Top 10 Roller Coaster Elements

Excluding your average vertical loops and corkscrews.

The Top Ten

1 Cobra Roll

Cobra Rolls (also known as Cobra Loops) are undeniably the greatest roller coaster inversions of all time! Correct me if I'm wrong - but you even get some airtime in these! And when it's a floorless coaster... Even better! - ThatStrangeKid42

2 Immelmann
3 Pretzel Loop

The best part of tatsu and manta

Oh yes the feeling of being pushed on your back is amazing.

4 Norwegian Loop

Okay, so there's only two in the world - one in Norway, the other in Hershey, PA. I don't get why there aren't more than that - they're simply put; amazing. - ThatStrangeKid42

5 Batwing

This is what makes batman #1 2 of them!

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6 Dive Loop
7 Zero-Gravity Roll
8 Roll-Out
9 Inclined Loop
10 Hyper Coaster

This isn't an element it's a type of rollercoaster... - u_maddox_bro

The Contenders

11 Airtime Hill
12 Sidewinder
13 Vertical Loop
14 Staffordshire Knot

It's a cobra roll INSIDE A BATWING. How much cooler can that be?! - RollerCoaster

15 Cutback
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1. Immelmann
2. Hyper Coaster
3. Batwing
1. Cobra Roll
2. Norwegian Loop
3. Immelmann



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