Top Ten Roleplay Situations

Roleplaying is a big thing in messaging. Its the play where you use your imagination and be a character you want or an OC. Here are the most common roleplaying situations I have seen and maybe you have seen too.

The Top Ten

1 An OC meets a character or its a crossover

I do these things too. It's the most common thing in rokeplaying actually... A character meets an OC or it's a crossover.

2 Shipping can happen

If you and friend support a ship. A ship can float around in the air and then it sneaks its way in the roleplay. It usually happens so.

3 It takes place in an AU in a specific media

Reverse Falls, Underswap, ANY AU will be the main target in most roleplays. I do it too.

4 Takes place in Discord servers

Discord is the huge server for roleplaying.

5 Half-animal, Half-Human character

Depends if it's a version of an existing character or an OC. Its usually an OC but these kinds of characters are pretty common.

6 Storyline is out of place

It's a roleplay what do you expect.

7 A fan account is involved

Yes. Normal accounts can roleplay but usually it's a fan account who is most likely to roleplay than just an account.

8 OC is awkward or edgy

This usually happens. You can make any kind of character you want. I'm just saying its common

Let's see my next pen & paper charakter is a Ninja Assassin. I think you are right about this one :D - Jetister

9 Cartoons/Anime from 2010s or popular in the 2010s are usually a theme

Similar to Undertale, BHNA is a big theme and so is Gravity Falls.

10 Undertale Undertale

Undertale is very common when it comes to roleplay...

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