Top 10 Roller Coasters That Are Unlikely To Be Made

Have you ever wanted to go on some super fun roller coaster that would blow your mind away?
Well many coasters do, but what if there's a coaster that blows all our current ones out of the Earth.
Or what if there's a coaster that's useful for artistic or beneficial effects on humanity.
Well however that seems very unlikely.

Here are roller coasters that are unlikely to ever be produced.
The Top Ten
Space Mountain: To the Edge of the Universe

It's a roller coaster where riders would go on the trains, put on special space suits, and after a few hills and a large drop and lift, they violently launch out of the tunnel, away from Earth and into space, where they'd whiz past the Moon and travel past Venus, Mercury, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, along with asteroids and comets, then through a wormhole and then fly through the field of stars til they leave the Milky Way and whiz past other galaxies until they reach the edge of the known universe.

Then they make a HUGE long hairpin turn back to Earth with a long wormhole on the trip.
Then back on Earth they enter a brake run hundreds of miles long, slowing down and entering a blue lit tunnel and into the unloading area where they stop.

The whole ride lasts just 2 minutes 15 seconds.
Yet since the planets are constantly in motion, the path changes over time, giving guests a new experience.

Given how extreme this ride is, they'd ...more

So it would be like another update to the Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris? That could be interesting, though I feel those who were fans of the original version of the ride might not seem to like it too much...

Sounds pretty rad, but also quite dangerous

The Ultimate Thriller

It would be a ride at Fun Spot Orlando that contains a series of launches, where the 1st launch would start the ride and riders would even go through hills, turns, even inversions, and go underground and through buildings such as the Orange County Convention Center, and nearby roads, and then they would be launched above the stratosphere, before freefalling back down to earth, with tractor beams to get the vehicles landing in the right place, at Fun Spot.

Given the technology and budget to build it, it seems unfeasible to build.

Polercoaster 1000

That would have to be taller than Steel Dragon 2000, Fury 325, Millennium Force, Kingda Ka, Nitro, or Superman: Escape From Krypton. Longer than Formula Rossa, The Beast, Voyage, and other long roller coasters that are about a mile long. Think about it. That's going to cost millions of dollars out of a big fat wallet to build it.

It's a concept of the polercoaster, and it would be 1,000' tall (hence its name 1000), which is only 250' shorter than the Empire State Building.
The track could be a mile long.
It would take 5 years to build, and given that we no longer have the budget to build the Skyscraper, it's unlikey this roller coaster will ever be made.

The Skyscraper

It was planned to be built as the world’s tallest real roller coaster, at 570’, and be the first roller coaster of an entirely new type, the polercoaster.

It would only go 65 mph (like most cars on a highway), but the layout with all the twists and turns spiraling down the building would’ve made it the most thrilling roller coaster of all time at that point.
Then it would make a huge camelback hill away from the building onto the unloading area.

It was supposed to be part of a supposed project called Skyplex in Orlando.
But with many delays over the years, along with our now messed up budget cuts, it’s been cancelled, making it unlikely.

It should have been built by now, but it hasn't, and it never will be

Star Wars Spaceflight

It would be like Kraken Unleased, where it's a virtual reality coaster where riders wear VR goggles and the movie would synchronize with the path of the ride's tracks.
The footage would be about an epic Star Wars battle through its worlds and in space.
Like Star Tours at Disney, each of the worlds would be different on each ride.

Avatar Flight of the Banshee

It would be a potential roller coaster at Six Flags parks (and would’ve been one for Disney World) set up like Kraken Unleashed, a VR coaster where riders would wear the goggles and the movie footage would be in sync with the ride.
On this roller coaster, guests watch footage of flying on top of a banshee over Pandora, simulating the experience.

Some people are frustrated that Disney didn't make the Flight of Passage a roller coaster, but then again seeing a track over Pandora would ruin the magic, but then again, they could've made it an indoor roller coaster, but they say they don't have the budget because they're cheapskates.
Yet despite that, the Flight of Passage is the hottest ticket at Disney parks and sometimes has biblically long lines.

It's a type of ride that's unlikely to be made anytime in the future.
If Disney decided to replace their flight simulator with an indoor VR roller coaster, then they’d have to be generous for that because they’re ...more

Goofy’s Barnstormer 9/11 Edition

It would've been an annual seasonal makeover at Magic Kingdom's Barnstormer where the billboard is temporarily replaced by a miniature replica of the World Trade Center, and guests would ride the roller coaster, simulating Goofy's plane being hijacked by Al Queda and crashing into the twin towers.

It sounds like a unique idea, but since it would take a long time to replace a billboard with the twin towers, involve lots of closures, yet is wrong to make light of and promote or make fun of such a tragedy and as it would get a lot of hate for that, there's no chance this will happen.

That would've been... weird, the only ride people would shout "Allau Akhbar" on

Don't joke about tragedies like 9/11. :(

Euthanasia Coaster

It's a roller coaster that's been a concept for years, where it’s 510 meters tall and the riders then go down a 500 meter drop at 360 km/h (223.69362920545813 mph) and through 7 loops, each loop being smaller than the last to keep the g-forces going up to 10, causing cerebral hypoxia, leading to death.

It's not the fastest coaster on this list, but the fact that it's loop after loop with each one being smaller, making the motion tighter, it increases the g-forces in such a way that riders die.

The best place to build it would be in a remote empty field at Disney with a prison building nearby.
It would be geared to criminals getting a death sentence after killing someone at Disney like a cast member or a little child usually out of rage.
However given the concept and how many kids think of Disney as a happy place (until they're there), along with our now corrupt economy, it seems unlikely this ride'll ever be made.

Kill why not

Pornhub Train

It would be themed to porn, which is illegal.
Therefore this ride would never be made.

Buzzfeed made that concept?

This is beautiful

Kairos - The Slow

It was conceptualized on Roller Coaster Tycoon, where riders would spiral down the track, taking 210 days to come to a complete stop, and die from starvation(though a man named Prahlad Jani claimed to have survived more than 78 years without food or water), making this a secondary euthanasia coaster.
It's a neat idea, but a 210 day ride means many riders would jam, causing chaos, and the wait times would be longer than that, and that means even those in line will also die, so it's unlikely it'll ever be made.

The Contenders
Pizza Delivery Ride
The Rabbit Hole

It’s based on Lewis Caroll’s story Alice in Wonderland where riders would go straight down a deep hole into darkness, never knowing when they'll reach the bottom, til the drop levels out, and then they would go up a big lift hill, not to another drop, but to the unloading area.

This would sound kinda boring for the most part, but this wouldn't focus so much on crazy turns, soaring heights, or a number of drops, but instead focus on psychological thrills.
And like the real Space Mountains, the thrills would rely on the unknown.
This sounds like a coaster most don't mention and is unlikely to ever be built.

The Mighty Poo Adventure

It would be so disgusting that people wouldn’t ride it.
They’d turn away from it and it would be closed on day 1.

The Biebernater

True-minded people would hate this ride and it would only be targeted to beliebers.
The lines and wait times would be CRAZY and people would wait ALL DAY just to ride it.
It’d be the most popular coaster Ever, and it would be more popular than all the others in reality COMBINED!

A Justin Bieber theme ride. The ride plays Baby through out the whole ride.

Bodies: Travel Inside

It would take riders inside a giant human body and travel through the bloodstream.
Remember the bloodstream’s 60,000 miles long on a toddler and 100,000 miles long on an adult, and blood takes 12 days to complete its full path through an adult body, so it goes 500 mph, similar to a passenger jet at cruising altitude.

So such a ride through a giant’s bloodstream would be as crazy and extreme as going to the edge of the known universe in 1 minute, which is about the #1 roller coaster on this list.
Plus this ride would be so graphic that it would be cancelled before it’s made.

South Park: The Ride

Matt Stone doesn't want "kiddie based merch" in theme parks

It would take you through the South Park town and in the end the rider with the Kenny suit would be covered in blood, and you would shout “ THEY KILLED KENNY” and the other would say “YOU B*$5@RDS”!

What kind of ride is this? It would never be made.

Grand Theft Coaster

It would monitor you if there are any thieves, and you would be checked again after the ride to make sure you secured everything.
Yet if you lost anything, they’d check to make sure they weren’t stolen.

Bohemian Rhapsody Ride

It would be themed to Bohemian Rhapsody and play the song during the ride.
It would be so overrated that plans to build.p it would be cancelled.

Inferno Waterfall

You would fall straight down a waterfall into lava, and you’d die.
It’s just like Hades Underworld and Satan’s Hollow.
And just like those, as it would kill you, it’s categorized as a euthanasia coaster.

Godzilla: The Fight

It would be a roller coaster that spirals around a skyscraper with Godzilla attacking it.

The Godzilla model would face the riders and roar at them as they twist their way through.
Yet they’d even enter Godzilla’s mouth and come out of his butt.

It’s a cool ride, but since we no longer have the economy to build it, it’s highly unlikely.

Kingdom Hearts Tower Expedition

It would take riders through Kingdom Hearts Castle, and includes a battle section and huge drops.
Not to mention it would be a very steep climb to the top and steep drop too.
Too bad with our messed up budgets, it won’t be made.

Hades Underworld

It would take you directly to hades, and you would die before you were even finished with the ride.
You would burn alive and be eaten by Satan.
What a ridiculous ride, it can’t be made.
This ride would kill you, making it a euthanasia coaster.

Psycho Bathtub

This would actually fit for a water coaster (which is related to a water slide).

Guests would sit on the rafts and spiral around and it would go on and on that it would make the riders act like psychos.

It sounds like a feasible idea, however given how simple the layout would be, it would seem a bit unoriginal, and it might never be made.

Nicki Minaj's Anaconda

There’s already a roller coaster named that at Kings Dominion, and it’s a rough coaster that makes you yell “MY ANACONDA DON’T! MY ANACONDA DON’T! MY ANACONDA DON’T WANT NONE! ”

Walk Through the Intestinal Tract

That would be such a disgusting coaster it would never be made.
You’d go inside intestines and be covered in poo.

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