Top 10 Roller Coasters That You'll Have Fun In

Hey guys I'm finally back and this is a new list. When you're done reading tell us about your experience on these rides. If you haven't ride any of these, go to add new list and put a roller coaster you been on and tell us your experience.

The Top Ten

1 Thunderbolt (Rye Playland)

Your right, you can go speedy fast and it is fun. - TopTenJackson

2 The Demon (California's Great America)

Hell Yeah, you get nausea, vomit and you frighten

3 Wipeout (Dreamworld)

I can't wait to read the experiences. - JaysTop10List


4 Dragon Coaster (Rye Playland)

It's stupid but very original

5 Skyflyer (Rye Playland)

Mostly wood, there are many here in Puerto Rico

6 Crazy Mouse (Rye Playland)

It's like toy, but this ride it well

7 Tower Of Terror (Disneyland)

It's ok, but not as great

8 Catch - A - Wave (Rye Playland)

The only good thing is the water

9 Double Shot (Rye Playland)

It gives a tingling sensation to the mouth of the ass, if you ride on it

10 StarShip 2000 (Rye Playland)

Something old, but lovers like crazy

The Contenders

11 Twister (Knobels)

There's not a second where you're not exhilarated on this ride - CommentandList

12 Incredicoaster (Disneyland)
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