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121 Chiodos

don't let the name fool you. very talented


122 They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants is an American alternative rock band formed in 1982 by John Flansburgh and John Linnell.

I'm pretty sure they would be considered one one the best rock bands of all time if they would have gotten the fame they deserved.

They used to be great, now they're making music for preschoolers (literally).

The only song I really know by them is "Istanbul", but they sound really good.


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123 Focus

Four outstanding musicians including two geniuses - Jan Akkerman and Thijs Van Leer. What a band. The brilliantly insane Hocus Pocus, the majesty of Cathedrale de Strasbourg, the magical Sylvia, Tommy, House Of The King.

124 Slayer Slayer more.

Wow 70th this list is a joke

They should have System Of A Down's spot on the list.

Dis is my favorite band.. Even kirk hammet wore slayer shirt on their tour.. When Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was rushed to hospital with a mysterious illness, and was unable to perform at 2004 European tour, Dave Lombardo(Slayer's drummer)replace Ulrich.. Children of bodom n cradle of filth also played slayer's song as a tribute..2 times Grammy Award Winner for 'Best Metal Performance'

In the metal scene: a bit overrated

Outside the metal scene: underrated

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125 The Killers The Killers The Killers is an American rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001, by Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning.

Tokio Hotel is voted over The Killers. Really? Who on earth thinks that Tokio Hotel is better than The Killers? I know I don't. And neither should you.

They are one of the few alt bands that will be remembered through time - Gravityman321

I love their catchy sound and great original music. Already rock legends!

Should at least be in the top 50...

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126 Chevelle Chevelle Chevelle is an American rock band that formed in 1995 in the Chicago suburb of Grayslake, Illinois. The band was originally composed of brothers: Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler and Joe Loeffler.

Oh my god this is the best band ever started! I'm actually really surprised because The Red and Send the Pain Below were up near the top of lots of rock charts when they came out. This band has better songs than those two! The amount of great songs they have is astounding and I never get tired of listening to Pete Loeffler's vocals. He can hit every note with precision and he is one of the top 10 male singers of all time. The guitar riffs are hard to get bored of. Some of the bands on this list aren't even real rock bands, like Panic at the Disco. This band should be top 10. So should Tool

Chevelle are one of the best rock bands of today! Sci-Fi Crimes is an instant classic.

They have been doing so good, from the first time I hear there music I really fall in love especially with the track I GET IT, it also sound so good.

CheVelle, a 3 piece band who have consistently created some of the best hard rock music since 1999.
On Chevelle's 2001 album "Wonder What's Next", the guitar tones from Pete Loeffler's PRS/Mesa combos are still unmatched. Chevelle's earlier albums (Wonder What's Next thru Hats Off to the Bull) showcase Loeffler's high pitched, melodic vocals which are complimented perfectly by his low tuned (Mostly drop B and A#) guitar tracks.
Chevelle's later albums (La Gargola and The North Corridor) feature the band after front man Pete Loeffler ditched his iconic PRS guitars to expiriment with other guitars (mainly rare Fender baritones), along with different amplifiers, and effects. Although incorporating more fuzz and reverberating effects, Chevelle kept true to the music style that set them apart from other bands of it's genre throughout the early 2000's to present day.
Chevelle should be more famous, but in a way I'm glad they aren't.
Any person who considers themselves a Metal ...more

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127 Fozzy Fozzy Fozzy is an American heavy metal band, formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1999 by lead singer Chris Jericho and guitarist Rich Ward.

I think Chris Jericho has very good voice,... Fozzy is one of the best heavy metal band ever

Fozzy is the best there is the best there was and the best it ever will be... There deserve a higher place

The only reason people know this band is because of Chris Jericho

Fozzy is ver y good band. Their newest album sounds like oldshcool metal. But at live session Chris Jericho can't sing like on record.

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128 Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . more.

Rammstein should really be first but whatever... Like I care their music is awesome

The best band in the world! This group is very popular, why it must be 75th? It must be the FIRST!

Their music will never die! Lyrics, music and attitude, they have everything!

It must be at least in Top10! But Rammstein isn't an american or british group, they are Germans... Links 2-3-4

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129 Pennywise

Are you kidding me?! Pennywise 168?! Move bitch!

130 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years are an American rock band, formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999. The band consists of Jesse Hasek, Ryan Johnson, Brian Vodinh, Chad Huff and Matt Wantland.

This band isn't that bad I like them.

131 Audioslave Audioslave more.

About time I saw them here, I went through pages and pages of other bands just to find this at 150... Not right at, deserves to be in the top 20 or at least 50, Chris Cornell has one of the best voices rock has ever heard, from up high to the the raspy low voice, just too good!

Audioslave is the rock of all rock... Tom Morello and former lead singer of Soundgarden Chris Cornel

They are just so good. Every single song is a hit. They should be at least top 25 - Battlegun

Rip chris..

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132 A Day to Remember A Day to Remember A Day to Remember (often abbreviated ADTR) is an American rock band from Ocala, Florida, founded in 2003 by guitarist Tom Denney and drummer Bobby Scruggs. They are known for their unusual amalgamation of metalcore and pop punk. The band currently consists of vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, rhythm guitarist more.

Best Band Ever good Music, Lyrics, Band Members, Everything is good about this band nothing else better then most of the bands on this list. - FateGround592

A great band that deserves to be higher on this list

Great passion, music that relates to anyone, they deserve at least the Top 10.

I think they should be in the top 20 minimum

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133 Simple Plan Simple Plan Simple Plan is a French-Canadian rock band from Montreal, Quebec. The band has released five studio albums.

They rock!
Their songs are amazing
The coolest guys ever!

You rock SIMpLe pLaN... Pierre your voice is great. Lyrics are very much heart touching... I am just looking forward to it's next music videos. "Your love is just a lie" is an awesome song. Keep it up guys...

There are no other bands like SIMPLE PLAN. Their music and their lyrics, that's what you call rock straight in your face! They even have their SIMPLE PLAN FOUNDATION helping teenagers having hard time in life. They rock and care!

Why the hell is it 116!...phew no words

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134 Santana Santana Santana is an American Latin rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1967 by Mexican-American guitarist Carlos Santana.

Any band at Woodstock should be in the top 50. Carlos still rocks! Decades of hits!

No mention of Carlos Santana

How in the hell did Santana come in after the Jacksons and queens of the stone age? Get a grip people

Great show band. Second best concert I ever saw. Best percussion, guitar, great albums, top twenty easy! Along with the Allman Brothers(100). - Conbillb

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135 The Cars The Cars The Cars are an American rock band that emerged from the new wave scene in the late 1970s. The band originated in Boston, Massachusetts in 1976, with singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter Ric Ocasek, singer and bassist Benjamin Orr, lead guitarist Elliot Easton, keyboardist Greg Hawkes and drummer more.

The Cars are one of my favorite bands because they still sound fresh and have a really great sound. People obviously forgot about them because they should be much higher!

One of my favorite bands back in the 80's and still today. Been listening to them lately on YouTube.

People forgot about the cars obviously. needs to be way higher up

They have good music not just for the grown ups but for the kids as well

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136 The Cure The Cure The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex, in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes, with vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member.

The Cure best band ever! Love it since 1992. Great sound, lyrics, Robert is the best. Disintegration, pornography, the head on the door, kiss me kiss me kiss me, wish are a good example how good is the band. In the eighties they released their best albums, and in the 90s and new millennium still rocking!

Robert's voice is perfect, he is genious and The Cure is really GREAT! They have a style, Disintegration is perfect, but there are many hits from other albums.

they've had ALL kinds of awesome hits and no one's even putting it on a list!

#1 Band!
1. The Cure
2. Nirvana
3. The Rolling Stones

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137 Dio Dio Dio was an American heavy metal band formed in 1982 and led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio, after he left Black Sabbath with intentions to form a new band with fellow former Black Sabbath member, drummer Vinny Appice.

Ronnie James Dio - forever in our hearts -

Wow, really, 96TH! Dio has the greatest singer, and they had 3 whole albums where all the songs were perfect! How many other bands on this list can honestly pull that off?

Please tell me, why aren't this and Deep purple tied for 1st place?

Best band ever...

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138 Anthrax Anthrax Anthrax is an American thrash metal band from New York City, formed in 1981 by guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Dan Lilker.

What? ANTHRAX IS 168? THEY ARE AWESOME! Its like people wont even try and give them a chance! They have brought out amazing songs over the past years, as well as albums! I can't even see why no-one would vote for them :/

Best band ever. Dude they are the thrash metal pioneers. There songs are simply awesome. Whether it be I'm alive, in the end, caught in a mosh or Indians THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. Can't believe THEY are not in this list.

Such an underrated band. Best bass, best lyrics, best vocals, and even the solos are amazing.


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139 All Time Low All Time Low more.

All Time Is a great band to listen to while your out and about, and the lyrics really get you kinda thing

How could this band be bellow 100 and bellow Fall out boy? This should be number 1! Meaningful lyrics, Catchy beats, nice rhythm, and nothing less.

Honestly this band should probably be like top 30 or 20 because they're very catchy and like the fans said, the lyrics really get to ya

This band is amazing they are a great band to listen to if you are stressed.

My favourite song by them is Weightless and if you haven't listened to this band I recommend you do.

All of the members are weird but very cool and the guitarist is usually not wearing clothes so yeah...

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140 Pixies Pixies The Pixies are an American alternative rock band formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. The group disbanded in 1993 in acrimonious circumstances, but reunited in 2004. The group currently consists of founders Black Francis, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering.

You've got to be kidding me. A band that influenced almost every decent grunge band, as well as multiple different alternative rock bands that would go on to influence even more bands, and you can't do it any more respect than 113. this world and everything on it.

The Pixies are the Van Gogh of alternative rock and sadly won't be appreciated until aliens discover their music a thousand years from now. Without these guys, half of the Top 50 bands on this list wouldn't even exist. Bands that have given their due include Nirvana and Radiohead.

The Pixies were not the most successful band commercially or on this list. As the average person is an idiot this is one of the many reasons why they are the greatest and coolest band ever...

Pixies / Frank Black now and forever.

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