Sympathy for the Devil


greatest of all time no doubt about it just a great song with amazing rhythm all the way throughout the song and jaggers voice and richard's solo just perfect and so groovy ahahh ooh oohh

No hesitation here. Well, Gimme Shelter could pretend to this title, but there's something more to Sympathy for the devil. The always-growing musical (and lyrical! ) force all along the song is just incredible. The African music-inspired drums are genius and so is Anita Pallenger's "Who Hoo! " that is the song's benchmark and is so well used (especially live) at the ending of the song.
You could add to this the very strong meaning of the lyrics, the fact that the real devil actually is man himself. We cannot blame some fallen saint with a lust for power and recognition because human nature is the source of evil.
The very best rock 'n roll (but not only! ) band at their very best!

1, Sympathy for the Devil
2. Gimme Shelter
3. Jumpin' Jack Flash
4. Brown Sugar
5. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
6. Doom and Gloom
7. Tumbling Dice
8. Get Off My Cloud
9. Happy
10. Paint It Black

This should be number 1 one in my opinion, or at least Gimme Shelter. Have no clue why Paint it Black is so popular, there are far better Rolling Stones songs out there. Just an opinion. But do love this song dearly.

Great composition that deviates from other rock classics but clearly defines the genre. One of those songs that although you can't duplicate the studio version when played live never the less has impact either way. Truly a great milestone in rock.

Wow, I can't believe Paint it Black is ahead of Sympathy! I mean, Paint it Black is a great song, but Sympathy for the Devil is definitely the best Rolling Stone's song. It has excellent lyrics, and the tune is simple--simply amazing.

FIRST heard this song, as done by GUNS AND ROSES, at the end of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE... I had no idea at the time that it was one of the STONES' songs... This song will ALWAYS make me think of LESTAT (Tom Cruise) driving the mustang on the bridge in S.F... :-)

AWESOME! Just too good to explain. when I hear this song it makes me think of the brave men who fought in Vietnam and the hell they went through, partly because of Call of Duty black ops laugh out loud

Total rock, great delivery, awesome music, and the lyrics are pretty good, even though many people don't grasp the meaning. Probably the best track by the Stones. Rocks Off is not in the top 10 though...

Don't know how Paint it Black makes it in over this. Literally everything about this song is perfection. PIB is okay, but doesn't come close to the sheer brilliance of Sympathy. - Canuckassassin

All sounds in this song are perfectly synced and the lyrics are amazing! Sympathy for the Devil is without a doubt my favourite song by Rolling Stones and it definitely deserves to be second on this list

I was going for Let it Loose, but it's not on the list at all, so Sympathy is the second choice. Crazy and wild, yet very clean. Long live Keith!

I used to get a clip around my ears, for drumming away to this track ( and many more "), with my ma's knitting needles. Worth every clump :) The Stones have been with me, what seems like forever.

I rode a tank
Held a General's rank
When the Blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank
I watched with glee
While your Kings and Queens
Fought for ten decades
For the Gods they made
Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer
Because I'm in need of some restraint

Song for the few, song for the masses. Timeless. Sings the truth and touches on the fear in everyone looking for an answer to the old question: is there a God? And if so, is there a Devil?

This song shows their lyrical genius, and every band has a song that defines them. This is the Stones'. How could you vote for anything else? Come on people!

This song is great, but "Paint it Black" is still better.

Really moves like JAGGER... Great lyrics and an awesome backing up on instruments.. This song takes me away from the world as long as it plays

BEST EVER! PERIOD! Great beat, awesome lyrics about how mankind can be evil. Sympathy and forgiveness is key to stopping "the Devil". EVERYBODY knows his name!

I'm sorry but there is absolutley no way sympathy for the devil is number two! It takes us into all the lows of world history and it was the devil and we blame him, but then we see the devil is us and I think that is just breathtaking. The vocals are done well and the guitar is perfect.

There is just no contest, even though "Satisfaction" is probably considered their signature song. This song has everything.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name :)
The best Rolling stones song and one of the best in the history of world music.

This is the best Rolling Stone song! A really good version of it is on the album: "Get Your ya ya's out"

It was a hard choice, I could've easily voted for any of the top 5 songs, but this one takes it.

It's a great song! It's spooky through and through. Did God make man or did man make God? I know the answer to the question!