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21 davidjellis
22 Xtremerides

A very good one. Love the reviews!

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23 Ride On Review
24 Great American Thrills

Produces the "Lost Parks" historical documentary series.

25 Theme Park Ninja

He's younger but has a really good opinion on his videos. He already kicks ass

I honestly do agree, he's really well. - ItsThaFantasticJosh

26 Theme Park Lunatic Fringe

That dude is hilarious and awesome! Watch the coaster countdown of six flags over georgia. He made me laugh so hard during the video. #SupermanUltimateFlight #DenzelCurry #Goliath #WeAreNumberOne

27 Theme Park Kidz

Awesome Channel! Its cool seeing roller coaster ratings from a young age like you guys. Keep up the good work!

Theme Park Kidz are great! I found out about them from their instagram page and it's great watching them

They need to be more professional. Need a lot of work. Don't go to parks often. Not worth voting for

Overall, a good account. You guys could use some improving on some topics!

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28 CoasterLove
29 ThemeParkJunkie51290

"! He's one of the best theme park YouTubers ever! His channel is very creative and different! True, he may not do park battles or coaster countdowns, but that's what makes his channel unique! I also love the skits that he does as well. VERY FUNNY! Plus, he created his own YouTube series "My Theme Park Life! " He should definitely be part of the TOP TEN! "

"I love his videos! Entertaining, funny, and informative! I love this YouTuber because he steps outside the box and try different things. "My Theme Park Life! " is a new series on his channel that I find fun to watch. Each intro into his episode is different and gives you something to look forward to the next time. GREAT CHANNEL! "

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30 Coaster Coverage

I get upset when people call him the next Coaster Studios. People are unique in their own ways, and I think he is awesome in his own way.

Although this guy isn't that popular, he's pretty good. He's the next Coaster Studios - Lameformer

31 Theme-Park-Guide

Great Team - Nice views

33 Themeparkfreakz
34 Parkscout
35 TheCoasterShow
36 Coaster Directed V 1 Comment
37 C.D Shelby

He's really good of showing of theme parks and showing new roller coasters! Very good I say. He's home park is Kentucky Kingdom and he shows all the updates on Storm Chaser and stuff. He's a awesome person and needs to be in top 10 at less 14.

38 Ccsc918

He posts funny videos and trip reports! Very funny but doesn't post often.

39 All-American Thrills

A fresh and honest view on the industry. Both hosts balance each others commentary well. Video production isn't a Skype comversation like many others.

40 CraftedCoasters
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