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Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their current members Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.


Rush are simply the greatest band of all time. Neil Peart, one of (if not the most) technically gifted drummers of all time, as well as one of the most intelligent lyricists of all time. Geddy Lee, how he performs those insane bass lines whilst singing and playing the keyboards (whilst simultaneously uses synth pedals) all at the same time is beyond me. He's superhuman! And Alex Lifeson! One of the most diverse guitarists on this planet. I've never heard anyone play as many different styles as easily as he makes it look.

Not only are all 3 members insanely technically gifted, they have also created songs in every major genre of music in the past 40 years they have been around: Prog, Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Jazz Fusion, Reggae, Pop, Grunge, Hip Hop, Nu Metal, New Wave, Stadium Rock, the list goes on. And no band have been able to change genre so seamlessly without "selling out". Neil Peart even plays a form of Dubstep on the new tour! That's how in touch they are ...more

Any budding musician who is *serious* about mastering their instrument of choice listens to Rush. Ask any current successful musician about their influences or what other musicians they admire - 4 out 5 are going to mention Rush. - drtobasco

As with most lists pertaining to best guitarist, best drummer,etc. Its like writing on toilet walls. I've seen enough of these in the past to get seriously upset about them. Once again, I find Rush pretty low down on the list (as usual! ). As much as I love Led Zeppelin, over the last decade or so, they've been overplayed, overanalyzed and dare I say, a tad overrated. Regarding a band's body of work, I can't see most bands coming anywhere close to rush, except maybe Pink Floyd. How anyone can classify the Beatles as a serious rock band is beyond me. Perhaps more rock and roll leaning towards good pop. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Neil Peart has been considered as a cross between Bonham and Moon playing together at the same time. Little wonder his inspiration is Buddy Rich. There's little I can add concerning Lee and Lifeson's musical virtuosity. The music of the band, however, is a different story. They've never been afraid to change with the times, and keeping their own ...more

What Rush means to their fans really can't be described in a paragraph (and as such it should be no surprise that here, too, they remain under the radar to the average person). Yes, they are excellent musicians. Yes, they have kept the same 3-man lineup together for almost 40 years now. They have quietly become one of the top-selling rock bands of all time WITHOUT MAINSTREAM SUPPORT, and have influenced several generations of musicians while sticking around long enough to continue to explore and push new ground. But all of that tends to fall by the wayside when you're at a Rush concert, talking to a Rush fan, or listening to a Rush album. Simply put, there has never been a rock band more in touch with the world around it. It's no coincidence that songs like "Subdivisions" have remained timeless, and have been the soundtracks to lives of countless generations. All of this coming from the most unassuming, genuine group of guys you would ever have the pleasure of meaning. They are simply ...more

I personally think Rush is the best band of all time, but for me it was close between Led Zeppelin, Rush, Sabbath and Rainbow. Speaking of Rainbow where are they! Paramore is higher than Rainbow! Stargazer is one of the best songs of all time and Ritchie Blackmore is in top 5 guitarist of all time. But alas I am here to argue the case of Rush. Now I understand that Rush is not everybody's cup of tea. But it should be. The music that they create makes a visual image of anything you wish to interpret it as. They make complex layered songs like La Villa Strangiato, Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio to name a few or a song with a story like 2112, Red Barchetta and The Trees. Then they have short rockers like Circumstances or instrumental geniuses with YYZ. Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold. What? Geddy Lee is an amazing bassist (arguable singer) Alex Lifeson is the most underrated guitarist of all time. NIEL Peart is a GOD and I am an atheist! The Best drummer of all time. This Band needs to ...more

Rush is such a unique band! Everything from the lyrics, the album themes to the musicianship is just a mind blowing experience for the listener who has been fortunate enough to discover them, in the first place! I discovered them rather late in life (at 28) and until Rush came along, Queen had been my favourite band of all time (I became a fan of Queen, when I was just 3 years old). It was when I listened to the opening notes of iconic songs such as '2112' and 'Bastille Day', did I know that I had been missing that 'special something' in my music collection for years! Rush is the kind of band that just does not stick to one theme or one issue or one style of music. They keep fans interested and captivated for decades through experimentation and that's what I love about this band, so much! Oh and themes include scifi-themed stories, societal issues such as the freedom of the individual, etc.! The lyrics are spell-binding to say the least! It can't get more fascinating than this! Oh and ...more

Even if you don't like rush you should see one of their concerts. The musicianship will blow your mind. I just saw them 3 weeks ago and they were flawless and like teenagers on stage. Absolutely amazing for 3 guys in their mid 50's - duggles37

It's really inexcusable that Rush is this low on the list. It still intrigues me to this day that a band with only three members can produce songs and albums with music that is so diverse and so full of different musical elements going on at once. Go listen to The Spirit of Radio, La Villa Strangiato, or Subdivisions, and tell me that this band does not put 100 % effort into creating music that is creative and different from album to album. That alone, that Rush can continually redefine themselves from album to album, and still kick ass, is enough to put them higher in that respect. Lifeson and Lee compliment each other great on the guitar and the bass, and Peart's complex drumming rhythms keep the listener guessing as to where the song is going next.

Greatest drummer of all time, greatest bassist of all time and one hell of a guitarist. Only 3 guys are the fruit of the most technical music that the world has ever known. When you see them live, that's when you realize how ' mind-blowing they are. The most crazy thing is that Geddy Lee plays the most complicated bass riffs, while singing, while playing keyboards... how awesome is that! And Alex Lifeson plays like there's 2-3 guitarists on stage. And Neil Peart... there's just no existing words that can describe how good he is. There is literally NO drummer, I mean NO drummer that comes close to him... none.

If you are not familiar with them, I strongly suggest the albums: 2112, A farewell to kings, Hemispheres, Permanent waves and Moving Pictures. ALL the songs in these albums are masterpieces

At the time I'm writing this, Rush is at 11, which I see as a surprise. This band is not at all what I expected to see at 11. Not a lot of people know them, and seeing them here makes me so happy. They are, to me, the greatest band I've ever heard. So complex, with so many morals and absolutely stunning sounds. It's my goal in life to recreate their sound, something I've never heard any one be able to do.

I love every single song they have done, including Tai Shan, which Geddy Lee hates. This band is a buffet with all kinds of different foods and plenty of it to keep you busy, and I love that.

When I first looked at this list, it was so much lower, but seeing it at 11 now is stunning. I have no idea what happened for people to bring it up here, but it certainly made my day. In terms of rock bands, they are my number 1, but I never thought that anyone else would even think they should be on the list. I'm shocked, but that's a good thing.

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Either all of these people who voted for the other bands don't know good music when they here it, or, they just love CRAP. Open your eyes, see what you're missing.
Lets See...

Geddy Lee:
#1 Bassist HANDS DOWN
The Reason I Started To Play Bass and Piano
Great at the keyboards and vocals
And WHO ELSE can do all three at the same time? NO ONE

Alex Lifeson:
Top 10 Guitarist
The Reason I Started To Play Guitar
Actually CARES about the sounds that come out of the guitar

And Finally..
Best drummer of all time
Best lyricist of all time
Best percussionist of all time

Put this all together:
You get 37 years of producing music AND COUNTING
You get the GOLD STANDARD for bass, guitar, and drums
You get the band that inspires almost EVERYONE ELSE on this list
You get RUSH

Need I Say More?

What are Green Day and Nirvana doing above Rush? Sure, Nirvana started grunge and Green Day was an influential punk band, but that is just being influential in their respective genres. Rush have influenced Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Cliff Burton of Metallica, (RIP) and pretty much anything in the progressive or metal (or both of them combined) genres. Not only are they arguably one of the most influential bands of all time, but the quality of their work (on a whole, I realize that not everyone loves hold your fire or presto) is a standard that all the bands on this list should aspire to achieve. Not only that, but their sheer longevity and consistancy over nearly 5 decades (no, I didn't stutter) is mind boggling. Their musical complexity, depth, and integrity are all second to none. The list of bassists, guitarists, and drummers that have been influenced by Geddy, Neil, and Alex would take a while to write out here. Their music is eclectic, thought provoking, and most of all, ...more

Rush are AMAZING! Ok maybe not number 1 but come on. Neil peart is in my opinion the best drummer yes better than shannon leto. Geddy is one of the best bassists I've ever seen. He can sing, play bass and play keyboard all in one song. Alex is talented as well just listen to spirit of radio. I play both drums and Guitar and I know that Rush are Proper musicians who care about the detail of each song they make. I recommend that you look for a video of neil peart and you'll see what I mean rush are so underrated

Lets face it, there is no bad rush song and they have managed to cover so many different, from progressive epics (better than Pink Floyd and genesis), to amazing instrumentals, to great rock songs (almost as good as zeppelin) to electro rock using synthesisers, to heavy metal tacks that are better than Metallica, and now the greatest concept album of all time that creates an amazing story. Combine all that with the best bassist and drummer in the world and one of probably the top 10 (although underrated) you have to have the best recipe for a rock band, then add the fact these guys have been together from 1975 (current members) and are still going strong. Unreal

I haven't seen a single band near the top of the list that can even compare to Rush. Granted, there are a lot of good bands on this list; I own many of their albums.
I rarely come across an album that doesn't have "filler" tracks. Most albums have 1-3 good tracks and the rest are forgettable. Out of Rush's 20 studio albums, the majority are packed full of great songs, and even better, not all the songs sound the same! Rush's music has evolved over the course of 40 years and they still have the creativity and passion to generate great new content, and they still have the skill to tour and perform 3 hour shows. It may take till the year 2112, but Rush will be remembered as the greatest band of all. One last thing, The Beatles have a lot of great pop hits, but I'd certainly not classify them in the Rock genre.

Rush is 23? Behind Linkin Park? This is sad.

Rush compares only to a few when considering how long they have been together consecutively. They are not known for drug use, media stints, or other melodrama. They are musically incredible, having a presence in top 100 lists for their appropriate instruments (Peart being #1 on drummers and Geddy Lee #3 on Bass). They are in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and their cultural contribution and influence is incredible.

Rush should easily be in the top 5.

Rush is without question the best rock band of all time. The holy trinity were not just rock stars. They were heroes. I remember when I first heard rush, I was living in an abandoned house in my home town with several other squatters, all working day to day for an old Chinese man with the promise of future riches. I had never been anywhere outside of my home town, but once, when I told my parents that I was leaving to pursue a career in rock 'n' roll. Much to my chagrin, the talent that existed outside of my town far surpassed my own. I was too embarrassed to return home to my parents, but it being the only thing I knew, I returned, avoiding my block growing up at all costs. One day, whilst cleaning out the litter box in Mr. Fung's pet shop, I daringly turned on the radio. Mr. Fung didn't allow us to listen to the radio, in what I now believe was his attempt to shut us out of the outside world. As I turned the dial, I heard the most remarkable noise. Geddy Lee belting out the words ...more

Rush is the only group on this list that after 40 years, all the members are still living, playing, recording, selling albums, and have just been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! All that, Clean! Sober! And best of all, they're Canadian! Rush is 3 Men with Talent, Intelligence, Dignity, and Gratitude! Men who did it right and did it their way! Perfect Icons for both budding musicians and new generations of fans! Rush is The Best Rock Band of All Time!

A timeless band. Rush is very under-appreciated. This band outplays nearly every other, while only containing three band members. For forty years, Rush has been unparalleled in performance and an uncanny ability to stay unique. It is one of a kind, with it's lyrics in song. They are comparable to Shakespeare, taking into account the vast depth in meaning behind their words. From the bands on this list, in an official ranking Rush would most definitely be on top.

In terms of actual composition, I have yet to hear a single band (with the exception of perhaps TOOL) who can produce such a complex sound and play their musical visions with such flawless aplomb. Neil Peart and Geddy Lee can safety claim to be the greatest of their era in their respective fields, Peart also contributing to unique and varied lyrics, whilst Lee does vocals and keyboards/additional sounds... all at the same time. The man must have like 6 invisible hands. Lifeson is massively underrated also, and plays to perfection. I watched them live last year, and they were easily the most seamless act I've seen. Can't wait for them to come back round for their 21st album!

Rush is easily top 5 of all time, probably top 3, maybe #1. If you don't agree, you need to go listen to them. Technically, they are perfection, all three of them. (Yes, all that sound comes from just 3 people.) Neal, specifically, is transcendent... totally UNTOUCHABLE on drums. Lyrically, Neal makes iconic and picturesque songs that truly paint pictures in the mind. Musically, I would say they are Baskin Robbins... with 31 different flavors and they do them all well... prog, metal, hard rock, instrumental... the list goes on and on and on. If you look at when they made some of their songs (early 70s and even late 60s), you realize how they led and paved the way for rock back then and continue through today.

RUSH's music has an original and catchy sound; complex music with smart lyrics. There is no band out there that sounds like them. For people not familiar with their music, I would highly recommend listening to their albums 2112, Moving Pictures and their newest album released this year (2012) Clockwork Angels. RUSH has also been nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for 2013. RUSH is my favorite band and all their music is awesome! RUSH is also awesome in concert!

Rush is simply the BEST OVERALL ROCK BAND of all time. Why? Simple, Covered all types of styles over many decades and have adapted and have had success at all levels through all times beginning in the 1970's through to today. NO BAND CAN SAY THAT. They have also done this with the same members. Also, I would like to give them credit and say that they have done all this with honour and admirability. A TRUE MENOTR AND HERO for kids to look up to. RUSH have never given into DRUGS, BOOZE and plain STUPIDITY like other bands.

I personally don't like them that much, but anyone who calls themselves a musician or music listener cannot deny that Rush is one of the top ten bands of all time. They've had the same original lineup for decades, they've pumped out classic album after classic album, they have the tightest timing of any band I can think of, they have the best bassist (Lee) and drumer (Peart), and one of the best guitarists (Lifeson). If Geddy Lee's voice was a little lower than they would probably be one of my favorite bands. To me, Geddy Lee's voice is the only thing that keeps Rush from being in the top 3. They helped create and popularize progressive rock and should be in the top 10

The rest of this list is mostly made up of easily digestible crap. They have survived the 70's 80's 90's and are still going to this day! The music these THREE people create is absolutely genius. The lyrics are inspiring, the bass and guitar work is rarely matched and the drums are the most creative in music ever. No one on this list could play what Rush create. To be in an odd time signature without even noticing is incredible. How can three people sound like 10?