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21 Rocks Off

You've got it all in this track: sex, drugs and rock n' roll. It's got the humor of the Stones. It's got the attitude of the Stones. It perfectly captures the Stones ability to groove and jam like no other. Altogether tasty.

Ridiculously underrated! It's easily my favorite Stones tune. Those horns are heaven!

One of the most underrated songs ever, I love every part of it, one of my all time favorite songs.

A classic should of been first single lifted from exile.what a opener,sets for what's to follow.simply outstanding.

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22 Street Fighting Man

This song contains the essential of rock with a revolutionary message

Shocked but not flabbergasted. In my opinion Street Fighting Man is second to Sympathy for the Devil on Beggars.

There is no stones song that comes across better live in concert than this one!

Should be 5th place

23 19th Nervous Breakdown

This should by higher on the list

Damn... This one's good...

love it!

24 Monkey Man

When my Dad passed away a few tears flowed. That happens once in a lifetime. I've heard Monkey Man countless times. Tears of delight flow every time. Its involuntary. It's the result of the lyrics and riffs. Thus, my own senses tell me it's my favorite Stones track. GOD BLESS THE STONES!

I love the guitar riffs throughout this songs. And Mick Jagger's bruising delivery of the line "I'm a monkey" is magical.

The haunting beginning, then keith rips into it... One of the most underrated stones songs of all

Awesome song, very underrated

25 Let's Spend the Night Together

I'm not a Stones fan by any means. But this song is incredible. It deserves to be higher than #22. - PetSounds

Got to be in the top 10

26 Bitch

A powerful song with a terrific riff

I don't think any of you should get discouraged by the title. Just listen to it and you get a great vibe. - matty925

Sympathy for the devil is my favorite but this is my 2nd and the fact its not in the top 10 or even 20 is crazy

Baffling this isn't in the top ten.

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27 As Tears Go By

Best song according to me... So different from the other tracks... Jagger faithful should have ended up 2gether... Don't know why they were embarrassed of this song... I think this song is one of the best rolling stones ever..

One of the greatest song ever! The violin part is its highlight. can't believe it is 26! Rate more people!

What! Has nobody heard this beautiful song? Mick Jagger's pensive vocals, Keith Richards' one-of-a-kind guitar tune makes this song one of the top ten songs by The Rolling Stones.

1st song 4 love RollingStones

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28 Let It Loose

Stunning song, extremely well written and played. Jagger's best vocal performance ever!

Hard to pick one best song, but this one is definitely in the discussion. This should absolutely be in the top 10.

Have people even heard this song? Should be in the top 5. And in my opinion #1. and Satisfaction #4, people kill yourself voters

How there can be 36 songs before this one on the list (including dross such as "Rock and a Hard Place", "Miss You', or "It's Only Rock'n'Roll") is totally beyond me! Do you people know anything about the Stones?!

29 She's a Rainbow

Make You imagine he singing and when the cymbal sounds rainbows appears bahind Jagger
Also remember You a happy and sanguinest girl that drives you mad.

My favourite together with Sympathy For the Devil - TheGreatest

Best Music of Stones by far!

Way too low

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30 Sway

Greatest riff of all time

Quintesential Stones. Sloppy timing. Out of synch vocals. Whole thing almost collapses. But it doesn't. Instead, it is inspirataional. 2 amazing Taylor solos

31 Rock and a Hard Place

Why the hell is this so low? It is a classic, whoever likes hard rock will have this as their favorite. Do listen to it, keith richard is the star of this song

This is The Rolling Stones at their very best

Totally underrated

32 Shine a Light

I love this song, I had it tattooed in my arm as a constant reminder of the people who left us. This song was dedicated to Brian Jones when he passed away, the lyrics are just love, bromance. Excelent musical piece, great piano and great guitars. Sorry for my english, not a native speaker.

The meaning of this song is just amazing. This song was written in loving memory of brian jones from a project that he and Mick started in the 60's. The different moods and beautiful melodies are spine tingling.
Listen to this song and vote for it.

This is the musical peak of the Stones, a symbol of Exile on Main Street. A real masterpiece highly overlooked.

This is an unique Stones song. Best of rock, blues, and gospel all mixed up.

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33 Waiting on a Friend

This song moved me when I was young, it still does. I can't explain it, it was like hearing god.

Just something bout this song, can't explain it. Runner up would have to be Paint It Black but so many great songs to choose from.

This is a top 10 Stones classic.

Love this one

34 Sweet Virginia

One of the best stones songs of all time (in my opinion). Most would disagree, but there's something about the song that just makes a person feel good.

My personal favourite song of all time. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about this song that gives it a special kind of magic that can't be achieved by any other song ever.

This song just kind of has some sort of magic to it. It makes you feel real good. This song definitely needs to be higher. My list would be this

1. You Can't Always Get What You Want
2. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
3. Satisfaction
4. Paint It Black
5. Miss You
6. Sweet Virginia
7. Midnight Rambler
8. Brown Sugar
9. Start Me Up
10. Just My Imagination

love it

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35 Midnight Rambler

This song is just flat out brilliant. My favorite by the band. This song in essence is the pinnacle of blues rock. The brilliance is that it is a like as a blues opera as its separated into three different parts. The song builds up to a instrument break of a fast beat with a slide guitar that makes me smile every time in how brilliant it is only to comeback down just bring it up again. The final minute of the song is quite possibly the greatest ending to a song. The lyric progression is amazing too, as mick asked have you heard of the midnight rambler only to reveal he is the midnight rambler. What a beauty this song is.

This is the best song ever been played live, the performance with Taylor and Richards and the crawling and slashing the stage with this belt of Jagger make this song the best

One of their most underrated songs. It's really catchy and funky. Better than the main ones on the album (Gimme Shelter, You Can't Always Get What You Want) - matty925


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36 Dead Flowers

There's something different about this song, I love it so much. It's really underrated and too many people don't know it. If you don't, listen because it's great!

I dumped a girl for liking the Beatles over the stones, 30 years ago.

Should be much higher! Amazing song!

A country song about drugs. How fun!

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37 Out of Time

One the best put down songs ever
Brian Jones a master at introducing a new array of instruments

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38 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

Wow... #68 this is easily in my top 10. If you haven't heard this song and you like the Stones, listen to this tune!

This is the stones at their very best. The guitars are downright nasty (in the best way possible). And the sax keeps you coming back for more. There may not be an album more criminally underrated than goats head soup.

Very underrated song. Really shows Keith Richards' talent and tells a story of a tragedy like Elvis Presley's "In the Ghetto". Got sort of a funk sound with a great saxophone.

This is at least top ten.. awesome riff, rhythm and to top it off jagger just screams life into the lyrics!

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39 Doom and Gloom

Awesome song great chorus instruments and lyrics and melodY GREAT!

Classic Stones with a modern twist! This shouldn't be at 48! This should be in the top ten at least

Best song of the 2000's. Brilliant

This song never gets old, I can listen all day!

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40 Loving Cup

One of my all time favorite songs...

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