Three Days Grace

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Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997 with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2013 Gontier left the band due to creative differences. He was replaced with Brad's more.


This is just not so done, 34th! No, Three days grace is the best, and will always be the best. I've got many of my friends who didn't like rock music, and I've had always been confident enough to walk up to them and ask them to listen to 3DG. And, believe me it has changed their opinions. This band and their songs, they've got me out of depression, my friends out of depression. Every song gives us a new message, a new reason to stand up and fight against what's wrong, what's not going according to what we wish. See people, if you haven't yet heard any of their songs, you've actually missed a lot good music. But, just like Three Days Grace says, "It's never too late", it's actually not late, and you can listen to their songs, and I'm sure you'll get addicted. Starting from Never too late, word so cold, I hate everything about you and ending at Take me Under and Give me a reason, not even a single song of theirs' would ever disappoint you. I might sound like one super crazy fan of ...more

Three days grace is phenomenal! They have really helped me though the problems in my life. Their songs are about never giving up, standing up against those who oppose you, and always finding faith in yourself and others. They are more than just a band, they are four men who have gone though so much that they couldn't take this world's abuse and have spread many inspirational songs to people invoking them to make the world a much better place to live in. They don't care what other people think of their music. They only share a passion for it and they try to not let other people bring them down.

Three days grace truly is a fantastic band and I'am really proud to be a fan of them. I highly recommend them to everyone. Especially those who are going through hard times in their life right now.

These guys are the greatest of time they have been here for a while and they keep putting out great songs, which I personally believe is totally the stuff to hear. From day one the have put out only the best for us to hear. Me and countless other people cannot go a day without hearing at least countless time their beautiful art. That is the reason why they should be number one!

Three Days Grace has been a huge influence and inspiration for many over the last 20 years. The hard-hitting, powerful sound and thoughtful lyrics have resulted in one hit single after another off of each album they've produced. This is the sign of true talent combined with dedication and determination. With a string of #1 singles on the American Active Rock Charts... More #1 hits than any other band, Three Days Grace has proven that they have lasting power and can adapt to the changing times and situations. Let's go 3DG... Looking for much more in the future!

Come on they should be number 1!
They are the best band ever and not one of their songs are bad I have all of their albums and I have heard all of their songs. I know Adam Gontier left the band but that doesn't mean they aren't still awesome my top five bands are
1. Three Days Grace
2. Linkin Park
3. Breaking Benjamin
4. Shinedown
5. Seether
Plus many many many many many more!
Don't lose hope on teenagers I am 13 and I hate today's popular music. ROCK ON!

What are these guys doing down here!

I'm a Metallica and Nirvana fan but I find these guys amazing, they give the music that make you listen to them everyday, and they are known for over 15 AWESOME songs!

Vote em up guys these Rockers should be at least in the Top 20

why the hell isn't this band in the top ten here's a few things why they should be on the top ten: Firstly they have not one song that is less than excellent and secondly their songs mean something to them not just some stuff thrown together just before a show! So obviously they should be top ten!

Three Days Grace, I am shocked that it is not at number 1. I think rock lovers who do not like the Three Days Grace are mad or they are not the human. I think this band deserves number 1 position. They had great lyrics. This band is best among rock bands (Not in metal or sub genres of metal) that have ever made.

Though I dearly love Lifehouse, McFly, Keane, Evanescence and many many others on this list, only Adam Gontier with Three Days Grace has that beautiful mix of soul and hard rock. With softer, soul songs like Never Too Late to those 'break everything in sight' songs like Riot, even songs in the middle like 'Break', Three Days Grace is for everybody! (Plus Adam, so hot! )

53? You gotta be kidding me! Three Days Grace needs to at least be in the top three. They have awesome music which has helped me to avoid suicidal attempts. Three days Grace will always be my favorite band of all time. I buy all their albums. They are the one of the best, if not, they are the best. 1 thing 2 say 3 days grace 4 ever.

I love three days grace. They've even saved my life because I use to listen to their songs while I was going through a hard time in my life. you can't listen to them all the time because you can't just rely on heavy metal (especially depressing heavy metal) to get the anger out of you.

Do you really have to look farther than all of their amazing songs? I mean look at just their One-X album three truly amazing songs, Pain, Animal I Have Become and Never too Late.

Three Days Grace should be on the top 10 why go listen to their song... Every song is god written and also Breaking Benjamin in my opinion they are better than Linkin park

Three Days Grace is one of those bands that just get you pumped! I mean When I play Call of Duty I know I got to listen songs like Riot, or Break, or Life starts now!


Three days grace are the best. They must be at number 1. How come Linkin Park be at number 5. They are one of those bands who are destroying rock

Not a single song I don't love from this band, they are just incredible. All there songs can be related to one way or another. I really think they deserve to be way higher on this list.

How the HELL is Three Days Grace not at number 1! They ROCK! They are the best band in the world, and many people just don't realize it. Thank you Adam Gontier, the heart and soul of the band. LOVE their music!

Best band ever. The lead singer has such an awesome voice. Amazing songs like Gone Forever, Never Too Late, Animal I have Become. Just listen to these songs and you'll fall in love with this band!

This guys voice is legendary. I swear, his voice would be in a top 10 voices. The band itself is great. The guitars are amazing and the music flows very well.

More Alternative Metal/ Hard Rock.

I don't understand how this is 50th placn when it should be first! Three days grace has to be one of my favorite bands in the world! I really feel like I can relate to their songs like "It's never too late", "Last to know" and "I hate everything about you". I truly believe they should be number one, or at least not number 50!

They are very skillful at making radio friendly music. They are like the metal for the masses Their songs I will have to say are very soft to one's ears unlike typical metal

What they should be at the top they helped me trough my darkest times and inspired me to become a musician myself even though I could never be as good as Adam I still try

Who Wrote this pag didn't understand anything in ROCK, case THREE DAYS GRACE is and will always be th first and the best!

Their lyrics are the BEST! Ain't no one out there better than them! TDG for the win!