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1 Coaster Studios

This man is all you need to stay updated on the amusement park industry, with videos ranging from top 10 lists, to bold predictions of the future, to videos of 2 parks duking it out, element by element, to breaking news at parks across the world, to basically the "throw the viewer a bone" HONEST COASTER TRAILER! This man has taught me so many things about coasters it is incredible. I give this man full credit for sealing the deal for a lifelong passion for coasters.

Keep up the fabulous work Taylor, keep uploading every day even during the hardships of school. You are my role model, and a teacher to me. A teacher of something I will not learn in school. I teaching I actually want to learn. That is a class I return to every day, the one, the fabulous, Coaster Studios


Coaster studios helped me lose my virginity. I showed my girlfriend a coaster studios video. She got so wet she added up soaking the rug and the couch thanks to Taylors masculine voice and coaster commentary. I ended up screwing her in the butthole because she imagined I was taylor and it was great. Thanks Coaster studios!

Coaster Studios is a great person. He deserves #1 because he gives his opinion about Theme Parks and also, in my opinion, should have actual park owners listen to his feedback about what to add or what he didn't like or thinks should be different about the park

Cons: Average Coaster Fanboy bias
Pros: Everything else - Maddox121

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2 Koaster Kids

Isn't against the rules to film on a roller coaster? Cameras are loose items and can get lost, causing a fuss, and worse, he/she can hurt themselves or someone from the camera flying toward their face and also mess up the ride.

This is my second favorite coaster channel behind coaster studios. What I like about you guys is that you're channel is unique. I haven't seen any other coaster channel like yours and I would love to meet you guys.

The Koaster Kids are a true testament of having Faith and Belief that any fears, disbelief or anxiety about or over something can be conquered if you step out and face them head-on.

Koaster Kids is the worst YouTube channel ever. Bratty littlle autistic kid who has lot of money. Bratty videos showing him using fastlane passes, by the way nobody wants to watch your "documentary film" I'm not necesarily against the idea of a youtube channel with kids like this just its executed wrong. they bag so much

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3 Theme Park Review

I was banned for posting this review because I don't like Frozen

He's so fat he made me realize I need to stay healthy to ride coasters thanks theme park review

I got banned for not calling El Diablo a coaster like my lord and savior, Robb, said to call it.

I got banned because I'm a Universal fan.

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4 Coaster Force

How do these people hold on their cameras, probably a mount, but isn't it stupid to bring loose items like cameras on a roller coaster and shoot videos on them?.

Great footage without unnecessary commentary. I like hearing the ride, not the guy filming it.

In my opinion, you guys make the best point of view videos on YouTube!

Best channel to watch POVs of new coasters!

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5 In The Loop

Great for construction updates!

In the loop podcast!

Idiots who don't know how to follow the rules of safety about loose items.
Safety first.

6 Coaster Fanatic

Coaster Fanatic should have WAY more subs! He has some really good videos and variety.

He's got great videos and makes some fun vlogs! Should have more subs but congrats on 500 subs!

Nice on ride povs

These people must've gotten permits to film povs on rides, otherwise they're screwed and gonna get doodoo

7 Ride Review

One-of-a-kind lovable guy with very honest opinions and very passionate

Super sympathetic, holds an always up to date and provides an always with the latest facts. Best wishes to Bro

Great Guy very nice good informations

Never bring loose articles on roller coasters unless stowing them, and never make commercial about rides making POVs.

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8 TheCoasterViews

Foolish act of filming roller coaster point of view videos with/without awareness of hurting others from the camera impact due to grip lost by roller coaster power.

Pretty good point of view's

9 James C

It's true! He does have the best Raw point of view's on YouTube!

Some of the best if not the best raw POVs on YouTube are on this guy's channel. Mounted POVs may be a little more "neat", but James C's videos really make you FEEL the coasters.

10 Sharp Productions

Dumb people who are at risk of injuring or killing others and messing up rides with loose articles such as video cameras.

Very good point of view's

Great point of view's!

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11 Theme Park Maniacs

They are maniacs, they disrespect the rules for safety by bringing cameras on them, they're LOOSE objects,

Never bring loose items on a roller coaster.

Rip Kevin loved your videos

Funniest people in the industry!

12 Theme Park Worldwide

The nicest youtube channel if like seeing days out to theme parks

Such honey, hilarious guys

Vote this dude up to #1

How do these people know what to follow and respect?
Loose items such as phones, hats, glasses, and Cameras, should be stowed or given to a non rider because of the risk of injury and ride malfunction as well as them getting lost.

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13 deathbyillusion

Death to others if he lost his grip on his camera by the roller coaster motion, Loose items are not allowed to be used on them.

Pretty decent point of view channel

Awesome HD point of view's. Illusioner for life

14 iTheme Park

What idiots! Loose items on a Roller Coaster?

15 XYZcoaster

This guy is all you need to be a coaster enthusiast. Original work, helpful tips, and much more from his mind of amazingness. Oh, and he also likes to trash Six Flags Magic Mountain, giving him another gold star.

He's so cool, he listens to Asian women masturbate and doesn't even flinch.

This guy was at West Coast Bash and he asked about "Justice League: Battle for Ferguson", this guy is offensive trash

Roller Coaster YouTubers who show no courtesy to others about no loose items.

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Some of the most well-traveled and experienced theme park enthusiasts to ever have their own You Tube channel. They are incredibly thorough and last much longer than just about anyone else's.

Offers some of the best commentary from knowledgeable and experienced amusement park and coaster fans, awesome people, awesome source of un-biased information and honest opinions about parks from people who have been to them multiple times

Uncut, Beat the Beast, and much much more, ranging from fantastic documentaries to amazing theme/amusement park based shows. Coaster-net is number 1, and it should be on this list!

These rides must have camera mounts, otherwise no loose articles.

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17 Canadacoasterfan

I love his opinions. They are very different compared to most roller coaster youtubers. He prefers wood roller coasters and says all of the gigas are overrated. I really respect him for having very different opinions and he helped change the way I look at certain parks and coasters

AMAZING youtuber, he wants you to enjoy his channel and he does a perfect job


My fact is that other than mounts,for the handheld devices, loose things could get lost or worse cause injury or even death.
Roller coasters are wild.

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18 Will Pemble

Great father-son channel. Builds AMAZING backyard roller coasters, very user-friendly, has loads of other cool videos like POVs, Adventures, and other random tidbits of fun! Highly recommended if you want to know how one builds a roller coaster!

19 Coasterbob62

A great channel with a mix of music added to his videos. It's hard to beat Coasterbob62!

Gives great footage of cedar point and kings island

How many people tell you no loose articles?

The best in off-ride footage.

20 COASTER -net Uncut

Loose stuff like cameras are dangerous when it comes to roller coasters, that's why they ban them.

Great way to get varied views on the industry+great viewer interaction.

Great repartee between the two hosts.

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