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Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970. Members were Freddie Mercury (Vocals and Piano), Brian May (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, Vocals), and John Deacon (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Before forming into Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in a band named Smile. Freddie Mercury ...read more.


While I LOVE The Beatles, LedZep, and (sort of) Metallica, Queen is unquestionably the best live performer on this list, and possibly ever. I was blessed with tickets to Live Aid in '85, and there has yet to be a musical performance I have seen (and I've been to more rock concerts than I can count) that matches the heavenly sound produced there. In the studio, they still maintain the talent to hang with the best of them. Brian was the guy who walked in, read the music, played it amazingly (with a bit of improv here and there, almost all of which was kept), and then hung with Freddie outside the recording room. Freddie was the guy who insisted that he had assistants with notepads on hand at all times, in case inspiration for a song struck. Bohemian Rhapsody was written in one night, Who Wants to Live Forever was written when he was driving back from being diagnosed with AIDS, etc. Roger was one of the "coolest dudes" in the group (he wore Ozzy O-style glasses before Ozzy), ...more

Bohemian rhapsody was written over the space of years and who wants to live forever was written by Bryan May (before Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS - supposedly).

I want to make one thing sure. Many people here come up with the big Queen hits as an argument for their brilliancy. I mean, every band had some hits that were played on the radio all the time. Okay, maybe Queen had more of them and they were and still are epic. I really like most of their hits (and now I could mention all these that you can find in other people's comments). BUT: The thing why I and pretty surely most Queen fans (I mean real fans who (will) own every album and know which member has written which song) love Queen more than any other group on this planet is that they have even better songs than their well known ones. I've read some musicologists suggesting that Queen were a single's, not an album's band which means that they weren't able to make good and legendary albums. WHAT THE HELL?! Sorry, but I like every single album of them (though the later ones have some weak moments too). And the point is: Every album from Queen to Made in Heaven has at least one song that ...more

Queen are the best rock band of all time! They got really awesome music!... From lyrics, musics, vocals... Everything! They are a package of amazing people... Theatrical and flamboyant Freddy Mercury, guitar virtuoso and hit writer Brian May, Funky groover and another hit writer John Deacon, and my favorite Roger Taylor he rock in drums, also a hit writer, got really wide range of voice from raspy to falsetto... (they're all awesome composers) its already been a long time since they started their band but they are still popular to the young ones or new generation since there are a lot of queen songs are being used in movies or being revived or covered by new artist (cause their song are just so great no words can describe)... I think queen songs are the most played song of all time as compared to others. On radios, music channels, and even in karaoke. (according to my observation)

-peace I'm just a fan

Queen was the rock band that gave birth to the most known rock anthems and rock epic songs. From their first "Keep Yourself Alive" to their top "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the epic last songs "Innuendo" and "The Show Must Go On", Queen had continuously been teaching the musical world how rock music should be. How you can create something unique and techincally perfect by mixing the best of the available influences. Although The Beatles were the startpoint of rock music their sound was very boring and monotonous at times and few of their songs have survived the test of time. Led Zeppelin on the other hand used a very hard and heavy rock sound that made it difficult to gain attention and as a result only their "stairway to heaven" is now widely known. Queen mixed up all those previous rock styles and created a bombastic, excessive at times, glam rock that is until now their trademark. Mercury's voice and performances was something not ever found since then. I vote for Queen. - athens_voice

Queen was, without a doubt, the greatest rock band of all time. Their versatility, their bombastic sound, their theatrical performances all make Queen the most unique. Most rock bands songs all sound the same, speed metal guitar solos or laid back rock songs. Queen mixed it up; what other band could come up with completely different but amazing songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody or Killer Queen or Another One Bites the Dust? (of course they had tons of great song, I'm just naming the most recognizable ones. ) With four genius in the group, each one capable of writing masterpieces, how could they not be number 1? And if you don't agree with me, consider this: Freddie Mercury had the greatest voice of all time, the type that made flowers grow, rainbows appear, and brought people back to life (if he had ever tried)

Queen never was about current trends in music. They experimented and evolved with every new album they released. The styles they wrote and performed hits in, span so wide that any other rock band wouldn't even dare to dream about. They singlehandedly created the music video and made it a benchmark for all future artists. They performed live to audiences bigger than anyone else. They had the best front man and one of the best guitarists in the business. All four of them wrote big hits, unlike most other bands. Queen were simply bigger than rock itself, they were four musical geniuses. Every artist they covered, they did it successfully and, in my opinion, better than the original. However, very few have been able to perform their songs and do some justice to the originals. Just watch The Freddie Mercury Tribute concert from 1992 and make your own conclusions... At the time when Queen were performing, a lot of their songs were not regarded as masterpieces, but as time passes, people ...more

Find one band that can be matched in talent with Queen. You can't. Freddie Mercury is the greatest lead singer I've ever heard, and I listen to A LOT of music. A Night at the Opera is one of the greatest album of all time, and Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever recorded (Listen to the harmony and the insane falsetto by Roger May, the drummer, and not to mention the lyrics). But the best part about queen is that each member had their own songs they created. You can tell the difference between a Freddie song and a Brian May song.

Also, as far as "rock bands" go, I would probably not put Metallica in here, but if I did they wouldn't make it above number 5. And Journey is always put so low, but why? And The Who at number 37? ROUGH

First of all, it is very sad to see that Metallica trash on this list. When there are bands like Queen, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, AC-DC, Joan Jett, Mr Hendrix, I never could understand those people who insisted on that.
Secondly I am not sure who to vote for? Stones or Queen? And There is Led Zeppelin too? But nonetheless, I will go for Queen. When you mention Queen to someone, no doubt We Are the Champs, Show Must Go On, We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody comes to anyone's mind. But believe me, if you listen well, you will discover at least 10-15 songs as good as B. Rhapsody. I will go ahead and write the best songs that come to my mind, which when compared to those songs I wrote previously, are usually underrated. Recommended are Innuendo, Prophet's Song, Ogre Battle, Under Pressure, Too Much Love Will Kill You, Don't Try So Hard, The Miracle, A Kind Of Magic, A Winter's Tale...
If they would leave me with only one Rock Band for the rest of my life, it would be Queen. It ...more

Even though they are know worldwide, they are still underrated as far as musicality. When the dvd's from 70's shows surface, the experimental genial surmount of virtuosity that very few bands have been able to exude on stage. Everybody talks of Freddie's voice and stage presence, but never talk of the extraordinary piano playing and the facts he wrote guitar parts using a piano! Roger Taylor and John Deacon were revered as a "sonic volcano! " Proof is seen even in the early days like the rainbow shows, or even the hammersmith '75 show that deserves a proper release on DVD and cd. Of course, Brian May's influence is huge. His playing is unmatched, no-one has ever successfully matched his tone, style, or orchestrations. His solo's are imaginative. Every guitarist of this stature has trademarks during their solos, but he is instantly identifiable. One day people will remember the virtuosity and genius they supplied album after album.

Sorry but Queen are the greatest band ever, Freddie Mercury has the best singing range (Range and style) ever. Brian May is the most talented guitarist, he composed all of his own songs and can play like a god. John Deacon made some of the most memorable bass riffs ever. Roger Taylor was a great drummer who could improvise and write brilliant drum lines that everyone has eared even if they don't know it. Queen are the most talented band ever, their music, showmanship and ingenuity make them THE GREATEST!

Queen's 1974 song "Stone Cold Crazy" is cited as an early precursor of the speed- or thrash metal sound; Metallica won a Grammy Award in 1991 for their recording of the tune. Similar to this song was "Ogre Battle" from Queen's 1974 album Queen II. Artists that have cited Queen as an influence include: Anthrax, Bad News, Blind Guardian, The Darkness, definitely Leppard, Dream Theater, Extreme, Foo Fighters, George Michael, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Jane's Addiction, Marilyn Manson, Meat Loaf, Megadeth, Metallica, Motley Crue, Nirvana, Nickelback, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robbie Williams, Scissor Sisters, Sonata Arctica, Steve Vai, TNT, Tenacious D, Trent Reznor, Van Halen, Vendetta Red, Ween, U2 among others. Queen sold over 300 million records worldwide. Queen #1!

QUEEN is the greatest band on the planet Ever! Now and forever, QUEEN RULES!
They're the only band whose members all wrote Number One hits!
Their live performances are legendary! I've seen every top act live, none of which were even memorable. Yet Queen, Through the T.V., (as I wasn't lucky enough to see them live), BLEW ME AWAY! I've been addicted ever since!
With 42 different genres, they're the most versatile, most innovative, most phenomenal band ever to grace the Earth! They could do Anything! Rock, love songs, opera, thrash, ballads, and so much more. Their harmonies are extraordinary!
QUEEN is the Most awesome band ever! No competition! I LOVE them with all my heart, mind, and soul, and will till my dying breath.
RIP... FREDDIE... The most stunningly magical performer EVER! - FREDDIEMANIAC

Personally, Queen is the ultimate band for me. Their music is so diverse, that they attract audiences (sane and intelligent) from all ages. I was 5 when I first heard We Are The Champions on my Dad's tape recorder, and I was hooked! I hold them in a place of divinity for instilling in me, the love for music.

But, you kiddies don't know what Rock is, do you? I mean, why the hell is Metallica even in this section? It's a Thrash Metal band. Let me tell you how this should go.

1. Beatles
2. Led Zepellin
3. Queen
4. Pink Floyd
5. The Doors
6. The Who
7. Black Sabbath/Deep Purple
8. The Rolling Stones/Aerosmith
9. Radiohead
10. Guns n Roses

Ranking the Top Rock bands of all time isn't just about how many hits the band has, or how controversial or cool they are. It's about how they created a movement and contributed to the diversification of the art, culture and in effect the lives all you little sods. These are the bands that not only DEFINED ...more - rayzer92

Just watching Queen's live performance on YouTube gives me chills. Like one comment said, magical really is the best way to describe it. I can't imagine what being in the audience would feel like. The best song of all time on this website is Bohemian Rhapsody. The second best singer of all time is Freddie Mercury (following Michael Jackson). Queen is unforgettable. If you ask a kid if they known Queen, they may say no. But if you ask them if they know the song "we will rock you" or "somebody to love" they'll most likely say yes. Because those songs are covered all the time. Led Zeppelin is amazing, but I don't think they can even touch Queen. Most kids haven't even heard of any Led Zeppelin songs. Freddie's voice is impossible to re-create unless he's somehow reincarnated. And Bohemian Rhapsody was the most magical, brilliant song and still gives me chills to this day (and I've heard it a million times).

I love all the other bands above them, but I really don't think they are better than these geniuses. If you make a band with, hands down and no point in arguing, the best voice in rock, add a brilliant guitarist who MADE his own guitar and plays it on every record, add a drummer who apart from having a very good and versatile tecnique is a fantastic singer who could have fronted his own band easily (probably a hard rock band), and sprinkle it with a bass player who has coined some of the most recognisable riffs ever and just for fun, as he happened to be an electronics engineer, made an amp which features heavily on their recordings, give all this a shake and you get QUEEN. Apart from being virtuosos in their domains they are all fabulous musicians (which is not the same thing by the way) and, here's the clinching argument, are all brilliant songwriters. If a random person names 10 famous queen songs, there is a good chance that at least two are written by each member of the band. ...more

Queen is definitely great among others they influence many band next to them and they have a lot of variety of genres. Even Metallica was influenced by queen. Queen are so flexible from ballad to blues, from folk to rock n roll, from rock to metal, from blues to disco(techno) even contemporary christian music, rap, psychedelic rock and opera name it they all have it! They experiment and they did a lot of genres that new generations of band will have to make. THEY ARE GREAT!

I cannot believe some of these bands are in this list of the Greatest Bands Ever. My personal favourite is Queen and with good reason. Who on earth doesn't like Queen? Who has never heard a Queen song? And what band was ever like Queen? Freddie Mercury was so vocally talented and theatrical; Brian May was the perfect guitarist, trying all sorts and succeeding all the way; and Taylor and Deacon were brilliant in keeping things together. Just all in all, as Taylor once said, they really were 'a bloody good band. ' And in my opinion, they were the best. They're certainly my favourite anyway, for what it's worth.

Queen is one of the best bands and should of been at the top! Freddie Mercury is one of the best singers, singing all genres even opera which he created an individual album. He is one of the greatest front mans ever and band was the best ever band that did performances shown in LIVE AID. A lot of these bands stuck to the same genres or moved once or twice, Queen could do all from rock, to jazz, to opera, to pop and hard funk such as everyone bites the dust. ALL members wrote their songs, even John Deacon wrote "I want to break free". They have created global athens which are know across the whole world such as "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We are the Champions" and "Will we Rock You" they have sold over millions of albums and never forgotten! - Zags

They did some of the best concerts ever, they invented videomusic, they survived the 70s and up today their music is still up to date. There are new fans everyday, all of the members of the band could write songs and influenced other musicians. Their music can't be misunderstood with any other music, you listen to a few notes of a Queen song you never heard about and you know it's theirs. And they were friends among them, good persons, something you can't say about most rock bands.


Freddie Mercury alone was definitely the greatest singer of all time, but Queen isn't complete without the amazing guitar solos and licks of Brian May, great drumming of Roger Taylor and the snag bassline from John Deacon. All four contributed such great masterpieces of song, writings them, singing them and performing them. So much of the world's memorable music comes from Queen like Don't Stop Me Now, You're My Best Friend, Somebody to Love, I Want it All, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Fat Bottomed Girls, Bicycle Race, Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust, The Show Must Go On, Radio GaGa and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Also check out their underrated stuff like Spread Your Wings, Tie Your Mother Down, Tear It Up, Death on Two Legs, It's Late, and One Vision. All of their songs are amazing by far with lyrics, vocals and musical scores and have influenced many bands.

Okay it goes like this, when I ask anyone do you know led zeppelin? They answered yes, I ask can you give some songs of them? They answered I only know them by name. I ask again do you know queen? Whether they answer yes or no but when I started singing songs from queen and telling them that this is the songs of queen, they'll be like - ohh I didn't know it was sung by queen. - Meaning Queen Songs are more popular than the bands name.

Queen songs have never forgotten and still lots of band covering they're song like bohemian rhapsody, etc.

Queen have a wide variety of genres not only rock. So I think that Queen is the best band for me. And Freddie mercury's voice is killing.

If you ask anyone to name you at least one song from Led Zeppelin, I bet everyone will now Stairway to Heaven. Damn, it is one of the most well known and the most iconic rock song. - Thanatus

I'm not upset that Queen loses to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin as they are both legendary rock bands and I understand it is merely a matter of preference, however, I can't help but find it very saddening to see that modern youth have such a little understanding of rock that they consider Linkin Park and Metallica to be better than Queen.

To anyone who voted for Linkin Park as the best rock group ever: Don't vote about genres you know nothing about.

Queen is a band that has left a unique impression on the world. Although perhaps not as talented as other musicians from other bands (excluding Freddie Mercury), Queen has crafted songs that have defined generations. Their anthems are some of the most recognizable and loved songs across the entire world. Although never receiving too much critical acclaim, Queen is a solid band, and a personal favorite to many. Not to mention, Freddie Mercury is quite possibly the greatest male vocalist of all time, his only real challengers for the title being Paul McCartney and Frank Sinatra in my opinion. All in all, Queen is a fantastic band, and won't be forgotten any time soon.

I argued with a norwegian friend at the exit of a nightclube in Dublin about the role & influence of Queen in world music - He hated them - but I had a great and easy role to defend the position...
Richness - spectrum - Hearth moving - ever remembered - none indifferent: hate them love them, they have been here and will remain here for the next 100 years - such as Led Zep, PF, Beatles (honest Tokio Hotel I have my doubts... )