Top Ten Rock/Metal Music Subgenres that Shouldn't Been Considered as Entirely Different Subgenres

These subgenres usually are accepted as entirely different rock/metal music subgenres, but actually they're only more like styles or only different concepts for song forms, but not genres.
The Top Ten
1 Instrumental Rock

I don't get why it's an accepted different genre... instrumental rock/metal songs could be from any rock/metal subgenres, from folk rock to death metal.

Agreed here. - zxm

2 Surf Rock

Surf rock is actually rock and roll with themes related to surfing or summer... why does a theme make an other genre?

3 Glam Rock

I actually think this is something like a fusion of hard rock art rock and pop rock but whatever - PanagosBoi

Hard Rock, Garage Rock or Power Pop played by women-dressed men, again, why would this a different genre?

4 Glam Metal

This is the same as pop metal so it is a genre - PanagosBoi

Hard Rock, or very rarely! traditional heavy metal played by painted faced and women-dressed men.

5 Indie Rock

Indie means the music was recorded, produced or supported under an independent label, not an entirely different genre.

It became a genre - PanagosBoi

6 Glam Punk

Again, it's simply punk rock, why would dressing made an other genre?

7 Protopunk

This is not exactly punk or garage rock it is heavier than garage rock and it does not sound like punk - PanagosBoi

Garage rock and rock and roll songs that post factum sounds like they inspired the creation of punk rock. Again, why is this a different genre?

8 Heavy Psych

Psychedelic rock played heavier, usually mixed with blues rock.

I don't think it was ever considered as a genre. - zxm

9 Pirate Metal

Traditional heavy metal or power metal songs with pirate themes. Still not an entirely different subgenre.

Music is usually folk metal with lyrics about pirates. Not a music genre. - Metal_Treasure

10 Christian Metal

Some people think it's a metal genre. But its actually metal songs with Christian lyrics. - zxm

The Contenders
11 Unblack Metal

All unblack metal bands are black metal bands. Just different lyrics. - zxm

12 Viking Metal
13 Shock Rock

This. All the artists that get classified as shock rock (Alice Cooper, KISS, etc.) more often get classified as hard rock.

14 Space Rock
15 Shred

I don't think shredding is ever considered as a genre. However some people think it's a guitar technique. Neither it's a genre not it's a technique. It's a huge term. It doesn't necessarily have to be difficult. Rather its technical and fast. No one knows who invented shredding. Also some people think its only in metal (and in rock). But its also in jazz and in some blues. - zxm

A difficult kind of guitar playing, not a different music genre...

16 Classic Rock

Classic rock has always seemed like a term to me rather than a genre. I mean all classic rock songs have different genres. Its like rock songs that become classic. - zxm

17 Post-Grunge
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