10 Best Roller Coasters at Disney Parks Around the World

Disney has a lot of good rollercoasters. But unfortunately log rides don't count so sorry splash mountain, it would have ranked high.

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1 Rock N Rollercoaster (Hollywood Studios Florida)

This is just a personal favorite of mine. I have never seen it at number 1, but it really is that good. - Listproffessor3030

This is my favorite ride in all of Disneyworld. - Minecraftcrazy530

2 Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom Florida)

This ride might have the best theming on any ride in history. I am not exaggerating. Also, it has a backwards section and an 80 foot drop while going over 50 MPH. - Listproffessor3030

This is my absolute favorite ride. Plus, there's never a long wait. - PianoQueen

This is my favorite Disney ride ever

3 Screamin (Disney's California Adventure)

This is probably the most thrilling you can possibly get at a Disney park. It is 62 MPH! Pretty extreme for Disney. - Listproffessor3030

This is the only ride on this list with airtime

Disney closed it to retheme into Incredicoaster.

4 Hyperspace Mountain (Disney Paris)

This space mountain is much faster and more intense then the others. This one has a launch that goes over 40 MPH and inversions. - Listproffessor3030

Too bad they turned this into a Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain ride.

5 Grizzly Mountain (Hong Kong Disneyland)

Hong does not have thunder mountain. Instead they have this ride which is even better. This ride is a little faster, has a backwards section and a launch. - Listproffessor3030

6 Thunder Mountain (Disney Paris)

This version of thunder mountain is faster and longer then the others. Other then that, it is the same. - Listproffessor3030

This one is truly the wildest ride in the wilderness.

7 Cars Ride (Disney's California Adventure)

It's just a slot car, like Test Track or Autopia on steroids - Maddox121

Not a roller coaster, a slot car ride, they just go fast.

This is I believe the most expensive ride ever made. I am not completely sure but I think it is. The scenery is amazing and the animatronics are the best I have ever seen. Also, the end of the ride goes 40 MPH and you race another car. - Listproffessor3030

It's Radiator Springs Racers, and it's not a roller coaster, it's a fast slot car ride, please get this off the list. - Kyle21

8 Test Track (Epcot Florida)

It's not a roller coaster, it's a slot car ride, so it mainly focuses on speed.

This is the fastest Disney ride at any park I think. It goes 65 MPH and has pretty nice theming. - Listproffessor3030

Not a roller coaster, but a slot car ride, it just goes very fast at the end, not a roller coaster by any means. - Kyle21

9 Raging Spirits (Disneysea)

This is like a ripoff of Indiana Jones at Disneyland Paris.

This ride has some small steep drops, is pretty fast 37 MPH and has a loop. - Listproffessor3030

10 TRON Lightcycles Power Run (Shanghai Disneyland)

New for 2016 at Shanghai Disneyland enter the world of Tron and launch at 59 mph, under an electro luminescent canopy, and into the grid.

The Contenders

11 Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks.

Okay this might stir up debate, but let me explain why I chose this over the California version. I hate when people say this ride is rough and jerky, because that is how it is supposed to be. You aren't supposed to know where you are going. Second of all, this ride actually has drops. A lot of them too, just find a lights on point of view on YouTube, they are steep too.

12 Journey to the Center of Earth (Disneysea)

This is a mix of a dark ride and rollercoaster, which is partly in the dark also. It uses the same technology that test track and cars have. It is 47 MPH and that speed is in the dark. Pretty terrifying I would say. It doesn't stay in the dark the whole time though, and there is no drops. - Listproffessor3030

13 Matterhorn Bobsleds (Disneyland)

This is my favorite ride at Disneyland!

This was the first roller coaster at a Disney park, and it started the era of roller coasters at Disney parks.
It goes 27 mph and you have to conquer a yeti throughout the ride.

14 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a mine train roller coaster located in Frontierland at several Disneyland-style Disney Parks worldwide.

The best version of Thunder Mountain is the one in Paris. - Gregory

This is the second best thunder mountain to me. People like the California version more I have heard, but I disagree. Why? This one is faster. California is 28 MPH and magic kingdom is 36 MPH.

Disneyland's Thunder Mountain has that dynamite effect near the end, so that one's better. - Kyle21

15 Space Mountain (Disneyland) Space Mountain (Disneyland) Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks.

This is the Best Space Mountain we got now, better than the Disney World version, the Paris one was the best, until they turned it into that stupid Star Wars ride Hyperspace Mountain.
Glad they turned this Hyperspace Mountain back to normal.

16 Space Mountain (Tokyo Disneyland)

This one is a great one, because, while some people say it's like the California one, as it does have an identical track layout, the visuals and audio are COMPLETELY different.
It starts out as a futuristic, dark and anime-style tunnel, and then you are basically in "space", and yet you don't feel the drops or turns or anything like that yet, and yet you can't predict when that'll happen, and when it does, you're in for a thrill.
Like California's, this one is smooth too, but there's no music, so it really feels like you're in space.
Disney World's has become a wreck on the tracks and have caused complaints about bumpiness and back & neck issues.
Yet if Disney World doesn't refurbish the tracks soon, they'll fall apart due to wear and tear from use, yet while it's good to keep classics classic, they always need some freshening up, and yet people said that Disney should keep Pirates of the Caribbean as it was since it first opened, and they changed it by adding Jack ...more - Kyle21

17 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (Disney Paris)

It has some small steep drops, it's 36 mph and has a loop, it's the first Disney roller coaster to have a loop, and the highest height restriction, at 55".

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