Top 10 Rock Songs to Listen to When You're Feeling Pissed Off

Rock songs to listen to when you're feeling really angry. Songs that resemble anger or an issue that makes one that mad. The lack of Classic Rock and or metal is because their isn't really a whole lot of anger songs from the 60's-90's.

The Top Ten

1 I Don't Care - Apocalyptica

This song rocks. - maarilynmaanson

2 Riot - Three Days Grace

Any song from Three Days Grace can make me feel better after feeling angry, especially this one.

Most of Three Days Grace's music is angry and powerful. I love them. - maarilynmaanson

3 Bring It - Trapt

Last metal entry for this list. - BoredJeff02

4 You Don't Know Me - Art of Dying
5 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Only Old Metal song I thought was suitable for this list, and yeah I got nothing against Metal music now so eh. - BoredJeff02

6 You're Going Down - Sick Puppies
7 Suffocate - Cold
8 Fake It - Seether

This was a great song to put on the list! I probably wouldn't have even considered this one, but I agree completely. - maarilynmaanson

9 One Step Closer - Linkin Park

Definitely one song I'd play if I must really pissed. - BoredJeff02

Hell yeah. - maarilynmaanson

10 Hate My Life - Theory of a Deadman

The Newcomers

? I Wanna Kill You - GG Allin

The Contenders

11 People = S**T - Slipknot

Never heard the song but the title sounds really promising. - AnonymousChick

I already like this song just from the title.

12 Hell's Bells - AC/DC

Overrated band yes but this song is a good listen if you're really feeling pissed. - BoredJeff02

13 Octavarium - Dream Theater

It is an absolutely phenomenal song, but why is it on here?

14 Frantic - Metallica
15 Given Up - Linkin Park
16 Temper Temper - Bullet for My Valentine
17 Slaves Shall Serve - Behemoth

When pissed off?
No, this song is great even when you feel positive...Or angry, doesn't matter - Ananya

18 Payback - Slayer

Just listen to the lyrics - christangrant

19 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

Amazing song. Makes you wanna punch someone.

20 Ignorance - Paramore

Eh not really a Rock or anger song. - BoredJeff02

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