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1 Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

This deserves the too spot but I feel like there is better. However, the anime is funny and cute but Usui is a bit of Mary Sue and Misa is a tsundere. However, the plot works fine by introducing cooler cliffhangers each episode. Is a pity the anime hasn't continued. The manga however does settle all our curiousities and improves the series to a mix of dark and comedic.

I love this manga so much that it hurts. The fact that he always teases her in this cute way. They also have the rich kid and the maid setting at a school which I love. I wish I had their romance and I wish I could be the strong willed person that she is. This was literally the first manga I read and it made me expect way too much but got me into more manga and now I'm hooked. I could reread this a thousand times and not get bored with it. The part that I hate the most is the fact that I can't live the life she is living and most guys aren't like this so its really depressing

Kaichou wa maid sama is a story based on the love story of Misaki and Takumi. Misaki is the president of a school that only just started to accept girls but 80 percent of the school is still boys. She works hard to get more girls to join and excels in every subject as well as being stronger than all the guys. However due to her father walking out on her, her mother and her sister she is forced to work in a maid cafe which is then discovered by the cutest, most popular guy at school(Takumi Usui). The story then carries on as they fall in love. There are some really funny moments in this anime.

Overall I found this anime to be one of my favourites and the manga is really good as well. I was a little disappointed to find out that there was only one season of the anime. I would definitely recommend this to other anime watchers.

Without a doubt, this is definitely my favorite rom com of all the mangas and animes out there. The way that your heart races every time there's a moment (really bad for people with second-hand embarassment), and when you laugh so hard from the jokes (those of you who just had a stomach ache, don't read this, you're just gonna make the pain worse), this really is my favorite rom com, but when I actually finished reading the manga, I was like "What? That's it?! No more?!?! Why you do this to me?!?!?! " I think that no matter how many animes I watch or mangas I read, I don't think there's gonna be a better rom com than this.

2 Ouran High Host Club

This... is the best rom com manga I have ever read. I loughed all the way through this manga and I think the caracters are awesome. You don't get to understand their real personality at first (except the protogonist) but while you read more you understand more of them and it gets more an more fun and the protogonist Haruhi is not our typical kind of rom com girl and I think that just makes it more good.
One more thing... About the art, its not as good as ao haru ride (surely) but its good enough.

Ouran High School Host Club was the best and my friends agree. It starts out not so interesting but by the next episode (or manga chapter I guess, I didn't read the manga from the beginning) you'll regret what you thought. This anime has romance, comedy and all that stuff. All the characters are different and interesting in their own way. Personally I like Hikaru and Kaoru the most (not the point but I had to add it in :3). Anyway I encourage you to give a chance to this anime and/or manga. #Otaku:3

This manga/anime, is not doubt the cutest thing I've ever seen. It has a variety of different characters with their different personalities that most don't have, and I've only watched the anime, but from what I've seen I think that it's pretty amazing in it's humor and most of all character development.

To be honest I didn't get why people loved this anime so much until recently, the anime itself does not have a lot of romance with Tamaki (the main guy ) however after reading some the manga I've come to enjoy all of the funny times and romantic scenes a lot more! I am just taken with this manga.

3 Gakuen Alice

This manga has stayed with me from the first time I read it. It is centred more around friendship than romance, but is coupled together with comedy and makes you laugh with every joke and pun.

The character development and art development are absolutely astonishing, it amazes me every time I come back to read it. A lot goes on in this book and it keeps you wondering and hoping althrough out the manga.

It's a long journey (about 170-180 chapters) but it is worth it just to see the characters develop and fall in love. But be advised and warned that it might give you butterflies and chest pain from all the adorableness and the plot twist. It's a 9 out of ten for me.

This is my favorite! I don't really go for manga because I'm too lazy to read. Actually, I first knew about Gakuen Alice when I was like 10 and I really loved it... The anime version I mean... But when I came to know the anime is already over... Like what?! Are you serious! So I definitely look on the manga version and hell... Almost two a hundred of chapters! But because I love the story so much, specially Natsume... Reading was never so boring. To say, I already finished it and heck, there's so much to see. Cried, laughed, and electrified.

Gakuen Alice is a really nice manga that shows determination, friendship and love. The manga started as a comedy as Mikan was trying to adapt to Gakuen Alice and it soon became a suspenseful moment in Mikan's last moments in the school. Many people didn't really like the ending as it seem as though it was a cliffhanger but it at least gives us a chance to interpret what is going to happen in Mikan and her friend's path.

This is such a good manga! (I didn't like the anime much though) the characters are so good, and it's a creative concept! It has a really good plot line! Definitely a must-read :) the story is about a girl, Mikan Sakura, whose best friend Hotaru is invited to a fancy school for talented kids. Mikan follows after her, and makes new friends and has many adventures, learning more about her own powers. She learns about her past, which is tied in with the academy, and not only is it a good plot line, it's pretty funny too! And it has romance :) MUST READ!

4 Toradora

Ok, one of the best parts about this anime is that you know from the very start what will happen, (the story is so clichèd), but it still works. The switch between comedy and drama is too sudden or too gradual, it eases right into it. And the character chemistry and transitions and everything is just so good and smooth. No character trope is overblown, and they are all very realistic characters with their own trauma's. But the OVERALL best part is the OTP. We knew the outcome, but it was fun watching them get there. And woah, do they GET there. You know in every mother show, where they finally get together but the female lead is WAY too shy and the male lead is too awkward and is too gutless to iniate anything and all we get is them blushing while trying to intimate and close stuff and it all feels too forced for a COUPLE to be doing. None of that here. The two know each other so well, there's really no need for blushes and embarrassment, and WOAH, do they find a good way to get ...more

One of the best romance animes. You feel so happy when they finally kiss, and it feels so satisfying. It is also nice to see how they are after they get together. There is so much more emotion and empathy and caring for each other, and awareness. So there isn't all this wasted emotion, because they don't notice which is typical in other anime. Which makes the emotions add up even more.

Coming from someone who doesn't even like anime or romances very much, this had me hooked. I found myself wondering why the heck I was still watching it, but it just kept me going! Definitely recommend it.

The twist in their relationship was nice. This anime wasn't just about love, which made it pretty intereting to read too. It covered topics like friendship, loyalty and other pretty relevant issues. I

5 Skip Beat

This manga is so so beautifully amazing! Just the art is enough. The main guy character- Ren is so hot!... Nakamura Yoshiki, the author, is so good in making hot guys enough for girls to drool on them... Also, the anime is as good as the anime but was not continued til season 2...yet.. I didn't like the live action drama because they didn't gave justice on the characters and also the main story of Skip Beat.

Best shoujou manga ever! First time I enjoyed reading a lovecom so much. This deserves to be number 1. To people who doesn't want to read this book because of the art, you have no idea what you're missing here. I truly feel bad for you!

More than romance the anime has a great and refreshing storyline which gets a lot more interesting towards the end where they show the heroines ingeniuos acting abilities!

The story gets you so hooked! Great humour and great romance. Haven't seen the anime as I prefer the manga. Will not regret reading!

6 Fruits Basket After the accident in which she lost her mother, 16-year-old Tooru moves in with her grandfather, but due to his home being renovated, is unable to continue living with him. Claiming she will find someone to stay with but also fearing the criticism of her family and not wanting to burden any of her more.

Fruits Basket an AMAZING anime and manga. I personally recommend the manga because of the better pictures/drawings and the manga, unlike the anime, has a ending and more romance in it as well. Anyway this anime/manga is different from others for its magic appearance or you could say for it's different curse and how it's solved. Well I very much recommend this manga or anime (mostly the manga, at least the end, if you read the end you'll know why I say this. :).

I cried but it was so very detailed and nicely made you can't stop. they made a decent back story to build up emotion. this also made me laugh and say aww milions of times! It was about a girl who lives in a tent (I know right a tent?! ) anyways, she runs into a house on the way she ends up living with 3 guys kyo, yuki, are the two main guys (there's a 3rd one I forgot his name though) who will she fall in love with though is the real question and what secret did the hide?

So cute! Although I wished tohru and yuki ended up together I'm not exactly fond of tohru and kyo but I still think their a cute couple! The story is so good I think I'm obsessed. It has some funny bits and Also some sad ones that brought me to my tears. But I did wish they added alittle more romance.

This manga gives me a mixture of emotions, all at one; sadness, happiness... It makes me understand the characters feelings and the story plot is really interesting and good. And the main couple is so cute! This is my favourite manga forever!

7 Special A

Special A was such a great anime. There was humor present in every episode, as well as cute romance between characters that tried to express their feelings to each other. It's similar to Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama only because the characters' personalities/goals might be similar. The basic plot and story line of the stories of different. They're both really great anime

This anime should definitely be second! The entire season is amazing (almost as good as kaichou wa maid sama), but the ending is even better! The last two episodes are better than kaichou wa maid sama, but that could be because kaichou wa maid sama was planning on a second season...

This story was very good! The Manga is a lot better though because the story has time to grow and the main couple has a lot more exploration into their relationship, while the Anime you never get to see them as a couple, because that is how they ended it.

I highly encourage people to watch this anime. It is similar to Ouran and Maid-sama, but that's why it's good! The comedy is great and is not too over-used. they also mke some great otp's for any shippers out there. I'm not gonna say much cause I don't wanna spoil considering how short of a series it is, but watch it!

8 Sword Art Online Sword Art Online is a series of Japanese light novels written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. In 2012, it received an anime adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures and the SAO Project, and is directed by Tomohiko Ito . The first season is divided into two arcs known as "Aincrad" and "Fairy Dance". more.

This anime is definitely worth watching! This anime has some very intense fight scenes, some of which Kirito is Asunas knight in shining armor. Honestly, the romance Asuna and Kirito have is timeless! When you watch it you'll understand. (Also, it does help that Asuna is not weak and happens to be one of the most impressive anime characters)

The story itself follows Kazuto Kidigaya who plays a virtual reality game known as, "Sword Art Online" with the username Kirito. However, everything goes wrong when all of its players are suddenly trapped inside the game itself. The only way to escape is by defeating all 100 bosses and winning the game. For a pro gamer like Kirito this should have been easy. However, the only hitch is that if you die in the game, you will also be killed in the real world.

The emotions are so dispersed in the series. One episode you're crying, another you're laughing, another you're confused. Season 1 was probably the best one. The growth of Asuna and Kirito is so interesting. They even fight together on the edge of dying. The second and third season I heard some people disliked because the main characters change just like that especially in the third season lol. (no spoilers if you wanna watch it) No matter what though, SAO is a great anime to watch. It was probably my favorite anime yet..(although people say I'm lame for liking a mainstream anime ^_^)

Sword art online is mainly action, you can barely see the romance, but when it comes to the romantic parts it's worth it, seriously. The anime Sword art online was extremely amazing (especially plot, it had so much romance) but Sword art online 2 in my opinion was really really really BAD, apparently I think it was a flop. The story line was awesome at FIRST then it got so boring because they added in so many random character that aren't needed, mainly NO ROMANCE between Kirito and Asuna and super random little plots they added after Kirito defeated death gun. Asuna joins some random group. It gets all messed. Sword art Online is my favourite romance anime and highly recommended DO NOT HESITATE but you are warned about Sword art Online 2 so brace yourself!

Its action, romance, and swords oh my! The first season is amazing and you just can't get enough of it. The ending is pretty great but in my opinion the manga wasn't wonderful. The Rt wasn't great but in the anime they did so much with it. The second season is okay but could be better. At first it gets you going. You think it's amazing but then once they come out of GGO it really does suck. It's worth watching.

9 Ao Haru Ride Ao Haru Ride is the anime adaptation of the manga series written and illustrated by Io Sakisaka, which was serialized in the shoujo magazine Bessatsu Margaret between 2011 and 2015. It has sold over 5.84 million copies, and released in Germany, France, Italy, Taiwan and Poland. It was adapted into a more.

This is my all time favourite anime and manga of all time. It just has it all, the cute childhood memories, the strong character development, the romance that melts your heart and the pain that breaks it, not to forget the fact that it's a great laugh in every episode. Ao Haru Ride both anime and manga is great both for it's plot, art and characters. Ao haru ride is a story about a boy and a girl who loved each other back in middle school without knowing what they felt for each other, exempt when they meet again in high school both of them have changed so much and slowly fall in love with each other all over again, while facing struggles of everyday highschoolers and more. I recommend it for everyone.

Ao Haru Ride... Don't get me started. This is simply a master piece! From the unique and beautiful art style of the manga AND anime to the music choices and character development!
The sad thing is that it does have a second season to the anime so I'll mainly talk about the manga.

I'll start with the characters. Futaba Yoshioka is a character we can all relate to in one way or another. She is both mature and childish, it's obvious how the past impacted on her life, and really changed her character which is later pointed out By Kou Mabuchi who has a history with Futaba, however short it was it really makes the audience feel one way or another.

As the plot rolls out, it's really beautiful how the two help each other through and develop each other's character. I'll not spoil the whole thing so I'll just say that these two are a match made in heaven. Their personalities fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and when I say Jiddah puzzle it is hard to make a picture for a while ...more

This is one of the most romantic anime and manga I have ever seen! It made me cry, mad, anxious and happy. Romance between two people separated in middle school and found themselves in high school. I really liked the art of the anime and manga. When I finished the anime, I immediately started reading the manga. At the end of the manga, I had an enormous smile on my face for the happiness. It was worth to read it. Amazing love story. Recommend for everyone!

Ao Haru Ride was one of the best romantic anime I've ever watched, and I have recommended it to some people that all loved it. The style of art is unique and is really appealing! It gives you a sense of reality by adding in topics that really do run through teenage minds. Lots of wonderful bits of comedy in each episode to keep you laughing through this fantastic love story between two former classmates!

10 Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

The manga is awesome! I love the characters (hot! ) and the idea/plot. I love the first episode sooo much! KISS SCENE! The anime is just as good but the part that it's cut short... T-T Super cute and super awesome. This anime/manga should be first, it's just amazing. I recommend it to your "before I die" list.

I super-duper like this couple. they are very straight forward to each others feelings which I find really romantic and unique in the world of anime/manga. and their sweet moments, oh my! I almost hurt my throat not to scream loud. but it really affects me. Episode 1 is the most memorable part for me

I love this manga! Super cute! All the characters are so cute! Even the boys! Honestly, sometimes I scream because the art is just cute.

This manga is the best! I got carried away that I cry or laugh or scream, even my siblings call me crazy because of it...the plot is great! and its art is awesome!

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11 Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu

"THE BEST" manga EVER!
This is the only manga I've read with the BEST ending. I swear! my heart was contended to it's fullest level.
You can't stop reading until you finish it, every chapter is uniquely written by the one and only KANAN MINAMI. Thank you so much. Atlast my dream ending towards manga has been fulfilled.
The OVA brought me here by the way, hahahhaha.
I do hope they make an anime series out of this amazing masterpiece.
Most recommended aside from AO HARU RIDE. Sayonara!

A story of a romance, a love that, against all odds, survived. I loved it! It was one of the best that I've read so far. It was very interesting. I love the plot, love the guy (of course ^^) and love the girl. There are many underlying messages, and it may not be appropriate for young audiences. But, I highly recommend it. It is now my no. 1 romance manga.

It's such an awesome story it truly has something that makes it such a beautiful love story of 2 contrasting characters. It is the best manga I ever read and it has to be the best!

This is the very first manga I've ever finished. So you know what it means,... Can't stop reading until finished.

12 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon is a Japanese shōjo manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It was originally serialized in Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997; the 52 individual chapters were published in 18 tankōbon volumes. more.

I love sailor moon it has great characters, a amazing storyline and lots of comedy and romance in it.

The romance is insanely cute and heart warming. Plus the guys are really good looking

It really is very heart warming

Amazing anime so romantic

13 Romeo x Juliet Romeo × Juliet is an anime TV series, loosely based on William Shakespeare's classical play, Romeo and Juliet, along with numerous references and characters from other Shakespearean plays.

I started this manga and really hoped it didn't take a traditional twist but it did and I was crying.

I love it so such and you have to watch the anime show to

Can someone describe its story please

I really cry in this anime

14 Lovely Complex

I love Lovely Complex. It was such a great manga and anime. I liked that the main characters were different from many shoujo leads where the guy is cold/princely and the girl is just a cardboard cutout of sweet and naive. The mains in this anime are imperfect and kinda goofy but they have intense emotions too and goals. I can feel myself in the characters because they aren't 2 dimensional. The plot does have stereotypical fallbacks that every shoujo story does like rivals, festivals, falling down and hurting yourself, etc. But all in all it is enjoyable and I don't always mind stereotyping if it's done right or something different is added. It's just a great anime/manga that you can laugh and sometimes cry at. It definitely has rewatch value for me and leaves you with a good feeling.

Should be number 1. Forever and always. I can't imagine anyone disliking the manga or the anime. The characters are unforgettable and hilarious. There will be times where you feel like laughing your head off and times where you'll want to cry. Hearing the words "bear curry" will definitely make you want to cry. I love the music as well. It's my favourite anime of all time. Lovely complex is life.

Funny. Super FUNNY. It doesn't fail to make me laugh every episode and every time. This anime taught me that height doesn't matter, even if it is true love, first love or whatever love. Love is love and nothing else matters right? Love this anime so much

If your seriously looking for a actual ROMANCE anime that actually is really a FUNNY one, then Lovely Complex is perfect. It 's not like every other anime out there. It changes the the standers. A refreshing anime to watch.

15 Shugo Chara!

I love shugo chara so much I prefer the manga because the anime was so long and drawn out. Also AMUTO FOREVER!

It has a great story line, it has cute characters and the arts really good.

I liked Amuto romance but she was dense and didn't see that Ikuto liked her

Hated when she let that prince was turned down

16 Nisekoi

My personal top ranking anime. Very sweet. It reminds me of my innocent highschool love life. It grows with you as you read/watch it. Comes with mystery which makes you wanna vote for the couple that you want. Overall, a must watch/read anime/manga.

Both tsundere type, this makes it fun and enjoyable. That means they're more sweeter.

the boy is a bit dense while the girl is such a rowdy type. This type of couple is what I'm looking for. But I really wish they could update fast so I can read watch this anime till the end. by the way its false love. they pretend to be lovers, but actually they hate each others guts. well, their feelings will change by time. that is true love, a developed kind of love. its much better than crush. cause from time to time, day by day they never know that they are fallin in love.

This anime/manga moved me to tears. It is a very enjoyable and touching story, the plot is well thought and the story moves on rather than beating around the bush for too long.

This anime makes me cry. *sigh* Yes little bit of disappointment in the ending(not really ending, just read manga) But yeah, you'll cry. Sometimes you agree, but sometimes you really need to disagree. This is the best romcom anime I've ever read/watched.

17 Kamisama Hajimemashita

I really like this anime, to be honest this is the best shoujo anime I've watched.
The relationship between Nanamim and Tomoe is what girls felt.
When a girl feels love and the boy too, but because of situations they can't.
you should watch this anime if you haven't, trust me, it's amazing

IT SHOULD BE ON TOP 10 T.T This anime inspires me a lot. The best anime/manga I've ever watched/read. The best story! Tomoe-kun is so sweet. This story is so funny and will make you cry at the same time. It is so inspiring!

I love this anime and I also love the manga... I can't get enough of Tomoe I love him to death, the story is very sweet and exciting with twist at the same time! Highly recommended

Oh my god. Way better than all those up there. Comedy is just right. Uberly sweet scenes. The main guy is just sooo... You'll love him. The rest of the guys are eye candies too. Strong female lead.

18 Clannad Clannad is the anime adaptation of the visual novel developed by KEY for Windows PCs in 2004, which was later ported to PlayStation consoles and the Xbox 360. The game was the best-selling PC game in 2004 and charted in national top 50 rankings several more times afterwards. Clannad has been adapted more.

This is a really sweet story but ends to soon for my liking.

They made a sequel call 'Clannad the after story'. Watch it! Oh my God, it made me cry! It's them all grown up, so more mature.

This anime had romance, humor, and touching scenes all mixed into one. Plus, the art is cute!

Clannad is good. Clannad after story is the real deal.

It was so good the best sad but cute

19 Black Bird

For me this is the best manga that I have read so far. I'm deeply fascinated with the personality of Kyo. He love Misao so much to the point that he have waited 10 years, become a head, lost his family, almost die just the have Misao. His first and last tears are because of Misao. For him He is nothing without Misao. Kyo is a dream boy of every Hopeless Romantic girl like me. He is my first love in anime next is Usui 😍 How I wish I have my own kyo.

I also posted in Gakuen Alice, but this comes second after Gakuen Alice. I do Love the romance between Kyo and Misao it is an overwhelming passion that readers can relate with without the whole demon thing.

While cheesy at times this manga is full of character development and emotional trauma. Coupled with demons and fighting it is the perfect manga to curl up with.

It has many sides action comedy and romance and I liked the drawing

20 Kimi ni Todoke

By far my favourite romance anime EVER. Period. It's very refreshing, innocent, swwet and yet realistic, not like other cliched shoujo manga you'd see out there. I rewatched the whole anime series for 4 times and I still couldn't get enough of this. I will never forget about this anime, so unforgettable.

The main character was more innocent than most people realize, hidden by a scary somewhat TERRIFYING appearance. But she try's and try's to befriend her classmates' (which can be difficult when you're afraid to call them friends! )

This is one of the best manga that I have ever read. I loved the characters and their unique personalities, this manga / anime had all I wanted in it, it had a lot of tension in it which made it all the more interesting

This manga/anime is so cute but realistic. It shows you the happiness and heartaches you can get when you experience love. It shows the bittersweet when you achieve love. Seriously so cute and refreshing.

21 Golden Time

A well-paced and beautifully crafted story filled with the vibes of college life, fun, freindship, some inevitable life-lessons and a serious battle against a mental disorder..
to be honest the romantic moments were pure gem (sometimes a bit cheesy though :v )
The ending felt a bit rushed but satisfied me a lot
The best thing about this anime is that all the main characters are worth caring for and they win heart..

On the surface it seems like a cheesy romance anime, but later into the series it really becomes about serious love and maturing as a person. A wonderful story with wild, but deep characters!

I'm really not into the romance genre, but for some reason, Golden Time is... Different! I genuinely enjoyed this series... It's one of the best I've ever seen. There's nothing NOT to love.

This anime is so underrated. I've seen a lot of romance and comedy anime and this is in my top 3. This never gets old. I cry every time (and I'm 19)

22 Kodocha

***Calling out girls*** if you like manga centered on romance and comedy this is for you. Yeah the anime starts out as very childish and I think it has a bit of filler with the scenes from the T.V. show, but it is beautiful anime that will appeal to even the oldest of anime lovers. I have one of the song from this anime saved and every time I listen to it it makes me want to cry. Since the main characters are kids this anime/ manga won't have a lot of physical progression, but it does have a lot of emotional progression it is almost mind baffling to me how well they mature at the end of the anime/manga (although it's still have the main character acting as a goofball). As always the manga has so many more details and I think watching it and reading it will make you understand the real depth of this story.

Though this manga/anime sounds childish, its plot is actually very deep and can sometimes can be very heartbreaking. It makes you cry your heart out one second and laugh the next!

At first when I first watched it I was like, Why the heck am I watching this? Then I got further in and I was like oh my gosh I love this it is definitely something worth watching

It is just cute to imagine that elementary school kids have love story as complicated as this. But that is what makes this manga super cute and worth to read

23 Case Closed

Even though it's still going strong with 1021 chapters and it seems repetitive with a case every chapter, but that's the whole point! I love the romance between Shinichi and Ran, as well as Hattori and Kazuha! Gosho Aoyama does an amazing job coming up with the little tricks for the murders and he deserves the title of Japan's Sherlock Holmes.

Best detective manga ever. Anyone who is a big nut of crime like I am join the club and enjoy so many fun scenes

LOVE it, so cool! Very little romance but funny and sweet (though a little sad too)

24 Wolf Girl and Black Prince

This anime is just SOOO good! It's about this girl named Erica or Erika that needs to pretend to have a fake boyfriend-( her FAKE boyfriends name is Sata- Kun)-in order to have friends. This anime has really high quality art, what I mean is the protagonist Erika looks so cute, and her boyfriend too. This will make you cry, laugh and FANGIRL over this couple. It's in my top 5 right now, and would rate it 9/10. It has around 12 episodes for the animation, and has season 2 in the manga, if you're reading the manga, and you've just finished season 1 of Wolf girl and Black Prince, start at chapter 26. There's so much in this anime! And I recommend you to watch this anime it 100% literally! 😚

This was really funny. I liked how the female main character(girl) was really clumsy and the male main character (boy) was eally popular and how only the girl was the only one who knew the boy's true self which was violent in a way, they came to love each other and no matter how clumsy the girl was the male main character loved her. It was a very cute storyline.

When I read a manga or watch an anime I feel like as if I were he main character... The girl.. So it hurts me how the guy is so Alf heartedly kind but if you watch it is absolutely WORTH IT!

This is such an awesome anime.. Funny at the same time supah romantic... The guy is so damn hot... he looks like a fusion of Gintoki (for the hair and a litte for the face) and Sogou (for the attitude) of Gintama..

25 Zero No Tsukaima

Really funny and nice, though I don't like how the guy is a little too perverted

I like it so so much. The anime has 4 seasons and so like like it.

Funny and romantic and has enough action. I recommend

I like the romance and lot of humor. I love it.

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