLJOYS, and the whole MCRmy will not be happy. I DEMAND JUSTICE. They have saved lives by telling listeners they are not alone and they get number 21. Countless people might have died if it wasn't for them. NUMBER 21 COME ON.

A brilliant band that has not only made great sounding music but music that people can connect with. They really deserve to be much higher up than they are because they are just amazing! MCRmy

My Chemical Romance saved my life. Yes, I know that people say that all of the time, but it's true. They say themselves that they don't do it, that it's inside the people that are saved.

I couldn't have got through all the bullying, deaths in family, cancer in the family and more, without them. They are true heros, and should be respected as such.

Perhaps not the best rock band of all time, but they are certainly one of the most underrated. It's a shame that most people can't look beyond labels and the stigma of "emo" (which this band isn't - but that's another argument) and just enjoy music for what it is. This band truly put so much effort into every song they wrote from day on. - MitchellCrowe

Their music is amazing! It can really change your life. You can cry or you can be happy with their music. My Chemical Romance taught me that there's no importance about everything; are you beautiful or not, do your classmates like you or not... There's life only important. And music.
Now I can't imagine my day without their music. They saved my life. And now I'll be their fan till death tear me apart with them.

My Chemical Romance needs to be higher on the scale! They are not as old as most, but what they did in the time they had and still do even after the fact is amazing! I know many people who have been saved by them and basically owe their lives to them. They are heroes of the modern world and need to be higher ranked! They are people that will be remembered forever and supported! Killjoys never die!

They do have the ability to make the song more beautiful and more convincing to the others... And for me MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE should be on the top ten thumbs up if I'm right, try to listen all of their songs and for sure you will like those especially the album "THE BLACK PARADE IS DEAD" and in fact I'm a certified of My Chemical Romance.. Thank you

Incredible band, performers and lyrics. One band that had a reason to write and a message to give and every performance made sure the message was heard. They weren't in it for the money which is why they were so good. They will be remembered for a long time - and they only had four albums. The Black Parade has been ranked up there with Queen.

My Chemical romance have helped every teenage and they made us face all of our problems. That's why they deserve to be number one. Killjoys keep voting. They need to be first in the voting. X

They are one of the greatest band ever. They are inspirational, amazing and just well amazing! They have songs that people can really relate to and connect. They are life savers and everyone should recognize them for the true heroes they really R. I still can't get it how the heck did tokio hotel get into this top

My Chemical Romance is THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING BAND EVER! I love how each album, they've got something different. Three Cheers and The Black Parade had a kind of gothic feeling to it, and now Danger Days is punk. I also love Gerard's always changing hair colour

My Chemical Romance sends a positive message through both their attitudes on and off stage, showing that you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself and make your voice heard. They save countless lives, and are very talented, and continue to show that although the band members have gone their separate ways.

They must be in 10 top ten is a very good band! They play so... so... AWESOME! They are amazing! really good musicians and really good people. Their shows are fantastic, they do a relly great performance! Best band in this list

I know that the bands in the top ten are good and I get where your comin from (well, I don't but anyway) my chemical romance are better than this, they should be at least in the top ten, not number 20, if only I could write my own list, I would have so much fun lolz, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE FOREVER! loz

My Chemical Romance should be in the top 10. I mean they are so amazing. Their songs are perfect. I have never heard a song from My Chemical Romance that's stupid. Their lyrics, Gerard's voice, the guitars, drums, bass, just everything is perfect about this band. They are not arrogant and they love their fans. The best band ever.

My Chemical Romance is so personal and relatable that I love them so much. My Chemical Romance has saved me from so much harm and I'm incredibly thankful. Its sad that they broke up before I was a fan. Because I'll never get to tell Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray, or Bob how much they mean to me. But I love everyone of them so much.

The name Says IT. My Chemical Romance. The music digs in the soul, rips your heart out and what is that feeling? The feeling of chemicals that makes music a romance and that we have heart. My Chemical Romance just shouldn't even be compared to EMOs heartache