Top 10 Toughest Rocky Balboa Fights

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The Top Ten Toughest Rocky Balboa Fights

1 Ivan Drago Ivan Drago is a fictional character in the 1985 film Rocky IV, in which he is Rocky Balboa's rival and the main antagonist.

Rocky 4 was my most favourite Rocky movie due to because it shows a boxer fighting back for the respect of his country. Rocky's toughest fight was against Drago in my opinion, it's so intense and what other boxing fight has 15 piled rounds of extreme punch strength. A fight of endurance, speed and strength. If any of you have seen Rocky 5.
At the start, They show Rocky trying to overcome symptoms of his hands shaking in the change room, due to brain trauma after the fight against Ivan Drago. Later in the movie the doctors tell him he has a form of Cavum Septum Pellicudum in which Rocky suffers Forgetfulness and minimal post-traumatic stress from Tommy Gunn's car speeding off and Rocky hears echoes of the crowd and Drago punching him from top-down. This fight was a tough fight for Rocky but he wins with determination, heart and courage! - BranDoss

This match was pretty awesome and I thought was the most brutal and intense. What I didn't like about it was the reason it was fought. I mean Apollo was very old and out of shape so him and Ivan wasn't even a fair fight. Rocky only excepted the fight to get his revenge on Drago.

In a scene from Rocky 4 Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone give up a storm and Sylvester Stallone was in the hospital for several days was a realistic scene so the best opponent is and always will be Ivan Drago

When I saw Rocky go up against Ivan Drago the fight blew my mind. It was non stop fighting, brutal and was the hardest fight Rocky has ever faced.

2 Apollo Creed (Rocky II)

This fight seems more normal than Rocky againts Drago I prefer Rocky Vs Apollo

This is the fight where Rocky wins his title and he fights really hard for 15 rounds to endure Apollo Creed a second time. Apollo in this movie is much stronger than he appeared in the first Rocky, as he didn't take his training seriously.
The amount of determination that Rocky had to overcome in this fight is ridiculous. Rocky's second toughest fight! - BranDoss

Apollo dominated the entire fight, Rocky and could barely stand apart remember the injured eye of Balboa, Apollo controlled the battle until it began to trust

This was the most exciting fight.

3 Clubber Lang

The first fight Rocky defends his title and losses to Clubber Lang in Rocky 3 in which he felt bad about Mickey (his trainer) dying which caused his confidence to severely drop to a minimum. However, I like this movie because Apollo steps in to help Rocky win his self-respect back and teaches him to fight differently, quicker and gains more hand speed of using more jabs instead of hooks on most occasions. The reason I chose this fight as 3rd is because it is only a short fight of 3 rounds but a tough fight of two American boxers. Great Fight! - BranDoss

I do not remember much of the fight, what I remember is that Clubber Lang fists launched more than a machine gun

Clubber Lang was a very powerful opponent but he lacked speed resulting in a win for Rocky in the second fight

He actually beats rocky In this one.

4 Apollo Creed (Rocky)

Rocky goes the distance and allows himself to draw and cause Apollo Creed to win by points decision only, a great fight but wasn't tougher than the fights listed above. - BranDoss

He's quick and stronger

5 Thunderlips

He's very slow more the Russian but is very stronger...

6 Tommy Gunn

What happens is that the fight was street, Tommy Gunn gave a good fight but Rocky Balboa won him the support of the nosy friends who tried to lynch Tommy Gunn

Well, Tommy gunn was not the toughest opponent Balboa, but Rocky was fighting against two opponents at once against tommy gunn and with brain damage

He was an amazing fighter and we see him fight Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, Mason Dixon and Apollo Creed

Great fight but the least toughest out of all the fights. - BranDoss

7 Mason Dixon

I don't understand how Rocky gets brain damage yet fights 20 years later as an older man, but anyway Rocky wins his pro-boxing license to fight Mason Dixon. A whole 10 rounds are fought but the fight is very overrated. 80's boxers were much stronger and had much more punch power than boxers in this modern era. Put Rocky 3 or 4 in his prime against Mason Dixon and you will find Mason gets crushed with Rocky's strength. All Mason has is speed. Not the toughest fight in my opinion but to fight in the ring in your late 50's, NOT BAD at all! - BranDoss

I saw the fight and was rather boring because they knew he was gonna win Mason Dixon

8 Spider Rico

Spider Rico was a terrible fighter who fights dirty and is a bum at talking so it's obvious rocky wins as u see the look on his face when he gets head butted yet decent fight!...No it was terrible

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