Top 10 Best Rock and Metal Band Mascots


The Top Ten

1 Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden) Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden) Eddie the Head is the mascot for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He has appeared on every album Iron Maiden has released and also appears in their live preformances.
2 Chaly (Overkill) Chaly (Overkill)

Probably my favorite mascot. - Metal_Treasure

The mascot A7X ripped off - christangrant

3 Murray (Dio) Murray (Dio)

Very cool mascot - Metal_Treasure

4 Knarrenheinz (Sodom) Knarrenheinz (Sodom)
5 Snaggletooth (Motörhead) Snaggletooth (Motörhead)
6 Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth) Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)
7 Ziltoid the Omniscient (Devin Townsend) Ziltoid the Omniscient (Devin Townsend)
8 The Alien (Tankard) The Alien (Tankard)
9 The Guy (Disturbed) The Guy (Disturbed)
10 Metal Mask Man (Quiet Riot) Metal Mask Man (Quiet Riot)

The Contenders

11 Set Abominae (Iced Earth) Set Abominae (Iced Earth)
12 Crystar (Danzig) Crystar (Danzig)
13 Fiend (Misfits) Fiend (Misfits)
14 Hector (Hammerfall) Hector (Hammerfall)
15 Violent Mind (Kreator) Violent Mind (Kreator)
16 Not Man (Anthrax) Not Man (Anthrax)
17 Knucklehead (Five Finger Death Punch) Knucklehead (Five Finger Death Punch)

Naa he’s # 4

18 Fangface (Gamma Ray) Fangface (Gamma Ray)
19 Alice (Annihilator) Alice (Annihilator)
20 The Blind Guardian (Blind Guardian) The Blind Guardian (Blind Guardian)

Also known as the Hooded Figure - christangrant

21 Captain Adrian (Running Wild) Captain Adrian (Running Wild)
22 Slaytanic Wehrmacht Guy (Slayer) Slaytanic Wehrmacht Guy (Slayer)

That solider that appears on a lot of their merchandise I'm not sure if he has a name - christangrant

23 Sargent D (S.O.D.) Sargent D (S.O.D.)
24 Roy (Children of Bodom) Roy (Children of Bodom)
25 Jack O. Lantern (Helloween) Jack O. Lantern (Helloween)
26 Scary Guy (Metallica) Scary Guy (Metallica)
27 Mad Butcher (Destruction) Mad Butcher (Destruction)
28 Manowarrior (Manowar) Manowarrior (Manowar)
29 Allister Fiend (Motley Crue) Allister Fiend (Motley Crue)
30 Henry (Black Sabbath) Henry (Black Sabbath)
31 Painkiller (Judas Priest) Painkiller (Judas Priest)
32 Facebones (Dethklok) Facebones (Dethklok)
33 Starman (Rush) Starman (Rush)
34 Jesterhead (In Flames) Jesterhead (In Flames)
35 Fallen Angel (Led Zeppelin) Fallen Angel (Led Zeppelin)
36 Johnny (Riot V) Johnny (Riot V)
37 Korgull the Exterminator (Voivod) Korgull the Exterminator (Voivod)
38 Heartbeast (Kataklysm) Heartbeast (Kataklysm)
39 The Reaper (Grim Reaper) The Reaper (Grim Reaper)
40 The Reaper (Grave Digger) The Reaper (Grave Digger)
41 The Lich King (Lich King) The Lich King (Lich King)
42 Iron Eagle (Primal Fear) Iron Eagle (Primal Fear)
43 Goat Head (Bathory) Goat Head (Bathory)

This isn't really a mascot I added it though because the Goat appears on more than one album and appears on loads of Merch - christangrant

44 ST Skull (Suicidal Tendencies) ST Skull (Suicidal Tendencies)
45 Running Man (D.R.I.) Running Man (D.R.I.)
46 Captain Morgan (Alestorm)
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