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441 The Hives

Hives rule the planet we call Earth.

You are nothing, WE ARE HIVES.

Hives are gods. That is all fools need to know.

Punk rock kings

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442 Free Free
443 Saint Asonia Saint Asonia Saint Asonia is a Canadian rock band consisting of former Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier, Mike Mushok, Corey Lowery, and Rich Beddoe.
444 The Stranglers

Pub rock, Punk rock and a whole lot more. Who can forget No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Strange Little Girl. And then the darker Raven, Down in the Sewer, Nuclear Device, Men In Black, La Folie. And more beautiful ballads like Midnight Summer Dream, Joy De Viva, Lies and Deception. And famous covers Walk On By, 96 Tears. And so much more. Original brilliant controversial.

What a shame, ignorance does not justify stupidity!

Best band ever, still going strong

They had danger, humour, darkness, attitude...and they could play and write a decent song...probably the best British band EVER, a great songwriting duo in Cornwell and Burnell, a brilliant keyboard player and a moody drummer. Do people really remember so little? Oasis played at being tough and moody... The Stranglers were for real.

445 Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie is an innovative band. You never know what's going to come from them next and they always make the best they can.

446 Nico Touches the Walls

They are really awesome although Japanese band but rack has no language

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447 Decyfer Down Decyfer Down Decyfer Down is a Christian rock band formed in 1999 and based in Morehead City, North Carolina. Until 2002 – the year that Christopher Clonts joined the band – they went by the moniker Allysonhymn (pronounced All-eyes-on-Him). Decyfer Down is well known in Christian music, but the band is also more.

Decyfer Down is an awesome band. If you're into post grunge stuff, I recommend them. They don't get as much attention as they most deserve and they are criminally underrated.

448 Doves

If you haven't done so already, listen to this band. They are incredible and more people need to know this - literally no songs that aren't great. Hidden treasure.

Best English band of the last 20 years. Favorite Manchester band EVER.

Absolutely wonderful music. At least England understood this - don't miss out rest of world!

Such a fantastic band. Even their B sides album is classic!

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449 Small Faces Small Faces
450 Virgin Black Virgin Black Virgin Black is an Australian band that combines gothic-doom and symphonic metal influences. Signed to The End Records and Germany's Massacre Records, the band has released 4 albums and 1 EP.
451 Slash's Snakepit
452 I Prevail
453 Aiden
454 Bread

Fantastic voices, fantastic songs!

These is my favorite band

455 Rhapsody of Fire Rhapsody of Fire
456 Bad Brains

Probably the best hardcore band of all time. Pioneers of the genre. H.R. is one of the most insanely great singers of punk music. -

Probably one of the most influential punk rock bands of all time and their reggae isn't that bad.

457 Hale
458 Hot Water Music

If you are a fan of this band, then you know why they deserve to be #1. Just listen. - kevlny

459 Loverboy Loverboy Loverboy is a Canadian rock group formed in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. Loverboy's hit singles, particularly "Turn Me Loose" and "Working for the Weekend", have become arena rock staples and are still heard on many classic rock and classic hits radio stations across the United States and Canada.

omg I'm crazy about this band! they rock! they have videos on youtube chek them out! - kaitlynhill

Loverboy was one of the BEST CONCERTS EVER! SO MUCH FUN & THEY ROCKED ALL NIGHT LONG! You people are obviously NOT Working For The Weekend!

460 Streetlight Manifesto

The greatest ska punk band of all time. Most talent that ever came out of New Jersey. -

Greatest band of all time.

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