Top 10 Roller Coasters to Ride When You are Angry

I have gotten so mad in recent times, i have felt like riding a roller coaster, even though I don't like them. Here are some I feel could help release that tension.

The Top Ten

1 Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster - Islands of Adventure USA

This ride is absolutely PERFECT for those who are angry. It has an awesome soundtrack, seven inversions, and a top speed of 65 MPH. Furthermore, it's a launched roller coaster. - railfan99

2 Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa USA

Kumba means roar in an African Kongo language, and this ride surely does that. Additionally, it has a 135 foot drop, a top speed of 60 MPH, and seven inversions. It's really intense - railfan99

3 Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa USA

Like Kumba, it has seven inversions, but it's a inverted roller coaster, so your feet will dangle below you for the duration of the ride. It's also slightly faster than Kumba (65 MPH), and it features a drop of 128 feet. - railfan99

4 Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA

It's similar to Montu, but it goes 67 MPH, has six inversions, and has a drop of 170 feet. - railfan99

5 Dominator - Kings Dominion USA

Floorless roller coaster, 65 mph, 5 inversions, and plenty of g forces - railfan99

6 Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando USA

It’s very similar to Dominator, but it has 7 inversions. - railfan99

7 Millennium Force - Cedar Point USA

It doesn’t have any inversions, but it has a very high drop, and a speed of 92 MPH - railfan99

8 Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain - Disneyland Paris

You may be thinking “why is this here? ” This version of Space Mountain features a 40mph launch and 3 inversions. - railfan99

9 Nemesis - Alton Towers UK
10 Raptor - Cedar Point USA

The Contenders

11 Tigris - Busch Gardens Tampa USA
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