Top 10 Rock and Metal Songs with the Best Bridges

Bridge is a music term that describes a song section where music (melody and rhythm) is different from the verse and the chorus (and the pre-chorus if the song has one).

Bridge is a unique song section that appears only once in a song - most often in the last third of the song or somewhere in the middle (but not always). Bridges create a contrasting feel and, in my opinion, they make songs more interesting because they break up the repetitive "verse-chorus" song structure. Bridges are also used to prepare the listener for the climax of the song but sometimes the bridges are the culmination.

There are different types of bridges - one of the most common types is the so called "middle eight" (because it's in the middle of the song and the length is generally eight bars).
A bridge may be a "transition", "interlude", etc.
Here I use the term "bridge" as an umbrella term for all bits of music that are unique in a song and appear only once but "bridge" can be used in a narrow sense as well.

Bridges can be instumental or not, long or short, but this is the part of the song that creates a contrast to the previously played and after the bridge the song usually returnes to the chorus (can be the main riff) but not always. Sometimes, the bridge is followed by an instrumental solo (in metal it's usually a guitar solo).

Not to be confused with pre-choruses that happen between the verse and the chorus (pre-choruses appear more than once, before every chorus).

The Top Ten

1 Enter Sandman - Metallica

Why #1? Because it has 2 bridges of different types: an interlude AND a bridge (in the strict sense).
Spoken Interlude (James Hetfield & Bob Rock's son):
Now I lay me down to sleep
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
If I die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take
Pray the lord my soul to take
My friends, put you hands like this man
Bridge (James Hetfield):
Hush little baby don't say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It's just the beast under your bed
In your closet in your head - Metal_Treasure

2 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

The bridge was the best part of the song. Robert Plant's high-pitched screaming voice, Jimmy Page's multi-tracked guitar with a power chord riffs, Bonham's heavy drumming. Plus the lyrics here twisted the minds of listeners, what verse tried to say. - zxm

Zeppelin. Let

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll - Metal_Treasure

3 The Show Must Go On - Queen
4 It's a Sin - Pet Shop Boys

I am not a big fan of pop rock but I put this song very high for 2 reasons:
1) the bridge is considered one of the best ever and I like it, too (it's the spoken section starting with "Father, forgive me, I tried not to do it..."). It's a very contrasting and emotional bridge - the culmination of the song.
2) it's a softer song so even people who don't like heavy music can check out the bridge (because most of the songs in my top 10 are metal songs, haha) - Metal_Treasure

5 Top of the World - Van Halen
6 Out in the Fields - Gary Moore & Phil Lynott

Great song with 2 great bridges, before and after the solo:
Bridge 1 - before the solo:
"There's no communication
No one to take the blame
The cries of every nation
They're falling on deaf ears again"
Bridge 2 - after the solo (spoken lines - lyrics are similar to the chorus' lyrics but music and vocals are different):
"Out in the fields, out in the fields, they are falling one by one
Out in the fields, no flag has ever stopped a bullet from a gun" - Metal_Treasure

7 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Master, Master, where’s the dreams that I’ve been after?
Master, Master, you promised only lies
Laughter, laughter, all I hear or see is laughter
Laughter, laughter, laughing at my cries
FIX ME! - Metal_Treasure

8 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Faster than a laser bullet
Louder than an atom bomb
Chromium plated boiling metal
Brighter than a thousand suns - Metal_Treasure

9 Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner
10 The Four Horsemen - Metallica

The section with these lyrics:
"Time! Has taken its toll on you, the lines that crack your face
Famine! Your body it has torn through, withered in every place
Pestilence! For what you had to endure and what you have put others through
Death! Deliverance for you for sure, now there’s nothing you can do" - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Feel It Again - Honeymoon Suite
12 Dracula - Iced Earth

Incredible metal song and its bridge is so powerful, exploding and emotional. It's a short bridge at 1:40, between the slow first part of the song (intro part) and the 2nd part that is faster and heavier. Music to this short section appears only once in this song. The bridge suddenly changes the music pattern to prepare us for the 2nd part.
The bridge here is like a "transition" and is with these lines:
"The blood is the life, and Christ I defy
My sworn enemy...birth of a new creed." - Metal_Treasure

13 Listen to Your Heart - Roxette
14 Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams
15 Crimson King - Demons & Wizards

The song is fast and energetic, and the bridge is contarsting because it has a very melancholy Pink Floyd-ish mood and beautiful soft proggy vocals. Great contrast. The bridge is the music to these lines (3:00-4:05):
"The universe is void, just you and I
Let there be light
The stars will rise, then fall again
Climbing to the top an empty room
Is all there is
Oh I fear it is
Prophecies were made of you and I
The vision's strong
But meanwhile keep on falling
Oh what a miracle is life
An even bigger one is size
It's just the way it is
I fear it is
It's just the way it is
A-a-aaah" - Metal_Treasure

16 Every Breath You Take - The Police
17 Judas - Helloween

The bridge is in the last third of the song, with these lyrics :
"Judas, Judas - are you still human?
Judas, Judas - I can't believe it
Judas, Judas - dealing with evil
Judas, Judas
You'll keep on telling you'll" - Metal_Treasure

18 Creeping Death - Metallica

This really deserves at least in the top 10.

Die, by my hand
I creep across the land
Killing first born man
Die, by my hand
I creep across the land
Killing first born man - Metal_Treasure

19 Janie's Got a Gun - Aerosmith
20 Anthem - Iced Earth

It's at 3:05-3:30, right after the solo and starts with these lines: "We have the power make our lives what they..."
After the bridge, the chorus returns and the song prepares to end. I think that in this song the bridge is the culmination.
Yes, Jon Schaffer obviously loves bridges when writes music and he's definitely good at that. - Metal_Treasure

21 The World is Yours - Arch Enemy

There was only so much
You could take
There was only so much
You could tolerate
When the bough breaks, the empire will fall - Metal_Treasure

22 Breaking the Law - Judas Priest

This bridge is short but efficient - it's at 1:25-1:45 (the section when Halford screams "You don't know what it's like! "). After the bridge, the main riff returns. - Metal_Treasure

23 Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
24 Bleeding Me - Metallica

I am the beast that feeds the feast
I am the blood, I am release
Come make me pure
Bleed me a cure
I'm caught, I'm caught, I'm caught under - Metal_Treasure

25 I Want It All - Queen
26 Alison Hell - Annihilator

It's at 3:05, right before the solo, the section with these lines "Sitting in the corner, you are naked and alone. No one listened to your fears, you've created me". - Metal_Treasure

27 I Am - Savatage

Savatage aren't a well known band but they have some amazing stuff.
This bridge is instrumental and is epic (1:35-2:30). This bridge beautifully blends with the guitar solo at 2:30 and after the solo the song returnes (at 3:05) to what was played before the bridge. So the whole instrumental part is from 1:35-3:05. - Metal_Treasure

28 The Sentinel - Judas Priest
29 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica

Fear of living on
Natives getting restless now
Mutiny in the air
Got some death to do
Mirror stares back hard
Kill, it's such a friendly word
Seems the only way
For reaching out again - Metal_Treasure

30 Given Up - Linkin Park
31 Say It Ain't So - Weezer



32 The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold

"When did the walking apes decide that nuclear war was the only solution for them keeping the score? Just wake up, can't you wake up? " This bridge is the best of all time, not kidding

33 Dumb - Nirvana
34 Damien - Iced Earth

The bridge is at 4:10-5:10 when Jon Schaffer wispers the lyrics - I know that Matt Barlow sings the song but it's the guitarist Jon Schaffer who whispers. - Metal_Treasure

35 Human Insecticide - Annihilator

The bridge is from 2:20-3:20 and replaces the guitar solo (this thrash metal song has no guitar solo - strange, because Jeff Waters often plays 2-3 solos in a song) - Metal_Treasure

36 Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater
37 Drain You - Nirvana
38 Seek and Destroy - Metallica
39 Daddy - Korn
40 Ready for Love - Gary Moore

Bridge is with these lyrics:
"Every day in the week
I'm in a different city
Every day in the week
Somebody tries to hold me down" - Metal_Treasure

41 Stop - Jane's Addiction
42 Hollow - Alice in Chains
43 Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
44 Mein Teil - Rammstein
45 To Live is to Die - Metallica

The bridge of this song is beautiful. The guitar solo made me cry and the riff is amazing. - Userguy44

46 Let Go - Red
47 Helena - My Chemical Romance
48 Before I Forget - Slipknot

Gold standard of bridges. Best bridge of all time

49 No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne

That piano and guitar solo got me. - Userguy44

50 Under Pressure - Queen
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