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161 Oh No, Not You Again Oh No, Not You Again
162 Where the Boys Go Where the Boys Go
163 Sittin' on a Fence Sittin' on a Fence
164 What a Shame What a Shame

What a shame this song 'not in the top100

165 We Had It All We Had It All
166 Just My Imagination Just My Imagination
167 Route 66 Route 66

I got my kicks!

168 I Got the Blues I Got the Blues

LOVE IT! No words to describe it... It's awesome and underrated. 170? It's the best song from Sticky Fingers.

And don't forget the organ of Billie Preston. Very underrated indeed.

Most underrated song in their whole catalog. this song is all about Keith and Bobby!

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169 Citadel Citadel
170 Time Waits for No One Time Waits for No One

This song guitar solo practically melts into itself. It's a nice long solo that keeps getting better and stretches it self as far as possible with out breaking a string. If you can't appreciate this song then why live?

THE greatest guitar solo ever at the end of this song. I must have had a half dozen friends who weren't Rolling Stones fans buy "It's Only Rock and Roll" just for this song.

Favourite song besides Angie and Sympathy for the Devil; The Rolling Stones are simply too amazing!

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171 Don't Stop

'Well you bit my lip and drew first blood and wore my cold cold heart'

"Well you bit my lip and drew first blood and warmed my cold cold heart,
And you wrote your name right on my back, boy your nails were sharp! "

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172 I'm Going Down I'm Going Down
173 Prodigal Son Prodigal Son
174 Cherry Oh Baby Cherry Oh Baby

This was a great album. Chill and melow. Stones offering a regee and blues vibe. Cold beers at the beach sitting in a lawn chair mood. With lots of bikinis.

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