Best Roleplaying Games On Roblox

These are the good, the bad, and the ugly roleplays on ROBLOX!

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41 Roblox's Top Model

It's so cool because there is Lots of clothes And You can have this little puppy and kitty and :3

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42 Blackhawk Rescue Mission 2

"Fun to people who like to have the most fun, I made a group, and have literally dominated everything else, the best thing anyone could have ever made. Period.

A very fun role play and every game pass is worth it

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43 Ace Attorney Chatroom

I love this one and phoenix wright fans should check it out - legomen444

A great roleplaying game, with very good scripting and excellent visuals compared to the actual game.
Any Ace Attorney fan MUST check it out.

44 The Ultimate Crossover RPG

Great mix of franchises, but no-one is online usually, so finding a game with good role-players is very difficult.

It's really good, last time when I played this some guy mistaked me as a brownie (since I was an eevee, and yes, it is a ROLEPLAY.) But yeah, King Dee-Dee (or whatever you call him) attacked him but instead it was someone else. Oh, also one of the roleplayers I was roleplaying with (Who was a Pikachu) had a nightmare of some pokemon burgers.

45 TPP My Little Pony Roleplay

This is a cool game! It's fun to morph. Sucks though that a lot of players on there are trollers and noobs :c

((Please don't hate. Whether you like it or not, ponies and Bronies are going to live on. Just be the bigger person and ignore it if it needlessly pisses you off.))

Worst RP ever, even worst than FNAF.

46 Ro-Force Rescue Mission 3.77

By FAR the best plane RP ever

Horrible ;-;

I think this is the best "Plane" RP in Roblox


47 Adopt and Raise a Baby (Kingandrewk)
48 Skyclan Territory

I think forest territory is better right now.

OHH YEAH! - Manowar9

49 Medic (Roblox Town Back)

I think this is a simple but great game to play. You can buy a house, have a job and hang out with friends. I give this game 7/10 and I think it needs more plays. It's great for roblox films and for just role playing

50 Nights at Freddy's Roleplay

I love this game!

Again, FNAF SUCKS. 0/0

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