Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!


Gone searching for best romantic comedy anime and Kaichou Wa Maid-sama tops all the reviews so out of curiosity, I started to watch this heart-warming anime last Tuesday and I am so hooked I finished it Thursday and can't stop myself loving the compatibility of personalities of Misaki and Usui. I wish there will be Season 2 :(

Kaichou wa maid sama is a story based on the love story of Misaki and Takumi. Misaki is the president of a school that only just started to accept girls but 80 percent of the school is still boys. She works hard to get more girls to join and excels in every subject as well as being stronger than all the guys. However due to her father walking out on her, her mother and her sister she is forced to work in a maid cafe which is then discovered by the cutest, most popular guy at school(Takumi Usui). The story then carries on as they fall in love. There are some really funny moments in this anime.

Overall I found this anime to be one of my favourites and the manga is really good as well. I was a little disappointed to find out that there was only one season of the anime. I would definitely recommend this to other anime watchers.

This is the best manga I ever read! This being my first and best is just awesome. I love Misaki's strong personality and how both Usui and her make the ultimate power couple. I JUST LOVE IT! I really recommend this. I honestly don't know how much times I read and watch this manga/anime. It's just cute and hilarious. Anyways THIS IS A MUST!

There such a CUTE couple and he is so funny the way he teases her. She is such a strong person and everyone loves her and I love her relationship. Sometimes I wish I could live in this manga. If I got to pick one manga to live in than there is no doubt that it would be this one. The art is FANTASTIC and oh how much I wish I could be them

, this is my favorite anime, after special A, by the way those who haven't watched Special A should totally watch it! The circumstances are very similar as to Kaichou maid sama's

I loved this one. It has a unique storyline and great characters. I watched the anime and was left wanting more--so I read the entirety of the manga, all eighty-something chapters. It was amazing. Definitely one of the few that has left me satisfied with its ending. It gets better as it goes.

The best anime on planet Earth, period. It has cuteness, comedy, and oh my god the best story you will ever see. I highly recommend it. I have seen hundreds of anime, but this is always on the top spot. No other anime can beat this anime. You would only understand what I am saying right now if you watched it.

Ah! The characters are well drawn and the there's an actually fun and sweet action between the main characters who have great personalities and make the best match together

This was a really good anime/manga. I originally only watched it because my friend wanted me to accompany her, as we were both bored. Turns out, I became pretty much addicted to it after a few episodes. Misaki and Takumi are so perfect for each other!

Cute reactions from the characters, and you can feel the romance in the manga, and some very funny moments in the manga... just so cute.. ! First time I even read manga with a wedding for their ending

Best manga ever... read it over and over again and again... totally love misaki's diligent yet cute character... one word for this manga AWESOME

Seriously, I don't know what makes this manga super good. But I am addicted to this manga! I don't even know why! Once you read it, you will never be able to stop

This is the BEST ever! A must watch! Hilarious and romantic! The couple is just so perfect! The characters are awesome too!

So CUTE! Art is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! the story line is hilarious! Seriously, NO complaints! The mangaka did an amazing job at capturing detail! Also, the characters are so interesting! I watched the anime FIRST and I was like: Usui is so hot! A simple summary is that a strict high school pesident (Misaki) wants to make an outstanding, top notch school (elite but in a poor way). The truth is because her family is so poor she as to work in a part-time job as a maid, but she DOESN'T want people to find out because it will ruin her strict image. A playboy (pretty boy but the girls confess to him because he is so hot, Usui) finds out Misaki's secret and basically kinda blackmails her. He then finds her entertaining and starts to fall in love with her. Usui is so damn romantic and Misaki starts falling in love with him BUT just doesn't want to admit it. A very KAWAII plot. Although Misaki is so fudging STUBBORN! so braise yourself!

I really like Usui and how he handle Misaki. He looks stubborn and cold from the outside but inside he deeply cared for Misaki.

The best manga ever created. It was the first time I truly fell in love with manga. The story is funny, cute and surprisingly realistic. I'm in love.

Without a doubt, this is definitely my favorite rom com of all the mangas and animes out there. The way that your heart races every time there's a moment (really bad for people with second-hand embarassment), and when you laugh so hard from the jokes (those of you who just had a stomach ache, don't read this, you're just gonna make the pain worse), this really is my favorite rom com, but when I actually finished reading the manga, I was like "What? That's it?! No more?!?! Why you do this to me?!?!?! " I think that no matter how many animes I watch or mangas I read, I don't think there's gonna be a better rom com than this.

Found this show on a whim and I'm so glad I did. Amazing story, character progression, and chemistry between the two main characters. Must watch!

This is a really good anime with the best guy lead USUI! And of course a great girl lead as well but I must say usui is bae

They do some really out of the ordinary stuff and sometimes she does stuff that is really awkward and makes me blush but overall I LOVE it

I absolutely LOVED this anime and I was even able to get my fiance into it and he's more of an action anime lover :3

I just finished the manga and I was so satisfied with the ending. One of the best romantic manga I've read, ever!

I loved it! It was hilarious, cute and amazing. I had tears in my eyes at the of series and that only happens when it's a really good manga.

I really love the way Usui Takumi and Misaki Ayuzawa spend time together and show off some sweet scenes

Usui is one of the most good looking and coolest guys among the anime world. You'll love him because I did.