Top 10 Rock and Metal Songs Shorter Than 1 Minute


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1 Battle of Sudden Flame - Blind Guardian

Stat padding, like I said, is another way of saying quantity over quality. So if you want quality, don't look at lists with this formula -
Top 10 genreA and genreB songs shorter/longer than #minute(s). - Skullkid755

This isn't really stat padding. Although subgenre specific lists do need to stop. But this list isn't an example of such. - IronSabbathPriest

The best use of 44 seconds with the most beautiful result. It has incredible vocals and unique melody. Lyrics:
"Oh lord here I stand
Suddenly everything's gone
For all Noldor
From now on my life is my gift to you
Just lead my fate to the victory of elves". - Metal_Treasure

Skullkid755, your ideas of stat padding and quality are pathetic. I see you’ve got problems with genres classifications.
First look at yourself and your “high quality” list “Top Ten Reasons to Read the Title of This List”. Items are even more pointless. I bet it took you 1 minute and 1 brain cell to make. I even wonder how such a dumb list got approved. Now, THIS is stat padding - making dumb lists when you have nothing meaningful to share with others.
I made over 1,000 lists but never made a list like yours. I made many lists with good quality, you made few lists but with poor quality. Face it. I put efforts in my lists, including this one. My comments are of good quality and reasoning, too. You should work on your jealousy problem. - Metal_Treasure

2 Change of Ideas - Bad Religion

55 seconds. Music is pretty simple and ordinary but lyrics are very good. - Metal_Treasure

3 The Minstrel - Blind Guardian

This the best way to spend 32 seconds. Lyrics:
"So I stand still in front of the crowd
Excited faces
What will be next?
I still don't have a clue
I still don't have a clue" - Metal_Treasure

4 Her Majesty - The Beatles
5 Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care - Relient K

Lyrics are very interesting: "I just wasted 10 seconds of your life".
At least they are honest and didn't hide their intentions, LOL. They get additional credits for the sense of humor. - Metal_Treasure

6 Out on the Water - Blind Guardian

0:44 minutes. Lirycs:
"Out on the water
The island of the dead that live
There they dwelt
Until they left the world and
Still their deeds live forth in songs" - Metal_Treasure

7 Kick-Off - Relient K
8 You Suffer - Napalm Death

There are actually no lyrics in this song. "You suffer... but why? " is actually an implied part of the text, the lyrics are just a scream. Not the worst metal song I've ever heard. - IronSabbathPriest

Every website says the lyrics are "You suffer but why", but all I hear is "You! " - Martin_Canine

This has to be the shortest song ever - it is precisely 1.316 seconds long, roughly 0:01 minutes. One second! - Metal_Treasure

I hear "woOOOoooh" - somekindofaguy

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9 Stop - Pink Floyd
10 The Hellion - Judas Priest

The Contenders

11 A.N.I.C. - Sum 41

MT, you added a Sum 41 song in your ;) :P - Ananya

12 Twist - Korn

Great, very cool bla bla - EliHbk

13 I Like Food - The Descendents

Me too! Yeah! - Metal_Treasure

14 The Dark Elf - Blind Guardian

23 seconds. Lyrics: "A dark seed of evil is grown". - Metal_Treasure

15 Do You Think It's Alright? - The Who
16 A Child and His Lawnmower - Dead Kennedys

I didn't put it very high because it sounds like a version of the hit song La Bamba. - Metal_Treasure

17 Intro - Die Ärzte

5 seconds of random guitar playing. - Martin_Canine

18 36 - System of a Down
19 It's a Boy - The Who
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