Top 10 Rock and Metal Songs with Clock Sounds


The Top Ten

1 Time - Pink Floyd

It opens with ticking clock sounds AND the alarm sound - Metal_Treasure

2 A Little Time - Helloween

Another song with 2 in 1 - there's a ticking sound AND alarm sound.
And singer Michael Kiske had several vocals moments in this song (you can hear some of them on the sample - such beautiful notes...) - Metal_Treasure

3 Time - Anthrax
4 The Genesis Explosion - Dead Brain Cells

It has a pretty long ticking sound in the intro that is reproduced by using musical instruments (you can hear it on the sample).
It's a metal song. - Metal_Treasure

5 Father Time - Stratovarius
6 Clock Strikes Ten - Cheap Trick

A cool hard rock (the sound is in the intro) - Metal_Treasure

7 Z2 - Devin Townsend

It opens with a ticking sound - Metal_Treasure

8 Time Overload - Devin Townsend Project
9 Deus In Absentia - Ghost

Very short ticking sound in the intro - Metal_Treasure

10 Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot

I like this song but I can't put it very high on this list because:
- only the video clip version opens with these sounds (they aren't part of the studio version)
- it's a cover song - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Line in the Sand - Motorhead

Begins with Ticking - christangrant

12 No Son of Mine - Genesis
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