Top 10 Rock and Metal Vocal Performances by Teenage Singers

The Top Ten Rock and Metal Vocal Performances by Teenage Singers

1 Halloween - Helloween

Michael Kiske recorded the perfect vocals to this epic (13:18) at only 18. - Metal_Treasure

2 No More Foolin' - Edguy

Really great powerful and intense vocals, one of my favorite by Tobias Sammet. He was only 19 when recorded this album.

The album was recorded in 1997 and released in Jan 1998. Because Sammet was born on Nov 21, 1977, he was still 19 when sang on it. I don't think they recorded it around X-mas 1997 and released it in Jan 1998. They probably recorded it before Nov 21, 1997, when Tobias Sammet was still 19. - Metal_Treasure

3 Twilight of the Gods - Helloween

The incredible Michael Kiske at 18. - Metal_Treasure

4 Our Song - Robert Plant

One of his solo singles (1967), Pre-Zeppelin years. - Metal_Treasure

5 A Little Time - Helloween

Just play the song sample... very beautiful vocal. - Metal_Treasure

6 Kill (Those Who Oppose Me) - Lost Society

This is Samy Elbanna - great thrash metal vocals. - Metal_Treasure

7 Zombie Ritual - Death

A song from the demo (1986).
Technically Chuck was still a teen even when recorded the debut album Scream Bloody Gore (in November 1986). But the album was released 6 months later when he was already 20. I think the album counts, too - the recording date is more important. - Metal_Treasure

8 Vain Glory Opera - Edguy

Great vocals again, Tobias Sammet was really good even at 19 (there are some additional vocals by Hansi Kürsch but Hansi sings only several lines after the guitar solo and this line "Not only lies! " at 4:30. - Metal_Treasure

9 Long Time Coming - Robert Plant

1967 again. He reminds me so much of Elvis / Elvis singing style (as well as the whole song). - Metal_Treasure

10 Fairytale - Edguy

The Contenders

11 Out of Control - Edguy

Very good vocals by Sammet.
Note: Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian provides some additional vocals but it's only several lines: "Listen up my friend, you just cry for a hand but you only pretend that you're bad. Now!" (4:15). Hansi also sings this part of the chorus: "My life is a chamber of tears, fear and hate". - Metal_Treasure

12 A Tale That Wasn't Right - Helloween

Michael Kiske singing a ballad. Awesome again. - Metal_Treasure

13 Trash All Over You - Lost Society
14 The Letter - The Box Tops

Lead singer Alex Chilton was just 16 years old when this hit #1 on the charts in the USA.

15 Terra Tavestorum - Turisas

Mathias Nygård sang it at 17. - Metal_Treasure

16 Lead Through the Head - Lost Society
17 Escape from Delirium - Lost Society
18 I'm Alive - Helloween
19 Taiston Tie - The Battle Path - Turisas
20 Angel Rebellion - Edguy

Tobias Sammet was 19. I like his vocals very much, especially in the intro with that great scream (the first minute of the song).
However, he delivered his best vocal performances later, when turned 20. - Metal_Treasure

21 Tomorrow - Edguy

Tobias Sammet soft vocals were also remarkable on this album. But his voice got even better later. - Metal_Treasure

22 How Many Miles - Edguy
23 Until We Rise Again - Edguy
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