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101 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

More comedy than romance actually. But the comedy is just so good and super funny! I read it over and over again and never get bored.

3 thumbs up. They are so funny it made my stomach hurt. Although not much romance, it is still worth watching and reading

This manga is really funny and the anime is awesome

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102 Hiyokoi

Best love Triangle :3

103 Bokura Ga Ita

The characters are so sweet and cute. Although their relationship has ups-and-downs, their love for each other always tops. As the series go on, there will be an interesting love triangle

I do not understand why this anime is not at the top of the list. This anime deserves more recognition. If you like long(longer than most) and romance focused anime this anime is for you. The greatness of this anime comes from how it deals with loss and the topic and of being able to love again.Unlike other animes this characters relationship is constantly developing (instead of beating around the bush and getting 80 episode of a first kiss).

104 Sakura Trick

Now for all you Yuri fans one of my best romantic/funny stories is sakura trick. You go into a best friend scenario and the cool twist is they both hide their feelings for each other hence the funny ways each of them try to confess to each other I have others but Ita the first that popped in my mind

105 Strobe Edge

Very sweet, with the girl not being overly weak, and staying true to her love for Ren. Also a few small stories about the romance between the other characters as well. Story about falling out of love with someone, and in love with another. LOVE IT!

I love this manga! It's so cute! I don't get why Ao haru ride made it on the list but not this one!

After ao haru ride this is the best romance comedy I ve ever read I really really reccomand it!

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106 Cherry Juice

This is a cute forbidden love story between 2 step siblings.

A cute forbidden love story between siblings :3

107 Missions of Love

It's about a girl who Iis writing a romance novel so she finds someone to be her mission partner and a hisname Iis Shigure. In this book Yukina faces many obstacles but will her love with Shigure be strong enough to overcome it or will they stay forever as partners?!

108 Magico

I Love this Manga. It is soon cute! Especially when the male lead role gets a bloody nose every time the female lead role gets near him. Though in the end they met ounce again but before that I couldn't help but cry when they had to separate. Magico is about the male and female lead roles completing a magical ritual called Magico. They encounter many difficulties along the way but they also found many precious people. Okay I'm going to stop here Baca use I don't want to spoil it for you but this Manga is a

Must. Read. Manga

This manga is so cute and so funny. The female lead character is naive when it comes to love where as the male lead is the complete opposite thus causing him to blush a lot and get lots of nose bleeds. Also they have to complete rituals some of which romantic, exp, getting married. Despite the romance there is a lot of action scenes because it's based in a place where there are mages and wizards. Also it's not too long or too short.
To conclude this manga is so CUTE and HEART WARMING with great ART. You Must read it!

109 Kotoura-san

This Anime would "Read your mind" LITERALLY!

The anime is interesting! Her childhood made me cry, but the fact that she finally has friends, and a "boyfriend"... made me really happy!
I recommend you to watch the anime!

110 Barajou No Kiss

I love the art. The main character is also called the rose princess. She has 3 main rose knights that she can summon as body guards and to protect her by kissing a rose card

I love the art and plot... kinda supernatural... Girl has summoning cards and guardians are good looking :3 and she has a purpose

111 Sasusaku

Love it

112 Absolute Boyfriend

Really cute funny and towards the end a bit sad. A little inappropriate but not extremely. In my opinion one of the sweetest romance/comedy manga I have ever read.

It's a innocent love story. I like this style.

One of the best Romance and Comedy manga I've ever Read. Night Tenjo being so handsome, caring, loving and perf boyfriend you could ever have though he's a robot. I've cried a bunch of times with this.. Hands up for Yuu watase.

113 Saikano

AKA: My girlfriend Is A Weapon. I mentioned in another title that there are very few manga/anime that have made me cry. This one was the first. Besides the Sci-Fi aspect of it, everything about this story is realistic, down to how war affects the individual, the community, the environment, and relationships. When you're a highschool aged kid, and you are dying, falling in love, just once, doesn't matter to who, seems like the most important thing in the world, even more important than the world itself. Beautiful.

114 The Wallflower

This manga is awesome! The basic story from what I've read is about 3 handsome boys who try to make a girl beautiful for free rent. As the story develops, you learn that the girl stopped caring about her appearance and became dark. This was all the cause of a boy who rejected her, calling her "ugly". However, one of the handsome boys and the girl start to like each other and because they both have had bad experiences with love, they deny their feelings for each other. But the romance is subtle from the parts I've read so far.

115 My Bride Is a Mermaid

It's classic comedy romantic anime just so fun to watch every single episode promises great humour and countless just make you keep on watching till the very last episode.

The opening of the anime just touch my heart as it so warm and nice song to hear.

the storyline it just so interesting to watch and to read the main characters just simply fit for the story awesomely "evergreen anime"

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116 Bloody Kiss

I kinda liked this manga, but it was short and was not even happy to even read it. I like mangas that are long. Do you agreed?

117 Tenshi Ja Nai
118 Shinobi Life

Oh. My. GOODNESS! If you haven't read this yet, Read it! Seriously, this is probably my favorite romance manga to date.

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120 Seiyuu Ka!
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