Best Rock EPs (Extended Plays)

The Top Ten

1 '74 Jailbreak - AC/DC
2 Jar of Flies - Alice In Chains

Can't argue with a classic. - JoLeKosovo


3 Haunting the Chapel - Slayer
4 Hidden Treasures - Megadeth
5 Beyond Magnetic - Metallica
6 Anthems - Anthrax
7 GNR Lies - Guns and Roses
8 1965: Their First Recordings - Pink Floyd
9 The End - Black Sabbath
10 The Duke - Lamb of God

The Contenders

11 Opiate - Tool

Best EP ever! - JCHOW

12 The Decline - Nofx

It would be the punk rock Dark Side of the Moon, if it was an album instead of an EP.

How can you make so much out of only ONE 18-minute song? Beyond me.
This EP-long song which took six months to make deals with themes of mass manipulation, death, murder, depression, addiction, sucide, poverty, propaganda, gun ownership, loss of individuality, and overall, simply The Decline.
Plus, very impressive intrumentally. Cool guitar work (includes a wah solo, pretty rare for a punk band), energetic drumming of a good quality as far as punk goes, vocals are perfectly crafted with precise background vocals and vocal harmonies, even sound effects are used, plus a trombone, and of course, the DAMN BASS. So many different licks, riffs, bridges, and all in differet styles and tones. Perfect; I cannot do anything else while I go through the 18 minutes of this song. A pure trip. - JoLeKosovo

13 Merkinball - Pearl Jam
14 Jealous Lover - Rainbow

1981. Songs: I Surrender, Jealous Lover, Weiss Heim, Can't Happen Here - Metal_Treasure

15 Master Dik - Sonic Youth
16 Come On Pilgrim - Pixies
17 Hybrid Theory (EP) - Linkin Park
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