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Tool is an American progressive/alternative metal band, that was formed in 1990. more.


Tool is a band like no other, one where in my opinion, each element of their songs are balanced to near perfection. There are complex, intelligent lyrics brought by Maynard's exceptional vocals, lots of emphasis on the bass guitar, and some of the best percussion ever. Tool understands that each part of a song deserves equal attention, while they could create songs that are complicated enough to be interesting, but not too complex to the point that it becomes a disorganised mess. It is apparent that Tool has evolved as a band, songs from Undertow clearly being simpler than their newer work, but throughout their career they have remained unique, and pioneers of progressive metal. To me, Tool treats everything they do as a fine art, where other bands or artists may have what seem to be empty shells of song, with something missing. Many artisits do not create songs with meaning that relates to the wonders of being a human being, and for those that do, not all have the same musical genius ...more

Tool is a wonderful band, they have amazing lyrics and gorgeous music. How they are so low on the list is beyond me, they deserve to be so much higher than they are.

I guess the question would be who really made this list? Tool is musically genius. Listen to tool if you want a very particular sound that will blow your mind tool makes me get goosebumps... In a good way though... When I listen to tool my senses get stimulated in a way I cannot define but its amazing and no other band has ever from pure honesty has ever made me feel that way. Great band great music great talent tool is for me I should say like art or something unique I have discovered and that's just the way it is

This list is invalid, I voted anyways because I am absolutely floored at the lack of recognition this band receives. I am 41. I have listened to about everything on this list, and its an insult in my opinion, to even have a "top" bands list with Tool number 1. They are so far superior in so many categories. Led Zep. Metalica, Pink Floyd, are so far less talented than tool and they are considered to be the greatest amongst the general public. Nobody does what music is meant to do to you, like tool. Not even close, its unbearable how much it moves me at times.

I keep saying someday they will get their due, but you know what, it probably doesn't matter. The people their music has affected, and the ways it has affected each individual fan of the band is cool enough for me. They are far more than musicians, and MJK is a legend in the art world himself. A band of perfection, as far as I'm concerned.

Best of all time, and it's not close.

Tool at 52nd. It's gotta be a joke. Musical genius isn't appreciated anymore. Tool continues to be under-rated as usual. Fans don't appreciate Tool just for the complexity of their music. It's their versatility, their many shades, their ability to suck you into a trance and then pull you out again, Keenan's mind-blowingly wide range of vocals. In this fast-paced world, people need to slow down, listen to Tool and dissect their music until every strand unravels. Believe me, comprehending Tool is easier said than done. Someday, they will get the credit due to them. Maybe not today, but someday.

42 IS THE ANSWER TO LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING! IT's A SIGN! But I knew Tool would be in here somewhere. It had to be. Honestly, they have far more talent, meaning and power than Metallica, The Beatles, and those other flat wannabe losers. Look up Tool for those of you who stumble upon this comment and do not know the power, talent, and non-poserish that IS Tool, look them up, for your own sake.

HOW THE HELL IS TOOL BELOW LINKIN PARK, THE BEATLES (IT ISN'T EVEN ROCK), U2 AND GREEN DAY! I have to say, Linkin Park is the only one of those bands that are good, but Tool is so much better. Tool and Dream Theater are and will always be the rulers of music and Progressive Rock and Metal. Hell, Schism alone is fantastic enough to make them the best band of all, but then you have songs like Opiate, Intolerance and Hush that makes them even better, and just to top it off, you have Maynard on vocals, maybe the best male vocalist in the world. Listen to Tool and stop listening to Beatles and Green Day, both of those are crap, especially the whiny, Emo wanna-be band Green Day

The only band that could rival or surpass Led Zeppelin in a list like this.

All of their songs are crafted with the utmost care and respect for the art. Each and every instrument are developed to perfection, and the lyrics are the strongest I've ever heard.

It gained the tag of being a "favorite for a pothead", but I guess it can't be that defined. Mainly, because I am no pothead. Secondly, Tool can't really be defined in a category. And this is the main thing about Tool. Not a single song of theirs can be said to be like another.

So, if you ever have the curiosity to experience the best music of all time, check out songs like 'Lateralus', 'Forty-Six & 2' and 'Intension'. This 3 songs are all different from one another, showcasing the geniality behind this glorious band.

The fact that Tool is sandwiched between my chemical romance and Coldplay on a list of the greatest rock bands of all time goes to show people don't know good or actual rock music anymore. Maynard is the GOAT, the instrumentals are amazing and the lyrics are so thought provoking that you really have to read them to get the full message. Real rock fans know how great Tool's music is and should be shown more respect for what they have done.

The fact that this is 55 just really makes you wonder what kind of people are on this site. By no means are Tool my favorite band. But bloody hell they are by far one of the best if not the best. They're rocking up to 50 years old now and still sell out shows when they haven't brought out a new album in 7 years. They're so so much better than 55! Each member has their own style, it's all different, nothings the same and it will show you a new way of life.

Should be in the top 20 for sure. I'll put their four albums and top 20 songs against anyone's. If they add a few more top-notch albums, then they will be in my top few. Great musicians, plus have an all-time great songwriter in Keenan. Tool is a band for people who have the time to read and analyze the lyrics. Unreal, deep, thought-provoking music that has been in short-supply in this era of nonstop songs about simplistic boy and girl crap.

TOOL IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD WHO ARE VIRTUOSOS! They have all been playing music their whole lives and know music inside and out. Danny Carey is by far the best drummer I've heard and is so much better than Neil Peart because of the different technique and not doing only variations of the same rhythm in every song. He changes time signatures all the time and is very complicated to play.

How can tool be below 30 seconds to mars, Linkin Park (I used to love them, they're not as good as they used to be. ), My Chemical Romance, and other bands of poorer quality. (though some above and below those are good) Tool is a one of a kind band that deserves some sort of higher recognition, mainly because of its philosophical lyrics and beautiful composition.

omg this list is hardly worth voting it I all around retarded... I mean come on who really gives a care about 30stm... they are terrible... not #1 worthy for sure.. Tool is absolute genious and they put a lot of thought into their music, not just lyrics, but every single person in the band is absolutely genious... they deserve AT LEAST number 5 - BostonCeltic

TOOL is bar far and away the #1 Band of all time. The best drummer, the most dedicated singer with incredible range, the bass guitar that leaves nothing to be desired, and the most amazing riffs and sounds that have ever come from a guitar ever with Jones. awesome. Take the time to treat yourself to an amazing journey of vulnerable self reflection. Thank you Tool!

This list has to be a joke. TooL should be close to the top based on the lyrics alone. When you add in the extreme complexity of the music with the changing time signatures, you have one of the most intense, complex and talented bands on the face of the planet. I swear that they are from another planet. I only assume that other worldly beings would wholly approve of TooL above all else.

If it where all up to me, they would be at number one but, I think the guys from Tool are probably OK with the fact that they down the list a ways. They are about the music and the experience not the glam and recognition. They, like most any great artists, will unfortunately not be truly recognized for the work until they are long gone.

Not saying that Tool is THE best band of all time (because in my opinion there is not THE ONE best band).

Nevertheless, their musicianship is beyond ordinary human understanding. Every song of them is an epiphany. Words clearly can't describe the superiority of this band.

It really shocks me seeing Tool at #42 (22. July 2015). I don't know what people think, or in this case don't think. Even Disturbed and System of a Down (I mean what the F...) are far in front of Tool.

Rush being at #18 is also a iniquity. And where is Devin Townsend?! Ah this list is a joke.

Tool is the sixth band in rock N roll history to reinvent the guitar completely. They are a band that no band has even come close to sounding like. Any Tool fan can tell you that Maynyrd James Keenan has lyrics that are very cryptic, grabbing, and uplifting in the way that you transcend primal human emotion and understand the world and even the universe. The most selfless music I have ever heard. And to be able to create a second band, A Perfect Circle... So great and just as powerful! Tool and APC has the ability to grab ahold of your very core of conciousness and make you realize so much about yourself, and amazingly the instrumentals compare tenfold to the lyrics.. I with out a doubt feel sorry for anyone out there who hasnt full heartedly had the chance to hear and understand Tool and APC Lyrics... They are robbed. Tool and APC is without a doubt the best.. Most intellectualy talented music of all time.. Genius is an understatement. Tool is that one band who has continued the ...more

Tool is so technically brilliant and so different then every other run-of-the-mill progressive band. There is really no other band like tool, and from their lyric to immensely complex drum and guitar riffs, they are one of the most, if not the most innovative bands of all time. They should at least be on the top 5.

Tool are the greatest band I have ever heard! Why are they not in the top five artists? Tool have provided me the only music I have ever found to be both beautiful and heavy at the same time... Listen to Tool asap if you haven't heard of them before... Listen to Stinkfist for starters

LMFAO the fact that Tool is only one spot away from Paramore makes me gag this is outrageous and after seeing this I am not taking this list seriously at all. I could understand if a bunch of 12 year old were voting, but if not then its just sad...

Tool are amazing, Danny Carey's insane drumming, Adam Jones amazing rhythm guitar, Justin Chancellors amazing bass lines and tone (any bassist should seriously listen to some of his bass tracks) and Maynard's intense and deep vocals all make tool my favorite band of all time. To anyone who hasn't heard of them listen to: Parabol/parabola, schism, vicarious, the grudge, right in two, stinkfist, aenima and 46 & 2 just to name a few.

Tool is a great band! But the guitarist: Adam Jones isn't that good. But the drummer: Danny Carey is really really good!! It's probably my favorite band! My favorite song written by Tool is Schism from Lateralus. It's on the radio some times.

Seeing this convinces me that this band is underrated/not very well known. I guess for good reason, because this band is such a god damn treasure. It's a godlike band and I haven't found anyone else like them or even better. If you know any, let me know. Because I bet you don't.