Boys Before Flowers


I love this show so much because it gave me all kinds of emotions. For damn sure it did mess with my feelings that as I kept watching it I cried even on the littlest parts. And yes it was my first Korean Drama that I have ever watched but I don't regret it. It taught me a lot and made me feel as if I can actually change a person and go through hard obstacles by myself and not by myself. And besides, for all the ladies out there, there are some cute actors in here too but don't worry guys, the girls are definitely most beautiful too.

Overall, the story line was incredible and you'll get your funny moments; there are plenty of that. Also enjoy the heartwarming love story that will make you tear up but at the end make you so damn relieved. I hope you enjoyed watching it because I did. And if you don't feel like watching the first episode, please watch it til the end because it gets better and better. Okie dokie, peace, I'm out. =)


This is one of the first K-dramas I watched. It's a classic and I enjoyed watching it, but I feel it might be a bit overrated in comparison to "My Love from the Star", "Coffee Prince", "Pinocchio", or "Secret Garden".

For me the pace was a bit to slow and I think it would be better if the story had been condensed in fewer episodes. However, this teen drama is just such a guilty pleasure. The actors are gorgeous and the acting is not half bad, although I was a bit disappointed with the leading lady and the second male lead.

In conclusion, this drama is sappy and predictable, but deep down you kind of love it for exactly that reason.

My journey through Korean series started with boys over flowers. I was not much interested in it, but later, I was not able to control my curiosity for longing for the next episodes... It was really awesome! I really searched hard for an other season but later I ended up searching for best Korean dramas to to have a blast during my holidays as this series gave me a strong trust that Korean dramas would be worth watching!

I'm an American even though I couldn't understand what they were saying but when you read the subtitles it's like you feel everything the character feels I loved this show and I wish that they would make a second season

I had watched Korean dramas some years back, enjoyed them but did not get hooked. Then recently with a cold and runny nose I decided to tune into a Korean drama and watched this one and got hooked. I very much enjoyed this and it's my #2 choice for best ( I've only seen about 8 so far though). Still, I have a feeling that in the future as I get to watch more, this will definitely stay in my top 10 choice.

This was one of the best ever KoreaN drama I have ever seen...With the cast of boys and girls and their awesome acting makes me to watch again and again still...I wish and want that the "Boys Over Flowers" team should try to make an another season with the same stars if possible...Not only me expecting the another season an entire fans of BOF expecting the same as of me...Everyone like to see and love this series once they have watched the first episode. Though I'm an Indian I'd love to watch all Korean series as well.

This is one of my first Korea dramas and it is DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH! I've watched it for several times and I never got bored. The actors are very great and have great acting skills, and all the male actors are VERY good-looking. I love all the characters in this movie, and the storyline was also great too, it is like a modern romantic-comedy Cinderella drama.

This is the first Korean drama show I watched thanks to my friend who recommended me to watch it. It will will not disappoint you by the first episode you watch you would not stop watching it and it will make you cry laugh and will make you change your mind about the guy that's right for her oh my gosh please keep on recommending this amazing Korean drama

My first Korean drama. I watched 1 episode and I was hooked. Everyone in my class soon started liking it and for 3 whole months it was all we talked about. The tears I've shed watching this show. and not to mention the hot guys...

Boys before flower is the best Korean drama that I have watched. Very romantic and funny. A very different story which all should

Watch. Lee min ho, kim hyun joong, koo hye sun plays a important roles and many more added beauty to it. The best Korean drama forever. I'm a big fan of it.

At first, this drama didn't appeal to me, but then I saw that this drama was from the manga, "Hana Yori Dango"(My opinion, DRAMA WAS BETTER! ). I read most of the manga, and started to get really interested into it. I watched the drama and finished it in just recently. I must say, this drama is a really good drama. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and it will make you smile with the main characters. I really recommend this drama.

This is the best Korean drama I have ever seen. I loved each and every scene in this drama. Everyone acted perfectly. I have watched more than once. All the four boys were very beautiful and cute. A Lovely drama with a cute love story. Must watch

I was never really a fan of Korean dramas but ever since I was able to watch this. I can tell that this is one of the best Korean dramas ever made. Every scenario is perfect. No flaws. Everything is well done. The cast is amazing. Great job! Still hoping for a season 2.

This is the first Korean drama I watched. I am an Indian. I love this drama very much. Lee min ho is my favorite in this drama. I am eager to watch more dramas.

This was also my first drama, because I loved this one so much I decided to watch others so, this was kind of an inspiration. I can't understand the language but I still loved how they spoke. For me this is the BEST DRAMA EVER. Ever since then I have fallen in love with the actors.

I was so reluctant to watch Korean series. My friend suggested me to watch one to watch one episode of Boys Over Flowers. It was the Best Drama ever I have watched. So careful and perfect act. Lee Min -ho is a fantastic guy. Truly I have fallen love with Korean series.

This was the very drama was the reason I got in watching dramas. The plot is amazing, never boring. I also watched the Japanese Version and that too was amazing. I really recommend for people to watch Boys Over Flowers, even though it may be a little old.

This was the most emotional drama I have ever seen. It was so good I watched it a second time and I never re-watch shows. Even as an American male, I found the drama to be great. The lead actress is very artistic and talented.

Wow! It is an awesome drama. this was my first Korean drama. it had helped me to develop a taste for Korean dramas. no doubt the male and female leads help us laugh and learn about the Korean people and culture. now I have watch many Korean shows.

BEST EVER! The first Korean drama I have ever watched! And I'm in love with it. All the characters are awesome! The acting is awesome! The story is awesome! The music is awesome! Basically everything about this drama is awesome! Must watch.

My first Korean drama... Which I can never ever forget in my life... started becoming a deep hearted fan of lee min ho after watching this...

I think tis drama story is no special at all. Just common, nothing special. This drama became famous maybe because off the players who are famous and handsome. But NOTHING SPECIAL

One of my friend gave me this drama saying this is a good drama, watch it. This is my first Korean drama that I ever watched. The language was really weird to me since I'm Indian. So, I close the vlc player in 5 seconds. After 10 months I just happened to open it again after 5 mins I can't stop watching it. I started first episode on Friday and completed all 25 episodes by sunday eve. I love that pair much. I really want them to act together again. Then I downloaded all the dramas they both acted and watched them all :-)

For someone from the tiny islands of the Pacific I must say after stairway to heaven, heirs and hotel kings this got me more addicted to kdramas. I love the leading actors and actress. Perfect acting and the story line has that suspense in the air that keeps you graving for the next and the next. I also vote for another season of this with the same casts. Love it

This is the most romantic and interesting drama I ever watched... Main beauty of this drama is that we are never bored watching this.. Each episode makes us love this drama more... And lee min ho... You are the best...