Top 10 Rock & Metal Songs Named After Fictional Characters

Any genre of Rock and Metal is allowed for this list as long as the song is named after a fictional character. Yes I`ll include instrumentals too. With this list you might see a few bands you don't know. If there's any I forgot add them if you want.

The Top Ten

1 Hades - Kalmah Hades - Kalmah

Named after one of the greek gods Hades the song is as metal as it gets enough said. - BoredJeff02

2 Frankenstein - Arson City Frankenstein - Arson City

A cover of the original by the Edgar Winter Group.

Obviously named after Marry Shelly's Frankstein it's generally a song I felt like including on the list. - BoredJeff02

3 Cthulhu - Iced Earth
4 Robin Hood - Edguy Robin Hood - Edguy

This song generally focuses on the folk lore actually people have heard of at least one or twice in their life Robin Hood and I got to admit this song sounds pretty damn good. - BoredJeff02

5 Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin

Not a Led Zeppelin fan but it's named after Moby Dick so eh kinda had to include it. - BoredJeff02

6 Odysseus Under the Old Tree - Koan Odysseus Under the Old Tree - Koan
7 Damien - Iced Earth Damien - Iced Earth

Damien is a character from the movie The Omen - a 1976 American-British supernatural horror film. Damien is a child. This is one of my favorite songs by Iced Earth. - Metal_Treasure

8 Dracula - Iced Earth Dracula - Iced Earth

It's about Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dracula and Damien are two of the best songs by this awesome band. - Metal_Treasure

9 Waiting for Superman - Daughtry Waiting for Superman - Daughtry
10 Mordred's Song - Blind Guardian

Mordred is a character in the Arthurian legend, who fought King Arthur - Mordred was killed and Arthur fatally wounded.
This unique song includes medieval folk tunes to get the listener closer to the time of the story it tells.
The song has a very beautiful acoustic version. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 The Call of Ktulu - Metallica The Call of Ktulu - Metallica
12 Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult
13 Curse of Feanor - Blind Guardian V 1 Comment
14 Jekyll and Hyde - Five Finger Death Punch Jekyll and Hyde - Five Finger Death Punch
15 Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) - Blind Guardian

The Noldor are elves in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. - Metal_Treasure

16 Frankenstein - Iced Earth Frankenstein - Iced Earth
17 Iron Man - Black Sabbath Iron Man - Black Sabbath
18 Jekyll & Hyde - Iced Earth
19 Tom Sawyer - Rush Tom Sawyer - Rush
20 Enter Sandman - Metallica Enter Sandman - Metallica
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Top Remixes

1. Frankenstein - Arson City
2. Hades - Kalmah
3. Cthulhu - Iced Earth
1. Damien - Iced Earth
2. Dracula - Iced Earth
3. Mordred's Song - Blind Guardian



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