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41 Our Dying Republic - Sons of Liberty

"Rise up! To define freedom
Rise up! To live in your own way
Rise up! To define freedom
Or will we let them take it away?
Liberty or tyranny?
It's your choice to make" - Metal_Treasure

42 The Cleansing Wind - Sons of Liberty

"It's time for action, break through the matrix
Restore the vision of life and your liberty
The truth shall set you free
The Constitution, real solutions
We must defend it, whatever the cost may be
The best hope for humanity" - Metal_Treasure

43 Tree of Liberty - Sons of Liberty
44 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd
45 This is Not a Song, It's an Outburst or the Establishment Blues - Rodriguez
46 Begging for Forgiveness - Helker

It's a metal song about the tyranny / dictator regimes in South America, probably Argentina (the band are from Argentina). Guest singers: Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear.
"You abuse your power
And you used all the others
But your tyranny will fall today
I can see you beg, for the peace you had forgotten
Because you are alone, beg for mercy from us all". - Metal_Treasure

47 American Idiot - Green Day
48 Doesn't Matter Anyway - Savatage

An anti-was song of 1995 - the entire album is about the Bosnian War ongoing at the time.
"It don't matter what you said
In the mind of someone, you are now dead
What makes it bad is they're living next door
So you'll need some weapons? That's what I'm here for!
Seems you got us a war
AK-47, Tomcat, F-11 hardly ever used" - Metal_Treasure

49 Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
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