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281 Taproot
282 Tonight Alive

No matters what is position of this amazing band.i will give my vote only to this girl fronted band every time I open list.i also love paramore(old) but believe me this is Damn amazing.If you are paramore fan then try this I bet you will love it too. Love jenna's whole band. I hope they will not change like paramore.
I also love Three days grace, Breaking banjamin,Linkin Park as boy fronted band.but this is at the bottom on the list so I will vote for this till it reach some closer to paramore.
Sorry for my bad English cause, I'm learning.

283 Blue Rodeo

Great, fun Music from Canada. Country, folk, rock with great sounds and vocals from band members... Nothing but real easy stuff to enjoy

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284 Ill Nino Ill Nino
285 Bloodsimple

The Original "Borstal Boys", listen to "Stay With Me", "you're So Rude" and so on.

Bands like Blur, Kooks and FooFighters would say that Faces are the blueprint for a Rock band.
FF play "Stay With Me" live at nearly all their concerts, they adore Faces. - phr

287 Oasis Oasis Oasis were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1991. Developed from an earlier group, the Rain, the band originally consisted of Liam Gallagher (vocals and tambourine), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll.

I've been listening to just about every kind of music, and Oasis is the only band that never dissapoints me! Noel Gallagher is the best songwriter of the last 20 years. Thank you for the good times Oasis!

How are Oasis #54? The Best Band to come out of Britain along with The Stones and The Beatles, But Oasis took inspiration and raised the bar to where it's never been, Noel writing songs wit unbelievable meaning and thousands of people relate to his lyrics, mix that with the attitude and arrogance of the best frontman there's ever been, You can't get any better? Manchester was the place to be back then!

How is Oasis at 53? They were the inspiration for all us growing up in the 80/90's. Some say they are not the best because they did not complete a world tour but does this really matter? They remind me of a time a long time ago when the world was easy to understand

What they were the last great rock'n'roll band so what are they doing here. Very 😭.

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288 A.F.I.

AFI is an amazing band that doesn't get the credit they deserve. They've been around since the early 90's and have put out multiple fantastic albums. Sing The Sorrow, Decemberunderground, Crash Love, Black Sails In The Sunset, The Art Of Drowning among others. Amazing band that doesn't get enough credit. - ToriHorrorPictureShow

Ok so they have fallen off, but from Black Sails To Sing The Sorrow, this band was the best in the world. Can't believe how many bands ahead of them, especially a lot of these newer bands with singers like ADTR. I mean if you don't have a great singer how can you have a great band? Davey is amazing.

A.F. I cannot be the best rock band of all the times for all people but in my opinion is the best rock band of all the universe and I love his songs, every song say feelings deep, therefore A.F. I have my vote

Amazing lyrics, amazing songs, one of the best of all time -

289 Falling In Reverse Falling In Reverse Falling in Reverse is an American post hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2008, signed to Epitaph Records.

New band, made by the Former Escape the fate Singer, Ronnie Radke, After Returning from Prison, Ronnie made songs About his Experience in Prison, About ETf, And his life. Why I like this band is because, they are unique, their album was a hit, it had all types of songs, this band will be a big hit in the future

Deserve to at least be in front of Escape the Fate lol

Ronnie radke is the best

Best modern rock band! - Marvel_1William

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290 The Cranberries The Cranberries The Cranberries are an Irish rock band who formed in Limerick in 1989. The band consists of lead singer Dolores O'Riordan, guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and drummer Fergal Lawler.

All their songs are worth listening to. Not a waste of time at all! Pity they had to stop performing... I've never met anyone who actually dislikes their songs, even those who aren't rock fans.

Best band ever with the best songs to me! - Cranberry20

I love their music, so soft and emotional... And Dolores has an unique voice too! - apouroiselle

Zombie the best

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291 Status Quo Status Quo Status Quo are an English rock band who play a brand of boogie rock. The group originated in The Spectres, founded by schoolboys Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster in 1962. After a number of lineup changes, which included the introduction of Rick Parfitt in 1967, the band became The Status Quo in 1967 more.

Status Quo belongs in the top ten. They have more hits than just about anybody and they have performed more concerts than just about anybody.

50 Years still together and playing hard after selling well over 100 million...

This guys are the best

They won't be up on the list because they are virtually unknowns in the USA and had maybe two hits in the 1960s. - frankmartin

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292 Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand are a Scottish rock band, formed in 2002 and based in Glasgow. The band's original lineup was composed of Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy, Bob Hardy, and Paul Thomson.

Gotta be on top! Especially, their "Take Me Out" is perfect.

Catchy song, funky guitar and scottish

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293 Underoath Underoath
294 Ween Ween

Never seen another band who can pull off what these guys do, every song sounds like it came from a different band. Also they have covered so many different genres too, From hard rock to pop to country to jazz, these guys can do anything!

Where'd the cheese go at?

They are reuniting! You can't keep the brown down!

Don't hurt em Deaner!

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295 Bad Religion Bad Religion Bad Religion is an American punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1979. The band makes extensive use of soaring three-part vocal harmonies, guitar solos and lyrics that often contain religious and political commentary.

I want my vote back! I want to vote for this now!

The greatest punk band of all time.

Cool band
Nice combination with hardcore punk and classic punk rock

21 century digital boys

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296 Les Sunlight
297 The Kooks The Kooks The Kooks are an English rock band formed in 2004 in Brighton. The band currently consists of Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Alexis Nunez, and Peter Denton. The original bassist was Max Rafferty, and the founding drummer was Paul Garred.

What the hell are they doing this far down? They are so incredible. Amazing vocals, style and songs! Should be way higher!

298 Roxette Roxette Roxette is a Swedish pop rock duo, consisting of Marie Fredriksson (vocals) and Per Gessle (vocals and guitar). Roxette went on to achieve four US number-one hits with "The Look," "Listen to Your Heart," "It Must Have Been Love," and "Joyride", and nineteen UK Top 40 hits. Other hits include "Dangerous," more.

One of the best band eve without a doubt!

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299 Reverend Beatman
300 The Used

One of the most original bands in the scene. It's slightly disturbing that they are not even in the top 400, while other bands that have openly admitted that The Used have been great influences to them are. The Used is so incredibly original, which is what I think makes them stand out so much among other bands in the scene. I have never seen a band so much as attempt songs like The Bird and The Worm, I'm a Fake, and The Back of Your Mouth. These guys whip metaphors around like it came out of their back pocket. Poetic brilliance is what The Used is, with killer guitar riffs and a mindblowing sound to back those metaphors up.

Just like there stile and its what we listened to in Afghanistan

So looow so low on the list � - )) They're actually a great band...Bert McCracken has got a very emotional voice and great screaming...the drummer rocks...great lyrics and catchy songs...Very unique sound...Worth listening.

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