Most Romantic Arnold & Helga Moments from Hey Arnold!

This cute childhood romance is one of the many reasons Hey Arnold! was such an endearing show. The relationship between Arnold and Helga is well written and developed throughout the series. It's a very emotional show, and the little moments between these two are the most rewarding and entertaining, in my opinion.

Get ready to add more entries to this list once the Jungle Movie finally comes out! Woo! *November 2017*

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The ending of the episode 'Arnold's Valentine'.

Very sweet how he kisses her on the hand. And that Cinderella reference, lol. Arnold, you're so blind.

He didn't even know that it was Helga so if he knew he would faint thinking Helga was crazy that night.

Nah, she was showing her true self-her soft inner side. And Arnold knows she puts up a mean facade all the time (he's mentioned it to her directly). I'm betting on him realizing the mystery girl was really Helga come the Jungle Movie.

When Arnold shared his umbrella with Helga and complimented her pink bow.

This is when Helga first developed a crush on Arnold, as no one had ever shown her kindness like that. The emotion behind this one is just…oh my gosh! Really, the whole episode (Helga on the Couch) pulls on your heartstrings. It also explains why she still wears that pink bow in spite of being a total tomboy.

The April Fool's Day tango.

I watched this show in unhealthy amounts of time and I'm a just say... they so like each other.

Look at Arnold's angry face and Helga's clueless expression. This is not romantic.

There, I changed the picture. Tell me that's not romantic. You probably haven't even seen the episode.

Visitor doesn't understand the trope 'belligerent sexual tension.'

The romantic tension is tangible, the banter clever…and Arnold accidentally slapping Sheena's butt was just…lmao.

When Helga gave up the Christmas present she wanted, so that Arnold could have the present he wanted.

This shows how much she really does care about him, even though she is pretty obsessive much of the time (but who can blame her when Arnold is the one bright spot in her life? ) I also love how her saying "Merry Christmas" outside his door, mirrors him saying "Happy Thanksgiving" outside hers in a later episode.

I love the part when Helga drops the Christmas list and delivers a moral dilemma.

The rooftop kiss and confession.

It's pretty hilarious too and the dialogue is so Helga. Kudos to Francesca Marie Smith on her delivery. Poor Arnold though, Helga's a bit too much for him, lol. That kiss was rather gross though...

But in the end helga told arnold she was joking about the whole confession and that she never liked him so her love for him was still a secret as if the movie never happened.

Nah, Arnold totally knows. That look on his face after she took it back says it all. Craig even said so in an interview somewhere.

At the end of 'Dinner for Four', when Arnold playfully sprays water at Helga and winks at her.

It's too cute. This is my favorite moment of theirs. And this scene shows well his subconscious feelings for her.

When Arnold complimented Helga when she had flowers in her hair.

What epsiode is this?

The ending of the episode 'Biosquare'.

This was kinda a strange episode. But the way they look at each other towards the end is sweet.

When Arnold hugged Helga involuntarily.

He actually did this 3 different times during the series: in Arnold's Hat, Runaway Float, and Arnold Visits Arnie.

The 'School Play' episode.

The lengths Helga goes to play Juliet…lol.

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When Arnold and Helga built the sand castle together
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