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Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Colin Greenwoood (bass guitar), Phil Selway (drums), and Ed O'Brien (guitar).


I rarely sit down and try to think about whom I consider to be the greatest band ever--my reasoning is simple: Such a designation is, to some degree, philosophically undefinable and untenable. What is meant by the moniker "greatest band ever? "

If people ask me what I consider to be the greatest album ever, I have throughout my life responded in various ways: The White Album and Revolver by the Beatles, Kid A by Radiohead, The Velvet Underground & Nico by the Velvet Underground, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, and Exile On Main St. by The Rolling Stones. This is an easier idea to turn and face because albums are nicely packaged into contrived units so we know the whole of what we are evaluating. Moreover, we all know approximately what is intended to be meant by the superlative 'greatest. ' With a band, the boundaries are equivocal; should we count their 'good' albums as pros and their 'bad' ones as cons? What about non-album singles? Can a band's story or setting play ...more

Should be second behind the Beatles. They have now released 7 great albums in a row, two of which are easily some of the greatest albums of all time.

The Bends
OK Computer
Kid A
Hail to the Thief
In Rainbows
The King of Limbs

There my favorite band of all time with all there amazing songs. 0K Computer being one of the greatest albums in the history of the world. 52.. They should be number 1 no doubt. Ever song by Radiohead is a great song, and Thom Yorke is a badass.

It's a shame that Radiohead isn't acknowledged enough for who they are. Their music is beautiful, eclectic, raw, pure, ethereal and hard-core all at the same time. I was introduced to them through a friend, and I've never been so thankful to find a band before. The music has changed the way I view the world and myself, for the better. Thom Yorke is an absolute musical and lyrical genius. They don't have one bad album (although my least favourite would have to be Pablo Honey because it seems a lot more mainstream and safe than the others). I would recommend their music to anyone because there is something for everyone. It's a shame that the music that is so popular now is so meaningless, like Kanye and Swift. The charts just seem so flimsy and materialistic. No one cares about the real music, like Radiohead, The Beatles, Muse, The Rolling Stones. Also, people get judged for liking different music to what is so common. Especially as a 14 year old girl, I get judged a lot. But that ...more

After all this years I realized that music is equally great as it speaks to people, but not just to their feelings but deeper. Music is proportionally great as it speaks to your soul. Many bands do that. They connect to people's souls in many ways. But Radiohead is different. Cause their "music" IS your soul. Radiohead is the sound of people's souls. That's why I put the word music in quotations. Cause you can't define the sound of one's soul. It is felt, It is lived. Like every heartbeat in your chest, like every breath you have in this right moment. Like every beautiful thing that you've seen in your life. Like the feeling you have for the ones you love. It is felt. It is lived. No words to be said. No questions to be made. You just live it. Same's with Radiohead. The best band of all time.

I totally agree that Radiohead has been one of the best bands the world has ever seen. This band keeps creating great music and survived the demise of grunge. One thing that makes Radiohead amazing is that they adapted to the conditions and endured it well. Thom Yorke has an amazing voice, Jonny Greenwood and Ed O Brien are badass guitarists. My opinion is that despite their influence, they don't deserve a place this low. Radiohead truly deserve top ten place. Their influence will be everlasting. The music from OK Computer and The Bends has given a lot of influence in rock, especially in England. Without Radiohead, bands like Coldplay and Keane might not even have existed. They also did something that only a few bands can; go your own way, and they did it with the album Kid A.

Are they my #1? Probably not. But I gave them my vote because 49 is a ridiculous place for them to be ranked. They are easily in the top 5. I'm not going to even explain why, people should just know. Please, to all the people who are voting for bands like My Chemical Romance, go away. Go vote in some other poll for the ten greatest "pop garbage" artists of all time or someting. Because Radiohead, along with all the other artists on this list who actually ARE the greatest rock bands of all time, are at a level you will never be able to understand.

I think that they're the only band I know that can change their music so drastically with each album, and still have it be commercially successful and critically acclaimed. Not only they did it, they did it seven times. Rock is a giant genre, with many subgenres in it. Radiohead can practically fit into almost all of them. Whether its guitar driven, hard rock, or even electronic rock, they've proven to be able do all of it, and do all of it well. They are the most diverse band I've ever heard

The purpose of music is change people's lives doesn't it? I mean. Artists want to influence people's lives in some way, most I'd say, for the better. They want to change it in some level. Well. No band on planet earth had made that to me. I didn't think it would happen. Until it happened. And that band was called, my friends: Radiohead. They changed my life, for good. And Id say, in some way, they also changed the world. Nothing comes close to this...this godlike art. Cause they are not just a band. They are, with almost tears in my eyes, the ultimate form of art, in the shape of music, that has ever been created.

Radiohead should be at least in the top 20. I still don't see how tokio hotel, dir en grey, the gazette, etc are above radiohead. The bends is one of the best albums of all time.

I don't think I need to explain why I vote for Radiohead I'll just say listen to Creep, Everything In It's Right Place & Bloom and remember this was made by the same band. Also in '97 they released probably the best album ever (for my personal taste I'd say Kid A was better) ten years later in '07 they are just as magnificent and relevant! Who else has done this? Nobody! Zeppelin broke up so did The Beatles. Queen could never make another A Night At The Opera. Metallica has been living on their old material since '91. And Pink Floyd just had one true masterpiece.

Most bands are lucky enough to produce ONE masterpiece of an album. If they're really good, maybe TWO. Hell, even Pink Floyd only produced THREE (Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall), and it still took them 11 tries to do it (not counting the last three stinkers).
And what about Radiohead?

The Bends
OK Computer
Kid A
In Rainbows

Four albums. Four masterpieces. Only 7 attempts to do it. Talk about an efficient band.

Radiohead is easily one of the best bands of all time and they are sitting at 43?!?! Really people? The albums they have released are amazing and 5 of 8 are in the book for the best albums of all time. A lot of the bands ahead don't have 1! OK computer is easily one of the best alums of all time, as are The Bends, Kid A, Amnesiac, and In Rainbows. So please give them a listen then come back and vote.

What the hell is this, Radiohead number 48? This should be number one. Look, any other band in this top ten list is either too old to be productive or bloated too much for their mainstream metal-pop-post hardcore-rock mix sound. Radiohead, well, so far is productive and takes music to the highest level.

I came across this website when I was searching for "best mountain bike brands".
As I'm new to the hobby & not too familiar with bike brands, I wasn't sure whether to trust the top ten list given on this site, so I decided to check out the list of top rock bands, something which I at least know something about.
Seeing Radiohead way down at #40 has convinced me that perhaps the opinion of voters on this site ought to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Radiohead IS the best Rock band of all times. Their music is pure creativity and uniqueness. They are very versatile, they have different sounds and amazing deep meaningfull lyrics. The whole entire composition is pure perfection. Why? Although at first the music might sound awkward and you might not understand what Tom Yorke is singing about (Radioheads vocalist) there is something magical about their music that you can actually feel what they are trying to make you feel. And that's what music is suposed to be about, to transmit ideas and feelings throughout the most beautiful form: sound. And besides, according to The Rolling Stones Magazine, Tom Yorke is on their top 100 best singers list (actually above Steven Tyler and Axel Roses) and they have also made to the top best music videos of all time!

What is special about Radiohead is that the deeper you go in, the more you are rewarded. Can it be possible that a bands' best known songs are just the populist tip of a deep and dark iceberg that lies beneath. Increasingly impenetrable, murky and transcendental. Melodies that can be suicidal and uplifting at the same time? Agree with other comments... many have simply never taken the time to discover.

Best band ever, so innovative with different influences, they are all great, Rock, Electro and Pop.

Kid A is a masterpiece, In rainbows is the best album ever...

They are not only the best band ever but also the only band ever able to transport me like this.

Radiohead is one of very few great modern bands. They have technically invented a new music genre with how good their experimental stuff such as 'Kid A' and 'In Rainbows' is. I still believe their best album is 'OK Computer' as it set the cornerstones for them as they now are ('The King of Limbs' was absolutely brilliant) and future artists too. Please everyone, just listen to more Radiohead and music will soon return to its former glory. I think they are a better band than even Pink Floyd, and that's saying something.

Radiohad is the best band in the world in my opinion, the music these days just doesn't have enough emotion, its just good looking people that get others to write their music, radiohad has so so so much emotion in their music they are bleeding themselves into it, they have three songs in the rage greatest hits of all time, that has to mean something? Well it's the most songs someone has in there. I have been listening to them for years now, and I have never ever gotten sick of any songs, when any song comes on its like a breath of fresh are. The first album PABLO HONEY is just amazing how it is so alternative and uplifting, radiohead deserves at least higher than 10

Compare the lyrics and their messages with the fit with the music sound. They are joined, not matched. It is consistent across their repertoire. Meaningfulness, global perspective and mass target without pandering to the commercial markets' standards spell art. Their interest in consumer consciousness is best symbolized and engraved by their "you decide the value" maneuver.

Simply the best. My dad was a Radiohead Fan and I am too. I was tempted to vote for Kasabian or Gorillaz (still great bands) but Radiohead are on another level. If you haven't voted them, you haven't listened to them. Best music I've ever heard, with so much artistic and abstract work into every word and instrument of each song. To hell! I'm listening to Karma Police as I'm writing this comment!

Radiohead changed the way is see music.

Before I only listened to things on mtv, but when I saw a familiar video(called paranoid android) on vh1, I couldn't stop listening to them... They're the best! I'm listening to Let Down right now!

Simply the most creative music ever written with truly inspired lyrics. OK Computer is a truly inspired album and the best ever and have listen 90% of those bands considered better. Remember this a vote for best band, not individual rock start or musical talent. Here is a band who know how to make true rock music that is just transfixing every time you listen to it, Even after 15 years. Never ages. When I listen to the Beatles now, and I agree one of the greatest, it sounds dated and irritating. The real test in my opinion

Hands down the greatest band of all time, have not produced an album that's anything less than brilliant in the last 18 years (since the bends). They have covered many different genres since their beginning and have also influenced many bands. I honestly struggle to see how any bands (definitely no modern bands) come close to them.