Top 10 Rock Songs You've Never Heard

I'm not okay? Chop Suey? Yes great songs but which gems deserve their crown.

The Top Ten Rock Songs You've Never Heard

1 Sad Statue - System of a Down

Wow. What an amazing riff and vocals. So underrated. - RockMusic!

2 Gehenna - Slipknot

Really good song off of all hope is gone. - RockMusic!

3 Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin
4 Untitled - Blink-182

Dude ranch. Underrated album. Underrated song. - RockMusic!

5 Untidaled - The Devil Wears Prada

Off of their album dead throne, awesome at 0:50. - RockMusic!

6 115 - Elena Siegman

One of the best metal songs around. - RockMusic!

"See with your eyes, my army of flie, when no ones alive, BRING ME 1 1 5! " Hells yeah! Epic song full of... Epicness!

7 Abracadavre - Elena Siegman
8 Sassafras Roots - Green Day
9 Emotionless - Good Charlotte
10 Pareidolia - Elena Siegman

The Contenders

11 Pushing Me Away - Linkin Park
12 Oh Well, Oh Well - Mayday Parade

Another great song from an upcoming band. - RockMusic!

13 The End of the Line - Metallica

Really god song with a catchy riff that catches the magic of the old days. - RockMusic!

14 You - Breaking Benjamin
15 Winning - The Sound

Find the song and listen!

The most excellent underrated band in music history. They deserve their due even if it's decades later. R.I.P. Mr. Borland.

16 Beauty of Annihilation - Elena Siegman
17 Bliss - Muse

Ok they are not great band but this is a classic. - RockMusic!

18 The One - Elena Siegman
19 A New Way of Life - The Sound
20 Karma Killer - Robbie Williams
21 Lullaby for a Dead Man - Elena Siegman
22 Sense of Purpose - The Sound
23 Livin' in the Limelight - Peter Cetera
24 Coming Home - Elena Siegman
25 Riot - Three Days Grace

One of my favorite songs from the band but few people now about it only really Three Days Grace fans - donovanthorn

26 Sunny Cellophane Skies - Status Quo

Greatest psychedelic sound I have ever heard.

27 Stompa - Serena Ryder
28 Guns for Hire - AC/DC
29 In the Dark - Nine Lashes
30 Hey You - Scorpions
31 The Last Song - X Japan
32 Here Without You - The Byrds

As the "flipside" of the monster mega-hit "Turn! Turn! Turn! ", this very personal number written by the late great Gene Clark got almost zero attention.

33 Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It - Buffalo Springfield

Another "flipside gem" that was on the back of "For What Its Worth" [aka Stop, Hey Whats That Sound]. Rarely heard even back then.

34 Dance the Night Away - Cream

A forgotten psychedelic-era treasure.

35 I Want to Die - Mortal Love
36 Comatose - Skillet
37 Anthem of the Lonely - Nine Lashes

Awesome song should be more popular - donovanthorn

38 Junkie - Comadose

This band only had one album and never made it big but they had a few good songs that are hard to find and here I think is there best one - donovanthorn

39 I Bleed - Pixies
40 Sink the Pink - AC/DC
41 Don't Stop - Nothing More
42 When Can I Be Me - Adrian Borland
43 Long Dark Train - Adrian Borland
44 You're My Temptation - Alice Cooper

The king of theatrical rock put out a masterpiece of an album in 1994 called The Last Temptation. With grunge riding the charts, the album kind of fell under the radar which is a shame because every song is great including this one.

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