Best Rod Stewart Albums


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1 Every Picture Tells a Story

The best, by far.

2 A Night On the Town
3 Foot Loose & Fancy Free

Great album, worth the number one slot for the finest rendition and longest of You Keep Me Hanging On. How you can turn a 3 minute Motown Classic into a 7 minute epic is beyond me, but it works - a majestic masterpiece. Full of great tracks with a fast and slow side, but with You Keep Me Hanging On opening the album, it leaves you nowhere to go - still a fantastic album.

It's my "go to" album for the last 37 years!

4 Never a Dull Moment
5 Gasoline Alley
6 Time

he's best

7 A Spanner In The Works
8 Atlantic Crossing
9 Smiler
10 Tonight I'm Yours

The Contenders

11 Every Beat of My Heart
12 Foolish Behavior

All, but one, songs selfpenned and raw Rock has the upperhand.

13 Blondes Have More Fun

Only flaw is that it has "the Ya Think I'm Sexy? ", to which we say NO.

14 It Had to Be You: Great American Songbook
15 Out of Order
16 Vagabond Heart
17 Gasoline Alley - Rod Stewart
18 An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down
19 Camouflage
20 A Nod is as Good as a Wink... to a Blind Horse - The Faces

This album could never have been made without Rod Stewart.

21 Soulbook
22 Absolutely Live
23 Another Country
24 Body Wishes
25 Merry Christmas Baby
26 Human - Rod Stewart
27 When We Were the New Boys - Rod Stewart
28 Ooh la La - Faces
29 When We Were the New Boys
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Top Remixes

1. Every Picture Tells a Story
2. A Night On the Town
3. Never a Dull Moment
1. Foot Loose & Fancy Free
2. Time
3. Atlantic Crossing


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