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Pink Floyd were an English progressive rock band formed in London. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. The band consisted of 5 members - David Gilmour (Vocals and Guitar), Syd Barrett (Vocals and Guitarist), Nick Mason (Drums), Roger Waters (Vocals and Bass), more.


It is ONLY fair to place Pink Floyd at the #1 spot. Lets take this into perspective. When I decide the greatest bands of all time, I look at this criteria; Album sales, Originality, What they changed, and Ability to be successful despite adversity. Obviously some criteria are worth more than others, but lets look at this.


Led Zeppelin had great album sales.

The Beatles sold the most albums of all time.

Queen had dang good sales.

Metallica had good album sales.

Pink Floyd's Dark Side made record sales and all but one of their albums after Dark Side placed in the Billboard on the Top 5. 4 of them were #1.


Zeppelin copied many of their songs almost exactly from previous artists.

The Beatles brought British Pop to the US and the rest of the world, but all it really was was a British version of what people like Elvis already started.

Queen had a singer that made them original. They sounded ...more

Without any doubt, Pink Floyd is the number 1 Rock band & most influential band of all time. - CaptainNemo

Pink Floyd created some of the best music ever, better than most of the bands that are ranked higher than them. They changed music with the synthesizers and effects on the guitar, it was music no one had ever heard before. Waters without a doubt is the best musician of all time. Look at The Wall for example. It was done completely based on most of his life story. I think it is pure genius, with the lyrics, the music itself, and in some cases the live performances. Also, let's not forget Gilmour who has written some really great riffs and solos. The solo for Comfortably Numb can be ranked number 1 on the greatest solos of all time. That's how good it is and it goes along so well with the song itself. The song is really dark, so is the solo. And, Richard Wrights work on the keyboard and organ contribute to how the music is so divine. It can make the music sound very pleasant and sweet or dark, deep, even scary/horrifying. Mason being the drummer that he is. Is he the best? Probably not, ...more

Pink Floyd being so low down is a disgrace to music. This band's been there right through the ages where there was no MTV, no internet publicity and still it survives. The band may no longer be active, but their songs still are what they were meant to be. Is there anyone out there who can say Comfortably Numb doesn't give them a high? Or that Wish You Were Here doesn't remind them of someone lost?
Floyd were way ahead of their age, maybe of this age too. Water's concepts and lyrics, Gilmour's musical experimentation, Mason's technicality, all held together be Wright's subtle tones, the concept arts and of course the pure psychedelic oblivion derived for which no drug is needed... Do they make music like this anymore?
They MAY not be the "best ever". But #16? Preposterous!

Pink Floyd were hands down the best rock band of all time. I grew up listening to the Beatles, and while they were way ahead of their time, I consider them more of an innovative pop band than a rock band. When it comes to talent and versatility, Pink Floyd blows everyone else out of the water (no pun intended). Almost everything about this band is criminally underrated. Waters is a very underrated bassist. Gilmour is a very underrated singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Wright was a very underrated singer. Mason is a very underrated drummer. Barrett's talents were largely overlooked as well. Even Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, their two most popular albums, have underrated songs. I suggest starting with those, then Wish You Were Here (my personal favorite). For underrated psychedelic Floyd, go to Saucerful of Secrets. If you want underrated folk Floyd, go to More, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, and Obscured by Clouds. For underrated progressive Floyd, go to Animals and Final Cut. And ...more

I agree with most of your post, however I do believe David Gilmour gets the respect and recognition he deserves. He is considered one of the greatest guitarists ever as he should be

Except for the influence and mass appeal of the Beatles, Pink Floyd should be #1. But we are not judging on intelligence alone because Pink Floyd is the Einstein as the Beatles are to Steve Jobs. The Beatles have mass appeal whereas Pink Floyd needs a smarter audience. That's not to say their music isn't accessible. But the layers within Pink Floyd makes their music always fresh, experimental, even today in 2016, when you have libraries upon libraries to choose from the internet, Pink Floyd remains ground breaking. No one has ever done what they have done better. Radiohead is in a different vein but they come close. Catherine Wheel touched on some similar vibrations. But Floyd remains separate and apart from all others. If the Beatles are #1 it is for the same reason that McDonald's has served billions and billions when the greatest restaurants are known by only a fraction. But numbers shouldn't prove anything for good or bad. Pink Floyd remains true musical innovators whereas the ...more

The beatles should be number one led zepplin deserves the top ten but little more Metallica is overrated, and doesn't even deserve to be in the top ten metal bands let alone rock. Linkin park doesn't deserve to be here, and as for thirty seconds to mars. Well they simply suck. Ridiculously obnoxious music is however, what this generation would apparently die for. Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Who, and the Rolling stones are all bands that in their time would blow these jokes for bands away. The only few bands that can even compare to the legends listed are queen, and The Beatles. My favorite of these is Pink Floyd. Even if this comment doesn't make sense just think about it this way. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Queen, The Who, Green Day, The Rolling Stones, Guns, n Roses, Muse, and finally Led Zeppelin. There you go what this list should have been or at least similar to. Avenged Sevenfold Is also a band that sucks, and doesn't even belong to this genre.

Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever. In the 60's the took music to a whole new level with Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. They were always original. In the 70's the took music to a whole new level with The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall. Animals is their most underrated album. Lyrically, it's poetic and breathtaking. Instrumental wise, it has a lot of potential. With The Dark Side Of The Moon, no comment. I simply consider The Dark Side Of The Moon to be the best album ever made. It has instrumental art, and lyrically, it's just amazing. Wish You Were Here is another work of art with the stunning sound effects. The Wall is a philosophical work of art. Therefore, Pink Floyd truly is a work of art.

Well I can't say I don't understand why Linkin Park is at #5. They have some good songs I guess but I think the main reason they're there is mainly either, stupid fangirls that like bands just because they're hot, or, people whom like to follow fads instead of creating them and being there own person. Personally, I'm 13 and love Pink Floyd, some Beatles' songs, and love Led Zeppelin. But seriously, entry level, half talented, 90's rock band Linkin Park. I don't really judge based on age or anything (me myself being part of a generation with and having somewhat good taste in music) but seriously, if after 16 years you release an album, not being that good to start with, one has to assume it would be. I am seriously distraught that 4% of the people that voted, voted for Pink Floyd. Maybe it's just that Pink Floyd isn't that popular. But I really do believe Pink Floyd deserves a place in the top 3 at least.

Progressive rock is a very under appreciated, yet much beloved form of music. The most popular progressive rock group had to be Pink Floyd. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason were able to create songs that could scare you, mesmerize you, upset you, and make you ponder about a lot of things you go through in life. This is obviously most imminent is DSOTM, with songs like Money, Time, Breathe, and my favorite song of the album, Us and Them. Pink Floyd is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the music world. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

Pink Floyd takes what seems to be something amazing, and then they take it and make it even more amazing then it already is. They have so much musical talent that it is unbelievable. All of their albums have a meaning and purpose and every single one of them is really amazing. I think that they tried so hard at what they did and deserve better respect than they already get. I think that every teen in America and England should know who Roger Waters and David Gilmour and Richard Wright and Nick Mason is. I think that their music is so good that you could say that their music is heaven music. Just like hey you, time, comfortably numb, and wish you were here, and all of their songs that they have ever made are so great that I cannot express them in words. - xXPinkFl0ydXx

I don't understand how Pink Floyd, one of the best and most influential rock bands of all time, are at number 9 on this list. Roger Waters' writing and bass playing were phenomenal, and when you couple that with David Gilmour's guitar work, Richard Wright's keyboards and Nick Mason's booming, energetic drums, you get one of the most influential and best bands of all time. Dark Side of the Moon is an amazing album with incredible concepts and music like nothing else to be heard on this planet. The Wall, written at an incredibly stressful time in each band member's life, was just as incredible, but with so different a sound, you'd be hard pressed to tell it was the same band who made DSOTM if you didn't already know. I'd have thought they'd at least have snagged number 4 or 5, but number 9 is unacceptable, no, unfathomable.

Despite Freddie Mercury being the best voice of rock, Pink Floyd are still better because they wrote way better albums. Pink Floyd were extraordinary musicians! Queen did write good singles, but Pink Floyd wrote superb albums. People just know Queen more because today's music is based on singles more than it is on albums. I used to think Queen was the best band ever, but I realized I had overlooked Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Once I started listening to Pink Floyd album, I immediately changed my opinion and took Queen out of my number one spot and put them in number two. Then, I heard Led Zeppelin and dropped Queen out of number two. Queen are still ken of my favorite bands, and their music is excellent, but Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are better, people just don't fully grasp the concept of their music.

Pink Floyd should at least be number three. Metallica is good, but Pink Floyd is better. People are gonna kill me when I say this: I seriously consider Queen to be the most overrated band ever. Sure, Freddie Mercury was a great vocalist, but Brain May wasn't that good of a guitarist. Led Zeppelin deserve their spot, but while Queen wrote really good songs, songs like We are the Champions, We Will Rock You, and I Want To Break Free are really mediocre. Don't get me wrong. Songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, The Show Must Go On, and Who Wants to live Forever are excellent. Despite those songs, Pink Floyd are still a more talented band. Sorry, people. If you take Queen's popular songs, they sound a lot like today's mainstream pop music. They're easy songs to listen to.

Amazing band who really knew how to combine genius philosophical concepts with immersive experimentation with synthetic instruments. All members are extremely talented at what they did and Pink Floyd would not come to be without even one of them.
Pink Floyd has acheived the impossible; make Progressive rock mainstream and for that alone, they deserve second place at least.

This list is disturbing to say to the very least. I understand that peoples tastes will lead to votes going to the innovative Beatles, the one of a kind Zeppelin or the amazing Queen but Metallica? They defined thrash in the 80s and were real great but their compositions don't have the charm and sophistication to make the top ten; not by a long stretch. They are top 50s material.
That being said, What the hell is Linkin Park doing on this list? They belong on the top ten list of horribly generic and boring pop punk bands, not on the top ten rock bands of all time list! Its such a shame that tweens are ...more

Floyd should be number one and should NEVER be under The Beatles. When are people going to stop this stupid Beatles fad and realize they actually suck? Pink Floyd manage to sound good in the studio and on stage live. In no way should Pink Floyd be this low down and especially shouldn't be under some of the trash that's above them.

Shame on you people who voted the bands above PF. Fad bands suck and while PF could be classed as one, the kids soon get bored and move on because they don't really appreciate good music they just take a big name band and follow everyone else.. *cough*Beatles mania*cough* Come on people, realize The Beatles suck in every aspect of music and put someone greater at the top of the list.

The Best Band ever along with Led Zeppelin. Ridiculous to see first Metallica, I mean they 're good but far from the best band. And much more than ridiculous to see groups like tokio hotel and 30 seconds to mars in high positions! I mean do you understand what you 're saying? 30 seconds to mars with a career of little more than 10 years in a higher position than Pink Floyd or deep purple! A blasphemy... too sad...

pink floyd is amazing. they're one of those bands where they have a guitarist who plays so little, but when they play, people are amazed, david gilmour had some of the greatest guitar work ever. roger waters was talented at bass too. nick mason was amazing on drums and also wrote some songs or co-wrote them. and finally, rick wright on keyboard: rick is a good keyboardist, talented, but there's one person I can think of that is better than him: ray manzarek of the doors - pauler94

Well I gotta give it to The Beatles, they really laid the path for Pink Floyd to walk on, but when they ended, Pink Floyd really filled the void in terms of pure creativity. DARK SIDE is simply one of the best albums ever made. David Gilmour is one of my favorite guitar players, Nick Mason one of my favorite drummers, Roger Waters came up with very thought-provoking concepts, and Rick Wright was really their secret weapon with ethereal keyboard sounds and beautiful chord changes. I'll also give Syd Barrett some credit for that initial spark and continuous inspiration in their work. But it was amazing that they blossomed so much without him, and even when Roger Waters left, they still made a great album with THE DIVISION BELL. Incredible band! - lordofthejimmy

"The Dark Side Of The Moon" is the best selling rock album of all time, according to Billboard's top 200 best selling albums worldwide. This band is just amazing. All their songs are philosophical. Why is Linkin Park, Guns N Roses, who I also like very much, 30 Seconds To Mars, who are good, and Metallica above Pink Floyd? I mean, Guns N Roses and 30 Seconds To Mars, and Metallica are very good bands, but Pink Floyd tops them, in my opinion. Anyway, people have different taste in music and I respect that, but Pink Floyd should be in the top five.

Without a doubt the most influential and by far one of the greatest musical acts of all time. So much passion and emotion in their songs that are rarely seen in music compositions especially in this day of age. Listening to their vast works from their psychedelic epics (Let There Be More Light) to their deep and heavy philisophical peices (Money, Comfotably Numb) is like a supernatural experience that few musicians are able the garner.

Pink Floyd has brought us heaven in music. They have great artistic numbers like Echoes, Atom Heart Mother, Shine On.. Mind blogging songs like Comfortably numb, Wish you were here.. Every song of Pink Floyd have great lyrics, great compositions. The album prepared by all four members of Pink Floyd is out the world.. While Syd Barrett created his own psychedelia that stands amidst any other rock songs. The lyrics of Roger waters, amazing solo of Gilmour.. The Pink Floyd effect maker Richard Wright and so much soulful Nick Mason.. Combined gave us some of the greatest rock music this world will ever listen. They definitely deserve number ONE!

Tokio Hotel? Linkin Park? Seriously? WTF? Why are Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones so behind? What is happening to the new generation? All listening to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. All Linkin Park and Ramstein fanboys. Some I know have never heard of Pink Floyd. I am 16 and I love Pink Floyd and every one of their songs. This is music for the spirit. It relaxes. Try listening to Shine on you crazy diamond full 26 minute version, then vote for Linkin Park!

With a fair view to this top ten list I see it is failed! Why? I don't stop about who at number one and who at number five but the career of Metallica and Pink Floyd fairly should give them a place above bands like : queen, and other bands at the list not deserve to be at the top 10 bands I wondered a lot why the one who make this list put Pink Floyd?
And why not Metallica is the number 1? If you belive that Pink Floyd should be at your list so should be at the 1st, 2nd, or third place but to trick us and tell me that queen have stronger career than Pink Floyd and that band that called mars at top history bands and above Pink Floyd so you do your list at a hurry with no fair judge about bands careers! Thanks

The meaning that their music has is just phenomenal. The era before Guilmour was astonishing, and the quality of david's guitar is all you can ask for.

Pimk Floyd was a band that produced music with meaning. They've got such great albums... The dark side of the moon, the wall, wish you were here, the division bell, the final cut, a momentary lapse of reason,... Are all fantastic. Pink Floyd rules! Roger, David, Neil, Rick, and also Syd, are just perfect together!

When I think :
Which band would blow my mind to see live?

I think Pink Floyd, Led Z...
Then in terms of more modern bands, it is a shame that 30secs to Mars never had a better musician on guitar with a good rock/blues feel to them, because they would come in pretty high on my list otherwise.

I have been kind of surprised by people backing the Beatles so fervently. Cannot really agree.
I think they were pioneers, which has wonderful merit and is certainly noteworthy; but me being a musician, a short while into looking at a great spread of their tunes... They were not good at all.

Now for the unpopular comment.
Nirvana - Would not reach my top 50.
Kurt Cobain was totally style over substance, brainless git. Prefer Grohl's Foo Fighters any day of the week which brings some proper musicianship at least.