Best Roger Smith Quotes

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1 It's Obvious What You Have Do Steve. You Have to Kill Yourself
2 I Hate Steve So Much
3 Nooo! (After Seeing GF Die) My Fav Sweater!
4 The Boob Strikes Again
5 I Was Receiving an Award for Oh What Was It Dear? Economics?!?
6 Die Dream Stealer!
7 Aka Baby Legs
8 Shut Up!

Isn't that what quagmire says in the first seeason of family guy - ihatetrump

9 5 Years of Gymnastics B*TCH!
10 Klaus, You're Useless and Everybody Hates You

Poor Klaus!

The Contenders

11 Make mine p-p-p vicodin!!!
12 Don't beat yourself up, Stan, we're also having sex (The episode where Franny becomes obsessed with conspiracy)
13 And I'm a gay alien. (Family Guy episode where Stewie does all of Seth MacFarlane's characters)
14 I am Roger Smith. I am in love with Steve, Stan, Klaus, Toshi, Snot, Hayley, Jeff, Steve's fat girlfriend, and everyone else.
15 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY SWEATSHIRT!!!!!!!!!!! (After his girlfriend dies in the hurricane episode)
16 Maybe Baby
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