Top 10 Rock and Metal Albums that Define Their Subgenre

The Top Ten

1 The Dark Side of the Moon -  Pink Floyd (Progressive Rock)


Hard disagree on this one. It feels more like an art rock record. Wish You Were Here defines prog rock better. Close to the Edge too. - JoLeKosovo

2 Ride the Lightning - Metallica (Thrash Metal)
3 Back in Black - AC/DC (Hard Rock)
4 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera (Groove Metal)
5 The Number of The Beast - Iron Maiden (Traditional Heavy Metal)
6 Scream Bloody Gore - Death (Death Metal)
7 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park (Nu Metal)
8 Dirt - Alice In Chains (Grunge)
9 Shout at the Devil - Motley Crue (Glam Rock/Metal)
10 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem (Black Metal)

The Contenders

11 Rust in Peace - Megadeth (Thrash Metal)

Truly the definition of thrash metal, with intricate dual riffage and fast complex solos. - JoLeKosovo

12 Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division (Post Punk)
13 Marquee Moon - Television (Post Punk)
14 Minor Threat - Minor Threat (Hardcore Punk)
15 The Feeding of the 5000 - Crass (Anarcho-Punk)
16 Loveless - My Bloody Valentine (Shoegaze)
17 The Colour and the Shape - Foo Fighters (Post-Grunge)
18 Siamese Dream - The Smashing Pumpkins (Alternative Rock)
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