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101 Love Is Strong

Great song. Wrong album cover. Should be voodoo lounge. Top 20 for sure.

Are you joking guys? This should be in 1st place

102 She Was Hot V 1 Comment
103 Mixed Emotions

It is shocking that this fantastic song was missing! Punchy, uplifting, catchy and unpretentiously honest, this is easily my favourite Stones song. - CharlieM

V 1 Comment
104 No Expectations

For some reason this isn't a vehicle popular stones song, yet it's one of my favorites by them. In my opinion one of their most beautiful songs, alongside wild horses. I get chills from start to finish.

This should be way higher than 157. It's a classic. Awesome Brian Jones work on here.

105 Like a Rolling Stone V 1 Comment
106 Plundered My Soul V 1 Comment
107 Something Happened to Me Yesterday
108 Blinded by Love
109 Dirty Work
110 Black Limousine
111 New Faces
112 Sparks Will Fly

It's a great song. Just listen to it. Never hear a song like this. Long live rock 'n roll

113 Sweet Black Angel

Great song! It's as if mick jagger is sitting around a campfire singing with the boys. Great feel to it!

This song should be rated higher. I was really surprised to see it sitting at 100. Top 50 in my opinion.

114 Parachute Woman
115 Mercy Mercy
116 Rough Justice

For a "modern" Stones song, this is a rocker!

117 One More Shot
118 Summer Romance
119 Too Tough
120 Star Star

Are you kidding me? One of the greatest songs ever written. Lyric's are spot on about the hedionistc lives of stars

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