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21 Golden Time

This anime is so underrated. I've seen a lot of romance and comedy anime and this is in my top 3. This never gets old. I cry every time (and I'm 19)

I'm really not into the romance genre, but for some reason, Golden Time is... Different! I genuinely enjoyed this series... It's one of the best I've ever seen. There's nothing NOT to love.

On the surface it seems like a cheesy romance anime, but later into the series it really becomes about serious love and maturing as a person. A wonderful story with wild, but deep characters!

A well-paced and beautifully crafted story filled with the vibes of college life, fun, freindship, some inevitable life-lessons and a serious battle against a mental disorder..
to be honest the romantic moments were pure gem (sometimes a bit cheesy though :v )
The ending felt a bit rushed but satisfied me a lot
The best thing about this anime is that all the main characters are worth caring for and they win heart..

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22 Kodocha

Though this manga/anime sounds childish, its plot is actually very deep and can sometimes can be very heartbreaking. It makes you cry your heart out one second and laugh the next!

At first when I first watched it I was like, Why the heck am I watching this? Then I got further in and I was like oh my gosh I love this it is definitely something worth watching

***calling out girls*** if you like manga centered on romance and comedy this is for you. yeah the anime starts out as very childish and I think it has a bit of filler with the scenes from the T.V. show,but it is beautiful anime that will appeal to even the oldest of anime lovers. I have one of the song from this anime saved and every time I listen to it it makes me want to cry. Since the main characters are kids this anime/ manga won't have a lot of physical progression, but it does have a lot of emotional progression it is almost mind baffling to me how well they mature at the end of the anime/manga (although it's still have the main character acting as a goofball ). As always the manga has so many more details and I think watching it and reading it will make you understand the real depth of this story.

I liked this anime because u can relate one your life

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23 Case Closed Case Closed

Best detective manga ever. Anyone who is a big nut of crime like I am join the club and enjoy so many fun scenes

LOVE it, so cool! Very little romance but funny and sweet (though a little sad too)

24 Wolf Girl and Black Prince Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Really cute and awkward...along with funny - ayumi-oki

This was really funny. I liked how the female main character(girl) was really clumsy and the male main character (boy) was eally popular and how only the girl was the only one who knew the boy's true self which was violent in a way, they came to love each other and no matter how clumsy the girl was the male main character loved her. It was a very cute storyline.

This was a super anime I love it

I loved it. Nothing more to say.

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25 Zero No Tsukaima

Would they make another season please I still want to know what happen when they goo to the earth but this is one of my favorite anime ever

Really funny and nice, though I don't like how the guy is a little too perverted

I like it so so much. The anime has 4 seasons and so like like it.

I like the romance and lot of humor. I love it.

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26 Inuyasha Inuyasha InuYasha is a manga franchise created by Rumiko Takahashi. It was adapted into two anime television series produced by Sunrise. The first was broadcast for 167 episodes on Yomiuri TV in Japan from October 16, 2000 until September 13, 2004. The second series, called Inuyasha: The Final Act, began airing more.

This anime is the best Romantic anime/manga that I currently love its one of the first that I saw when I was young the plot is amazing and you won't ever get bored though I myself prefer the anime the manga-ka wasn't so bad but you should give it a try maybe you'll enjoy the manga-ka too!

Yeah I like inuyasha too because this is the anime that I felt so different in other anime. I agree that inuyasha should be in top 10. This is my favorite specially from the LOVE TRIANGLE about Kikyo, InuYasha, and Kagome.
About love that no matter what happens kagome and inuyasha love each other even the feudal era is the barrier to their loves. I LOVE IT really makes me IN LOVED

I LOVED inuyasha and all the episodes so this should be in the top 10 AT LEAST

This is my all time favourite..the originality is none like other. I only watch the anime though..and it really played with my emotion. I keep repeat watching it over and over again.

27 Vampire Knight Vampire Knight

Yes! I love this, but I am disappointed because the two I wanted together get together in the VERY end of the manga (not explored at all in the anime) but you learn little to no facts about them as a couple. Not very romance oriented but still very good!

I can just die after reading such a good story I am kidding don't worry at the end I cried so much FOR real! I was so sad and impressed but it's still ongoing so I look forward to it

It sounds like a good anime and I will look it up for more info. but the film clips look even more interesting each time I see them

I was very disappointing in the end. just ugh - ayumi-oki

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28 Horimiya Horimiya

Right after reading the first chapter I could say that this is a great manga series in fact it's the best for me. Once the author aim to make it funny you will not stop laughing and romantic parts will really melt you away. Anyways just try reading it and you'll surely love it.

I really recommend this manga! Made me laugh so much and the romance is super cute. The main characters all have great personalities and are also really funny.

It the best manga ever it's so great an original story line, interesting characters and a lot of Romance and Comedy give it a serious chance

I just feel very sympathetic for the MC.

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29 Akatsuki No Yona

Love all the characters and the story! I've been waiting for the story of a strong princess with strong companions and of course ROMANCE

I just love the style of the manga/anime and the development of the characters

This is one of the best manga... I can't get enough reading this.. I love each and every character of this story.. Read it now and your now gonna regret it..

This anime is the best I ever watched! although the first episode was confusing...

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30 Hapi Mari

I love Hapi Mari. It has a wonderful ending. I think it's really funny. It has a very good story. I liked as soon as I read the first chapter. I think they should make an anime for it. I legit learned a lesson from this.

This manga makes me want to fall in love and get married. Very nice story.

I love it so much

Totally love it so so much..

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31 Say "I Love You"

I watched the Anime first and kinda fell in love with it, (though I couldn't stand the animation for her hair, I don't know why) then I read the manga. The Anime is portrayed a lot more younger audience friendly like 13-14+ though the manga is defiantly 18+ because there is sex scenes, nudity, etc. Though all you really see is naked chest of both genders or them in their underwear. As long as you are fine with that kind of stuff everything is all great. It's a good read, defiantly.

I love the story line and it shows a life about a girl that hasn't had any friends after an incident that happened when she was young. This anime/manga shows a beautiful love story and a life of two completely different people joined together by fate.

Really really like this anime. I love their love story but is was kind of disappointing because it have just 13 episodes to watch and their is no second season.

Lots of drama but its still really cute. doesent really have much comedy included but whatever... - ayumi-oki

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32 Hadashi de Bara wo Fume

I don't really like this. Not comedy, so drama, the poor girl that actually rich, the poor girl marries a rich man and story line similar to my mother's favorite soap opera. Just my opinion though

This is such a cute romance manga great storyline

33 Sakura Cardcaptor (Cardcaptors)

This story takes off with a magical beginning. It's cute funny and really good the plot is great and you won't get bored of Sakura believe me she will have you watching all the seasons AND the movies too!

Little Sakura Kinomoto will help you forget about some certain disgustingly annoying Haruno.

34 L-DK

I am the type of person who likes to get revenge on someone who did something to make and bothered my life but this manga that man is absoloutley a fool and self centered and stupid and the girl is to selfish and gets jealous easily! Is what I thought at first but after finishing this manga... I was brought to tears because this manga shows how hard it is to maintain a good relationship..

This manga is so funny and romantic. love them too together... Must read

Why its still not done yet?

Thus anime is awesome...i love a girl comes into ones life and makes him recover the past love

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35 My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (OreGairu)

You absolutely fall in love with every one of the main characters. It's hilarious and unique storyline takes you for a ride. Look forward to the next season coming April 2015!

Serves as a great depiction of many aspects you might not even have thought to consider. Not only is this anime thought provoking but simply loads of fun to watch!

OREGAIRU takes you on a ride. Although,the plot development points it to be more of a drama than a romance, there are moments that make you wanna fall in love. And, of course the protagonist. Man he makes you wanna root for him as he struggles through life, discovering himself bit by bit. Whenever I think of this anime, I go: "God, why don't they make more anime like this one? " Highly recommended, go watch it now.

It deserves to be at least in the top 10 haha. Watch it, you won't regret for a second

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36 Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoshitsu
37 Ranma 1/2 Ranma 1/2

It's a very old story but I still love it

This manga is the best manga /anime I have ever read..its romance is so so cute that I have watched this 4- 5 times..i just love this show..♥

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38 Last Game

This is the next most favorite manga after Maid-sama ended! A super cute manga because the guy has a too high pride and childish, and the girl is so dense and doesn't need romance in her life. I am tired with main character that is too perfect

I love this manga! A really sweet story and the two main characters are prefect fir each other!

Really love this manga! It never gets boring. Highly recommended!

A very cute love story and I really like guy point of view.the mc get flustered easily while the girl doesn't even have any idea.the plot was potrayed of my favourite of all time.should read katakoi triangle by the same mangaka too

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39 Brothers Conflict

I Love this manga

Love this anime!

I love the anime show what I have not readed the manga books yet was it good later on I will might read it. If I have time to do it.

Very awkward...and cute. the romance in this is super sweet but awkward. there is some comedy here and there but it's a little more serious. - ayumi-oki

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40 Dengeki Daisy

I just love dis manga.. Its pretty funny but at d same time serious too.. I love d art n expressions of d characters.. Romance, friendship, love.. Everything is der.. Best shoujo manga for me..

Simply BEST STORY LINE EVER! Really cute moments and lovable and smart characters!

What can I say? I want to live in it. This author never bring me down. Another great mature story. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED if we love to have many feelings involved when reading a story

I'm also a fan of this manga

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