Top 10 Best Rock and Metal Songs of 2002

The Top Ten Best Rock and Metal Songs of 2002

1 And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian

The best of 2002 without a doubt - christangrant

Yep, I agree - definitely #1.
Interesting fact: this song has so many tracks that it alone needed as much production time as the rest of the album (A Night at the Opera). It's composition is pretty complex and the song is over 14 minutes long.
Is has 3 studio versions but I prefer the re-recorded version of 2012, which is on the sample here. - Metal_Treasure

2 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater

A song that's over 40 Minutes - christangrant

3 Better in the Dark - Dio

One of Dio's best songs and Dio are best band ever so this gets number one spot for me. - metalwillneverdie

4 Billy Badass - Jackyl
5 Pit of Zombies - Cannibal Corpse
6 In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion - Agalloch
7 Deliverance - Opeth
8 Mother Puncher - Mastodon
9 Krwlng - Linkin Park

I know it's a remix but it's a very good remix it manages to turn one of their heaviest songs into a soft song - christangrant

10 ... and the Great Cold Death of the Earth - Agalloch

The Contenders

11 March of the Fire Ants - Mastodon
12 F**k the System - System of a Down

I like this song, vocals are so funny. - Metal_Treasure

13 Here to Stay - Korn
14 Fandango - Pain of Salvation
15 Hero - Chad Kroeger
16 Mr. Jack - System of a Down
17 Thoughtless - Korn
18 Liberate - Disturbed
19 Intoxication - Distrubed
20 Battlefield - Blind Guardian

This song was featured in the heavy metal edition of the Adult Swim game, Robot Unicorn Attack. - Metal_Treasure

21 The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
22 Prayer - Disturbed
23 I-E-a-I-a-I-o - System of a Down
24 Dormant Bodies Bursting - Cannibal Corpse
25 Along Comes a Spider - Dio

Most underrated song by the most underrated band, deserves top 12! - metalwillneverdie

26 Killing the Dragon - Dio

This band and especially this album are incredibly underrated, and this song deserves to be in the top 10! - metalwillneverdie

27 Blind Faith - Dream Theater
28 Precious Jerusalem - Blind Guardian
29 Under the Ice - Blind Guardian
30 The More You Hate It - Jackyl
31 Curse on You - Jackyl
32 Sparks from Candy - Jackyl
33 Down This Road Before - Jackyl
34 Sadly Sings Destiny - Blind Guardian
35 Wait for an Answer - Blind Guardian
36 Rock and Roll - Dio
37 Throw Away Children - Dio

This is severely underrated. Just listen to it. It is one of the best songs of all time! - metalwillneverdie

38 Age of False Innocence - Blind Guardian

One of the most underrated Blind Guardian songs and one of my favorite tracks on the 2002 album. A proggy song with great vocals (not that vocals on the other songs aren't great but in this song there are several vocal moments with some of the best Hansi notes - ex., "crystallized WALLS"). - Metal_Treasure

39 Comfortable Liar - Chevelle
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