Top Ten Rock Songs of 2015


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1 Wrong Side of Heaven - Finger Finger Death Punch

Even though it came out in 2013, it's still a kick-a$$ song!

Everything about this song is amazing

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2 Defeated - Breaking Benjamin V 2 Comments
3 Apocalyptic - Halestorm
4 Congregation - Foo Fighters V 3 Comments
5 Cut the Cord - Shinedown

Kick ass song off another kick ass album, Shinedown is one of the best modern rock bands. - RustyNail

Shinedown's latest album is complete garbage.


This song is AWEDOME!

6 I Am Machine - Three Days Grace

Hmm what can I can say about this song, great lyrics, strong message and it's the first song with Matt that made him sound more natural. While Matt sucks at singing the old songs, he's a beast at singing this song! Not the band's best work but definitely not their worst either. - BoredJeff02

My favorite band but I still really like this album

I do love this song so I think this is a great spot but really what about Adam!

Too boring also a dick song too

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7 Four Walls - While She Sleeps V 1 Comment
8 Jenny - Nothing More

My personal favorite by Nothing More - Ajkloth

This song is actually like super catchy and great

9 Same Damn Life - Seether

Song/ album came out in 2014, still a great song / album - RustyNail

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10 Denial - We Are Harlot

So happy that we are harlot was good, I was super sad when Danny left aa

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11 You Want a Battle? Here's a War - Bullet for My Valentine
12 No Way Out - Bullet for My Valentine V 1 Comment
13 Gravity - Papa Roach

Papa roach is just too good for this world

One of the best songs I know by them

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14 Failure - Breaking Benjamin

Gets me every time.

15 Coming for You - The Offspring V 2 Comments
16 Angels Fall - Breaking Benjamin

Where are there too many Breaking Benjamin songs in this list?

I love breaking benj but also I love Bullet For My Valentine. It's so hard to choose between the bests

17 The Ground Walks With Time In a Box - Modest Mouse
18 Footsteps - Pop Evil
19 Could Have Been Me - The Struts

They are one of the coolest new bands. They have originality and a signature sound. This song proves it.

20 Hollow - Breaking Benjamin
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1. Cut the Cord - Shinedown
2. Denial - We Are Harlot
3. Apocalyptic - Halestorm
1. Four Walls - While She Sleeps
2. Defeated - Breaking Benjamin
3. You Want a Battle? Here's a War - Bullet for My Valentine
1. Congregation - Foo Fighters
2. Same Damn Life - Seether
3. Wrong Side of Heaven - Finger Finger Death Punch



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