System of a Down

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System of a Down formed in 1994 as an Armenian-American Nu Metal group from Glendale, California . The band name is sometimes shortened to System or SOAD. more.


Talent-wise, I would say they rank with Nirvana or Pink Floyd.
As for song-writing, they don't have a single song I don't like, which is far more than the Beatles (who I hate) or Guns 'N Roses can offer. Granted, I would probably not call System of a Down a "rock band"; they're metal, a weird type of metal too.

But, in the end, I think Serj has a much, much better voice than the lead singers of any of these bands in this list (which is so amazingly lacking). Who put together this list, huh? Should be fired.

Love all of their songs. All of the lyrics are amazingly true. Serj and Daron harmonize so beautifully especially in the newer albums. The guitar is always great with either great hypnotic riffs or more hard riffs, Daron in my opinion is the greatest guitarist of all time. John Dolmayan is the greatest. The drums in all of their songs is amzingly challenging and sounds great. I'm not a bassist and I never really seem to hear the bass in songs but you have to appreciate the bass in songs like Spiders and Psycho.

SOAD is my favourite band. I can honestly say that they are really good musicians of all time. They can sing soft rock, metal with just drums, bass, guitar(keyboard sometimes). They should be back soon. 30 seconds to mars sucks. - arpanhmr

soad oh they're damn gr8 Serj has become my bet singer, other are too good I like almost all songs I have listened to... they hv such a quality that it make sad people go happy you know they are so funny, the way they sing is really I think they are comedians.

30stm is best? It's better than Metallica? Only Shannon is a good musician on their band. SOAD is taking rest. When they'll back many bands will collapse. I don't know who are voting. You don't know what is real hard working music. That is SOAD, Metallica, AX7, Slipknot. Not 30STM, MCR. Simple Plan? Amateur musicians - arpanhmr

Totally under-appreciated guitar riffs and individual personal meanings of lyrics. Extremely original playing and instrument set and new unique ways of using them. System totally sets the standard for what the future holds and some people just cannot rap their minds around the concept of brilliant musical art.

When I first started listening to music I liked a lot of rap and R^^B, then one day I heard System of a Down from a friend. It literally changed my life I never liked rock music before, it's something about this band that makes me feel like none other it's almost like a drug. That's how much I love this band, some people look at me like I'm crazy cause I'm African American and I'm listening to System of a Down but I don't care.

System of a Down's music is as good as anybody's. They are not only the most unique band on the planet but their lyrics also have a very deep meaning that no other band has with their lyrics. They can write insane songs and still be the incredible musicians that they are

System Of A Down is a band that tried to teach the world some lessons ranging from Terrorism, War, Global Warming, Pornography, Drug Abuse,etc.
They had their very own unique unconventional style of Prog Rock, Gothic, and Alt Metal.

Great tracks by them. They have "B.Y.O.B", and "Chop Suey". They should be on the actual top 10. FK The System was pretty popular. Because they know everything about being an band. Toxicity was the best I've ever heard.

I don't think system of a down is the best band ever I know it is

the way they write music is absolute genius


- CaptainComedy17

This band is amazing I can't believe the position serj is for me the best singer ever, daron is a great guitar player and great singer look at SCARS ON BROADWAY if don't like System of a Down... Shavo and john are also great guys.

Yeah! I really really love this band... They have amazing guitar and tune styles... So different... But for I think they are not the best of all times since not everyone of us knows about them but if you wanna try then you'll see...

How the hell are System of a Down all the way down here? They may not be the best band but I believe at least top 20 or 15! This whole list is crazy! It's not about the music. System of a Down created their own unique kind of music and is one of the most energetic and hard-out bands EVER! They define alternative rock.
One of the best bands live. Awesome lyrics. Every time I listen I can't help but head bang.

Best band forever You rock System of a Down
All songs of System of a Down are my favorite
You are the best rock band of mine and forever
Hope your other songs will touch others too
All the best

What the hell? Why is this bellow 30 seconds to mars and my chemical romance? This band deserves to be in the top ten. Amazing lyrics, guitar riffs, drum beats, not to mention serj's amazing vocals, come on guys

It's a great thing to see system of down in 34 but we all want them in top 10. They have the ability to beat the first band Metallica because they are not least. I know they will rock the world in future.

How is 30 seconds to mars #3 when System of a Down is 32!? Some of the most meaningful, powerful songs ever recorded and I would put Aerials up there with One and Stairway for greatest songs of all time

In my opinion this isn't even A competition. The singing the lyrics the music the feeling of the songs everything is flawless. From suite pea to soldier side. From streamline to deer dance all perfection in my mind.

I honestly think soad is the best band ever, their lyrics are genius their guitar bass, drums, and singing are some of the most innovative stuff I've ever seen, way better than a7x - Flying_spidermonkey

Incredible songwriting, with oblique lyrics and fantastic guitar work. As much as I like linkin park, they don't deserve #11 spot. System of a downs music is more than just music. It challenges the listener to think about what they say, and find meaning from it

System of a Down is my favorite.. They deserve more fame because the songs they play are awesome

They should definitely be higher up the list. Fell behind a lot of bands they're actually a lot better than. Still good to see them on here, my personal favorites. Also Serj is a ' genius.

they should be number one I listen to all of these bands I have about 80 something albums but I still think system of a down beats them all every song they ever made is amazing

SOAD is the most realistic metal band in history. A great deal of bands wouldn't have been founded without serj tankian. John is the most unrepeatable drummer of the 90's