Best Roller Coaster Manufacturers

The Top Ten

1 B&M

Amazing, Fury 325 is a masterpiece!

Clamshells are amazing!
The vests sucks though

Either this or RMC. Depends.

It is so smooth

2 Intamin

Maverick is a masterpiece

Intamin has the best roller coasters ever, from Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and Cheetah hunt. They even made a one of kind drop tower, Falcons Fury

Considering that Intamin holds multiple records, and that they have built the majority of coasters that are considered the best, I think Intamin deserves the #1 spot. They are so creative and innovative with their designs.

Their prefabs are literally the best woodies in the world
And don't get me started on the t-bars, the best restraints EVER

3 Rocky Mountain Construction

The smoothest coasters out there, those I-box conversions are insane. Airtimes are great. Can't wait for Jersey Devil next year

Best coasters in the world

Very smooth. Massive rides and really intense rides.

Insanely smooth rides with some of the best airtime and breathtaking coaster elements. All of their upgrades have been huge improvements and their new unique rides like the Raptor coasters are absolutely insane! I love how they didn't just stop at I-box and steel toppers, I think their new innovations will continue to get more and more thrilling. Also you gotta love the new and unique coaster elements they surprise you with on each of their rides.

4 Arrow Dynamics

Although some of these manufacturer's coasters did not age well. Their influence, the innovation, the designs - paved way for the modern coasters we have today. They might be dissolved but they will be remembered. - SkyMatt

Sure, the seating is kind of average, but their roller coasters are the best in the world


Arrow Dynamics is AWESOME! They are the fathers of steel roller coasters and created the log flume and started the coaster wars!

5 Vekoma

Really good my favourite coaster is from Vekoma

Great track designs

And Vekoma made Big Thunder Mountain Paris - Poseidon

Even though I have one in my home park - Poseidon

6 Mack Rides


So inovative

Amazing, one of the best. I love Blue Fire!

Incredibly Smoothe, The DC Rivals HyperCoaster & Storm Coaster are amazing!

7 Gerstlauer

Compact thrilling rides with low budgets, I love what they are doing

They are good roller coaster maker's as they created the monster called smiler and its pretty epic

Better then vekoma

Manufacturers of Monster, Mystery Mine, SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge, Dare Devil Dive, Untamed, Iron Shark, and Pandemonium.

8 Morgan

Manufacturers and Steel Force, Mamba, Wild Thing, and Lightning Run.

Made the Best Hyper Coaster, example: Supermán el último escape and Steel Dragon



9 Schwarzkopf


Kinda known for its cool loop track

and Montezuma's Revenge is the only Schwarzkopf Flywheel Shuttle Coaster in Knott's Berry Farm California - Poseidon

The King Kobra of Kings dominion

Manufacturers of Mind Bender, Shock Wave, New Revolution, Sooperdooperlooper, and Colossus The Fire Dragon.

10 Great Coasters International

They make consistently great wooden coasters that are twisty and pack a punch.

There wooden coasters are GOOD

Probably the best current builder of wooden coasters around!

Amazing train design

The Newcomers

? Big Boy Coasters

The Contenders

11 Maurer Söhne

Manufacturers of Xtreme, Steel Dragon, Spider, Laff Trakk, X-Coaster, and Hollywoood Rip Ride Rockit.

12 The Gravity Group

World class woodies! Voyage is my #1

Manufacturer of Voyage, Ravine Flyer II, Hades 360, Zippin Pippin, and Wooden Warrior.

O-HI-O Based

13 S&S

Welcime back Arrowdynamics haha - SkyMatt

I like there stuff

Creates great attractions like The El Loco coaster. Also the inventor of the compressed air launch


14 Premier Rides

Manufacturers of Runaway Mountain, Flight Of Fear, Mr. Freeze, Poltergeist, Joker's Jinx, Revenge Of The Mummy, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Sky Rocket, Superman Ultimate Flight, Full Throttle, Tempesto, and Phobia Phear Coaster

15 Cancer Studios

Better than everything imaginable

The best - X4AJ

World class!


16 Philadelphia Toboggan Company

As with Arrow Dynamics, this is a classic company that makes classic coasters. The main reason I think this company is so great is because of their trains, which only have a very loose lap bar. Coasters like the Voyage, the Raven, Twister, Phoenix, Ravine Flyer II, and The Beast all have PTC trains.

Manufacturers of Racer, Rebel Yell, Thunder Road, Screamin' Eagle, Comet, Blue Streak, Rollo Coaster, Ghoster Coaster, Woodstock Express, and Little Dipper.

17 Pinfari

They made the best compact roller coasters. Any recent accidents have been to lack of maintenance due to small time operators.

Still sucks but first looping coaster, other than Relevtion at six flags - Poseidon

Well, the others suck...

Quality coasters

18 Giovanola

Looks like someone did not do research.
Giovanola is one of the founding fathers of RCs (If there are). Bolliger and Mabillard were two of the engineers working on this company (Explaining the similar track designs). after bankruptcy, the two became industry partners forming what we known today as B&M.

Correction: They did not copy anyone's track. - SkyMatt

Um whos the other guy? - Poseidon

Tried to copy B&M track design, and kinda failed... - Poseidon

Tried to copy B&M tracks, and kinda failed.

19 Zierer

Treetops is a great family coaster

The best family friend

So another copy, not really but still, I thought Wicked was made by Mack... - Poseidon

Manufacturers of Jaguar, Catwoman's Whip, as well as many other Tivoli Coasters in the US

20 GCI

Smooth and twisty. The Pure Wooden version of RMC. (Without inversions) - SkyMatt

You already put GCI at #11. That’s what great coasters international stands for

Great wooden coasters, smooth and intense

21 Golden Horse
22 Custom Coasters International

GhostRider was really fun, even better with the CGI Retrack. - Poseidon

Manufacturers of Boulder Dash, Raven, GhostRider, Boss, Hoosier Hurricane, Cornball Express, Legend, Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain, Shivering Timbers, Cyclops, Zeus, and Kingdom Coaster.

23 Roller Coaster Corporation of America (RCCA)

Managed to make the KING of woodies... and completely botch it. Used wood on Son of Beast, leading to it being untenable and thus force Cedar Fair to have to take it out after only 9 years. Other coasters include the original Rattler, the Great American Scream Machine, and something called Judge Roy Scream. Makes Dinn, outside of the original Beast, look like GCI or RMC. More so belongs on a "worst" list, but I'll settle for it forever being last, behind even Togo.

24 Jim Reid-Anderson

Really good quality cooking

Loves That Larson Superloop

25 John Allen

John allen knew more than everyone else, his coasters are timeless

The best, racer, screamin eagle, associate on the beast

Started the golden age of coaster design. If not for the Racer at King's Island, you would not enjoy all of these fabulous coasters that came after.

26 Dinn Corporation

Manufacturers of Mean Streak, Georgia Cyclone, Psyclone, Wolverine Wildcat, Old Texas Giant, Hercules, and Predator.

27 Zamperla

I love the Thunderbolt, Soaring Eagle and the Steeplechase at the Luna Park in Coney Island. Marcelo from Argentina.

At least it made Pony Express at Knotts Berry Farm - Poseidon

Zamperla sucks

Manufacturers of Soarin' Eagle, Steeplechase, MotoCoaster, Pony Express, and The Tickler

28 Dynamic Structure

Oh yay disney - Poseidon

Manufacturers of Space Mountain

29 Itai Tigris/Gwazi Fanatic

What is this

30 Hopkins

Manufacturer of Texas Tornado, Cliff Hanger, and Dragon


Viper is my favourite Togo

Known for rusty and sketchy Asia coasters

Ultra Twister Model is the only good one

Apple Apple Coaster sucks

Bad Track profiling

no wonder they went bankrupt

Togo also made a hyper coaster in japan... - Poseidon

TOGO is not good, Togo WILL crush your everything...yes everything. including heads. - Poseidon

32 Arrow Development
33 Walk-Er-Ride Inc

So good absolutely amazing

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