Top Ten Roles We Play in Life

We are all actor on life's stage. Pity there are no dress rehearsals. We all have to ad-lib and hope that our performance is worthy of an Oscar.

Isn't it strange how we instinctively know which role to play when speaking to different people...? Imagine if you forgot who you were talking to and spoke to your boss like you would talk to your boy / girlfriend. Could get very messy and quite funny.

The Top Ten

1 Son / Daughter
2 Brother / Sister
3 Friend
4 Boyfriend / Girlfriend
5 Neighbour
6 Work Colleague

Quite frankly, we need to work otherwise we would get very complacent and bored very quickly. While some (mainly those on the hard left) will equate work with slavery, they simply underestimate both human nature and how capitalism works. For the former, we can tend to get bored if we don't do anything meaningful or worthwhile, and even if work can be boring at times, it still is far better than being stuck at home with nothing to do. Meanwhile for the latter, in a capitalist society, you need to work as that work will help benefit someone else. Whether this be a teacher helping to educate children, a builder helping to construct houses and so son, artists creating art to entertain the masses and even bankers helping to run banks which look after your money and savings, everybody in a capitalist society has their part to play and are part of the puzzle that makes a society work. Every individual matters in a capitalist society, as every job benefits someone else in the future. And this ...more - Mrveteran

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7 Stranger
8 Child
9 Teenager

The part where we mature into our adult selfs, while being complete adolescents along the way. - Mrveteran

10 Parasites

Parasites really aren't that bad. I know not all of France is beautiful, but there are some wonderful Paris sights... - Britgirl

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11 Adult
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